Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can only speak for this household, and this household alone. For I am not a clone, nor is my husband, or three sons. There is only one type of each of us, in this world, even if we all share the same name, eye color and love of fries dipped in mustard.

This is something I say quite often to our sons. Growing up is so hard. I imagine it's far more challenging for these little guys then it was ever for us. Too many choices being thrown at them, and their poor developing brain, cannot handle the capacity to process all this information. Makes me wonder if there is an increase in kids with DX'd delays or disorders in sensory processing.

As my sons parent, I have the choice what to allow in my home. Even if it doesn't make sense from the parkway outside. Even if spiders are allowed, but flies, NEVER!

There's been a problem brewing, I feel, for quite awhile. It didn't happen over night. More so a spice here and a spice there. The final soup just waiting to boil over when I put too much of a fun ingredient in this developmental meal for my sons. My sons cannot be blamed for this. After all, they didn't write the recipe, nor did they determine the measurements. They may have aided in stirring the pot, but the outcome of this part of their life meal, is on my Chef Mom hands.


You see, my sons are addicted to violence. Or so that's what I fear. Or so that's what I see, or so that's the path that they may be on. I will not blame the makers of violence, because I wasn't forced to supply these ingredients. It was my choice. Nor am I beating myself up over this, or scared over the possibility that maybe, this delicious looking soup will sour and turn into something no one wants served at their table.

They're not in HS, they're little elementary age boys. They, prior to recently, started to really test the "Chef's patience and faith" over her recipe. It's required both BigDog and I to make some radical changes within this house. Changes that are very easy for me, but also very time consuming. You can't get a gorgeous lawn by just paying someone to cut it's grass. No, you have to pull the weeds, add vitamins and sunshine and water, and eventually, with the proper care, that lawn will look stunning.

That's how I feel about my sons. I saw, having had three different blades of grass and yawn for the past 9.5years, and almost 5 years and soon to be 7 years, how much work it took to maintain this darling garden of ours. Recently I've noticed that the blades of grass were turning brown. Even with regular care, the lawn didn't seem to be improving. I realized that I needed to call in some new lawn care services, to help me take better care of the lawn. I realized that perhaps by allowing too much of fun, on the lawn, was starting to really impact the development of the yard. It was sort of seasonal in the past. We'd notice it a bit, and do the right thing, take care of it, and before long we'd see more growth.

Not lately.

Therefore, we've removed all things that are "too much" of a good thing, from their life. They'll earn it all back, when we start to see not just re-growth in the patchy areas of their world, but new development.

Already, day 3 into this new lawn care service, I see a difference. I realize that in another few weeks, suddenly our sweet lawns are going to take a dive worse then what first caused this change. I realize that. When I see the lawns suddenly refusing to change direction to face the sun, and determine that they will move against the flow of the westerly winds, that are lawn care service plan, is actually working.

Thankfully, our little yards roots are strong, and this issue was clearly above the soil. It hasn't invited grubs into it's lawn, because we caught it early enough, when our lawns are still very new to their world.

I've started a separate blog for this matter. The purpose is to journal the change  for our own references as their parents, for later on:

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