Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Before I begin, I must make clear that the purpose of this particular post, is not to destroy or discount my children's pediatrician, or their practice. Rather, my purpose of posting this, is to hear your opinions on vitamins and your children. Are they healthy? Are they damaging? Is there worthless waste of your money types? I'm not asking you tell me that "I need to find a new pediatrician..." nor am I asking you to provide me with the proper dosing of my children.

Oh, and I'm too tired to proofread, so if you're up for it, feel free to leave me a comment on "what to edit."

Okay, now that we've cleared that part up, lets begin:

I love a certain large "healthy" food store, that is full of Whole Yummy Goods. Granted it's not a store I frequent often, but I do buy the kids vitamin's there-and soap, and the usual suspects of goods. At one of the more recent visits, I purchased a large book that discusses traditional Non-Medicine for many different aliments. It talks about vitamins, and minerals, it talks about regular warm salt water, and the difference between gargling salt that contains Iodine, versus using Sea Salt, it talks about my favorite cold friend, the NetiPot...it's a very usual book and it's nice that I have my fingers on paper versus an electronic keyboard when I go searching for "how to solve plantars fascitits"  It makes me feel old school, and natural, and I really like that feeling. Although I'll always use deodorant, and I will not give up fast food chain coffee, and fries..especially the coffee that is geared for the stars of the world with big bucks. lol.

I recently purchased two different types of vitamins for the kids. They've been under the weather, and two hospital visits in one month because Ben couldn't breathe was enough for me. I knew that they needed more then I was providing..so I called in the troops of the vitamin C world.

But I didn't know "how" many vitamins they could take. Yes, I realize the box does provide all that information, assuming you have a good idea of your kid's weight, and age, but for me, I've moved into this 'Mental Mom approach' that, not only is age and weight a factor, but also the environment, their emotional state, and their eating habits, (and sleeping-or lack there of). I used that remarkable book that I mentioned above, and, started the vitamins in the way that fit the textbook of each of my sons.

I did call the kid's nurse to ask them about the doses of the vitamins, just to be sure. Naturally it took them about a day to return my phone call-Croup/Strep/Flu Season--- and when they did call, I wasn't home.
Prior to this I had looked up information based on "American Standards on Vitamins." It gave me similar information, so when I called the Pediatrician's office back, and got a voice mail that their phone lines were down -BAD WEATHER- I figured, "eh, the boys are due for their annual appointment soon, I'll just ask the Doctor when I see her in May.

Now we're in May, while school was still in session. It's the evening of the doctor appointment for all three boys. This particular Doctor has been in the practice for a very long time. She comes from a culture, based on stereotype, that would seem to be far more "natural," then, "load them up on antibiotics no matter what!"

Let me tell you how shocked I was to hear her say, "Kids don't need vitamins, they get enough of it in the food they eat." "Don't give them the vitamins, Mom, they're bad for them, and can do worse harm then good."


"They're bad for you?"

Let me tell you that I'm not talking about herbs and random organic vitamins, by the way. Granted they're not the Flintstones that I grew up eating, but they're the usual Gummy types that you see in your supermarket..The other form of vitamin I have for them that they alternate with the "gummies" are from the same company, but just in orange wedgies and help boost the Vitamin C and immune system-plus helps aid with fiber.

There is nothing that is unusual or dangerous. In fact I don't give them the dose that is on the box, I give them each one vitamin less.

So why, would this Doctor tell me this? Why are vitamins suddenly so bad?
No offense to my kids and to your kids, but (and I warn you, this will sound very much like "old school"), girls now days are developing far faster then ever before. There are more allergies and more dietary restrictions, then when I was growing up on Fred's and Barneys and the occasional Pebbles. There are more fast food places, and far more additives in food now, then "my day." There isn't the traditional Sunday Dinner with the family, and does any of your kids, if they say prayers, kneel alongside their bed, hands clasped pointing upwards? Don't even get me started on physical education being yanked from schools due to money issues..or obesity in children...


Personally I feel as though I "dine them out" too often. So of course I'm going to be far more willing to provide them with added nutrients via the Vitamin world.

Am I missing something? When did Vitamins stop being good?

Maybe, perhaps, about the same time "swear words" were allowed on the ten plus channels available to our kids on their Cartoon Platoon?

(note to the reader: You are right in terms of me being able to limit TV viewing in terms of kids. So I shouldn't complain about the inappropriate puns on digital enhanced cartoon shows, is that what you're saying right about now?  Oh and that I, not the world, has the power to parental control the heck out of that remote.I realize that, and no matter how much the kids beg, they'll never learn the password to the remote to allow certain shows to be viewed. In relation to that last sentence was more to poke poor fun at how far from royal our world has become. I do it, perhaps for the most obvious reason: fear. Because the world we grew up in, filled with Bettys and Wilma's has and continues to change so much, and the part of change that is hurtful and bad for all of us, is because of our hands and decisions, and not because of the hands and feet of all our children.)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I'm afraid your doctor is right, a normal amount of fruit and vegetables contains all kids need (200 grams of vegetables + two pieces of fruit), and when they get too much of one type of vitamin it blocks the other vitamins and minerals to be taken up by the body. There is the risk that they get too much, like with everything too much is never good. You're right about the bad things that kids get exposed to these days, regrettably. Ask a doctor to explain about the vitamins (and how they work in the body and healthy nutrition), but I am sure that they do not need additional vitamin tablets, although in small amounts there's no harm in them either.

Sorry about the nagging, I understand that what your doctor said surprised you,

M. Johnson

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Thanks M. Johnson!
Don't worry you're not nagging. the information and opinion you provided was quite helpful. What confuses me is how much should the child receive, every day? Plus, would you agree that it's also based on the weight and age of the child, and also would you agree that overall health impacts the dose amount? I don't want to give too much, but also want to make sure they receive what they aren't getting in terms of food. THANKS SO much again for your insight :)

Happyone : ) said...

I never gave my kids vitamins when they were growing up and they were always very healthy. They also got lots of exercise just playing outside with their friends. I think my kids were the last generation when parents just said go outside and play.

Anonymous said...

Hello, those are difficult questions, the body's workings are so complex that I don't think you can know those things precisely. I guess regularity is important (the body adapts), and natural vitamins from fruit and vegetables. Ask your doctor's advice on this, if you think they need some extra. (although I think theyre fine without the supplementary vitamins). Sometimes they're just under the weather, as much as we would want to, you can't change that with a vitamin pill. So, keep an eye on them and try to give them healthy food (or just some fruit on a day that it doesnt'work out to cook a meal) and playing outside as happyone said. So on the one hand, trust their bodies to do their work, on the other, ask your doctor's advice if you're worried about their health (if they're sick very often for example) on the vitamin matter, you should trust the doctor's advice, or maybe ask another doctor if you're unsure about it. But I think there's no need to worry,
M. Johnson