Monday, April 04, 2011


When you think of a sundae, what image do you paint within your mind?
I imagine whatever suits your palate best, correct?
For me, rainbow sprinkles in a very wide bowl so that the scoops could be placed side by side, versus one on top of the other. (It's been done that way, so don't argue with me.)
The scoops are vanilla ice cream or chocolate chip ice cream, with extra heavy whipped cream and a smidgen, splash or dash of nonpareils.

Sounds yummy.

Only this "sundae" is different. It's unlike the one I just described in the paragraph above.

This Sundae I've dubbed, "A Dessert." (As in, to desert, but used in a sweet after dinner way).

For those of you that have experience strained, estranged, or even perhaps strange family or friend relationships, the image of THE DESSERTING SUNDAE might be more obvious to you.

A SUNDAE is a selfish individual. Someone that cannot maintain a relationship with you, or the links connected to you, because they're too sweet on themselves. They'll disappear. Deserting you when you need them the most. They appear most helpful, and are full of colors and whipped wonders, they give you a lot of their time, lots of sprinkles, but when it boils down to he, me, she, or we, ultimately A SUNDAE will return to the freezer, disappearing without so much as an explanation. The image of the Sundae, is delish. But, truthfully, what the Sundae is, is far from Sweet. They are around for their benefit. To receive credit for whatever it may be they are doing. They appear to have a large bowl of time and compassion, but in all actuality they would rather freeze, retreat into the freezer, within the confines of their pint container, then melt in a bowl.

So there you have it.
How many of you have had a Sundae in your life?

It's discovered when you're in for other tests.
You're as surprised as the lump is, when the Doctor says they've "found something."
A person, can easily be dubbed a lump.
Doesn't go anywhere.
Is lazy.
Prefers to, serve itself, inflating itself, making it angry or inflamed. They can cause pain, but the real lumps, the serious ones that are discovered, are the ones that aren't currently causing you pain, but down the road, you'll be in for a real fight. Could be terminal, if you're not aware of it.
I'm grateful that I have removed any lumps that may have been discovered by self exam or friendly family intervention. I can say that all the people that I have chosen to be part of my life, are not lumps. They're genuine.

The Fisherman.
Always craving the fish the other guy has on the dock to the east of you. They may have the entire world, but still, they cannot handle it when you may have more success or luck at something. Even if they have fish jumping up out at them. They stir the lake. The stir the river or creek. They stir it up, fishing for information on your life, or the people in it, only to benefit themselves. They're very close cousins to The Sundae. The Fisherman will pop in and out of your life, and will never do anything to help you out. That is the difference. Both are selfish. But at least you're able to get a few scoops out of The Sundae. The Fisherman's only intent is to arrive early on the dock, and ask questions in a way that appears that they're truly interested in your life. Their motive is to find out where the best fish are, how many fish you've caught, and how, even though they may carry the material trophy of Fishermen Wealth. They're never happy, and will never be. They're sneaky. They seem like they want to help, but they don't. Again, at least The Sundae is around for awhile. The Fishermen type are all about the radio version WII FM. (What's In It For Me).

So there you have it.

How many of you know or have know lumps, fishermen or sundaes? What have you done to remove them from your world? Or, how do you manage to keep them a float if they're still around?


Happyone : ) said...

I suppose we all have some of these people in our lives.
A great analogy.

KathyA said...

I guess I'm lucky enough to NOT have these people around me. I imagine they could be exhausting.