Friday, April 08, 2011

His Feet Smell Like Damaged Sporting Good Books

Not making any sense, yet again, right?

I don't know HOW to explain this.
Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing.
This isn't a Pity Party and there is no Electronic invite going out, so no need to pull out the armored "you're a great mom," guns.

My darling oldest, is so intelligent. So intelligent that he doesn't need to study for tests before he takes them.
He's in 3rd grade, for gosh sakes.

But I wasn't joking around, he is very smart.

Only he has an issue with remembering to bring home his study guides, for any test that's on his horizon.
Does he really NEED to bring them home?
Not really.

But I get so pishwhack ticked when he not only "forgets" them, but cops an attitude with me because, "Mom, I know it already, it's optional to bring them home, and fill them out-"

Wait, he's been given the option to fill the study guides out?
I'm finding this out with 47days remaining in the school year.

I am not blaming him, as I am the parent. I'm the one that helps condition him now, for his growing hairy chested future.


Not that I'm not aware of what's going on in his classroom. I do. But Bigdog and I have also said that we cannot hover over him, we can ask him what his work is, and go from there.

That's been a big challenge for me.
Letting go and just letting him fly.
He'll still pass the tests, but he's not doing the optional, not graded for extra credit work.
That bugs me.

It's always good to go the extra mile.
We "train and prep" him now for it, by "making him" do the study guides.
But is it overkill?

He brings home a binder everyday with what his assignments are, daily and future. But he knows that unless he verbally tells me to sign his daily binder work, and view it, I won't.

It's a tough call.
Am I being too much of a raging football coach or a controlling basketball brawler coach? Am I expecting too much? He does excellent, and as I mentioned, he won't need the study guide, but habits, like height, change.

Besides that, he never forgets to bring home any sign up sheet relating to football, science, art, or basketball.
I doubt he'd leave his players book behind too.

Or am I just showing early signs of a Tiger Mom? Or a woman with ALOT on my plate, and acting like a victim, wah wah wah? I don't know.

But now I feel better after getting it all out on paper.

Ever have those days?
If you do, seek your option only study guide to reference recovery.
Unless of course, you leave it in Jack's classroom.

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Happyone : ) said...

Since he is doing so well without the study guides I would say let him go. When the work gets harder for him, he just might study. Thank goodness you have a smart kid.