Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Day

I want for one day to be the complete opposite of who I am.

Think about it, if you're a generally outgoing, personal person, would it interest you for one day to become that shy introvert?

I'm not saying that it means we're allowed to go gun crazy, and become murderers..I'm just saying that for me, I want to be allowed one opposite day per year. Not like a "freaky friday" thing, when you switch places with someone else, just to be allowed to be opposite for one day.

What would you do for that day?

I'd take my foot off the gas.

I wouldn't worry about a thing.
I'd be confident in my role as mother.
I'd be confident in my role as wife.

I wouldn't have to FEEL for one day.

You may be more like the glue in the family, where you try your hardest to maintain relationships which I'm sure can be exhausting. So imagine, if for one day, you weren't the glue. You don't get annoyed how people treat each other in rather disrespectful ways? Everyone contacts you. Everyone comes to you for the day. Everyone else would become the glue-you'd be the paper.

People for ONE DAY will respect your views, respect your ways, without judgment.

People for ONE DAY will honor your requests regardless of their views.

You may be more insecure in how you look. Imagine for ONE DAY how it'd feel to have everyone looking at you in complete beauty. Imagine for ONE DAY how it'd feel to not second guess the many rolls that have become your shape.

One day.

Families come together and love each other.

Imagine for ONE DAY what it'd feel like to ace every test to be the smartest one out there.

Imagine for ONE DAY what it'd feel like to fail every test-to be the dunce.

The complete opposite of how you feel you are in your life.

Just for one day.

Just for ONE DAY, my little A~ would have all the friends in the world.

Just for ONE DAY, my Aunt Common Sense wouldn't have to worry about her.

Imagine for one day if you didn't have a single bill to pay.
One day when you're swimming in massive debt.

One day when you're not self conscious about the work that you do for your employer.
One day when the very rug that you walk your precious reaper self on, is pulled out underneath you and you realize the treatment you've given to coworkers, is suddenly given right back to you.

Whatever you are, whatever you think you are, whatever you lead your life by, go the opposite way for one day.

Welcome To crustybeef~
I am ready for a beauty of a weekend with my boys and bigdogg


Mr Bagel said...

That sounds like one good idea.

A lot of cultures have a 'mardi gras' where usually not so permissible behaviour is permissible.

If I could have that day, I would probably choose to be my partner. Seeing the world through her eyes would be so empowering fro both of us.

oh, you said opposite to what you are, well Danielle and I are so different in so many ways.

thanks for the 'brain bubble' [thought]

Mr Bagel
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austere said...

Now let me begin to think about such a thing.. quite a task!

village idiot said...

I'd be late for work
I wouldnt eat a Twix for breakfast
I'd tell every client to F OFF
I wouldnt think about sex
I'd have a plan for the week
I wouldnt think about sex
I'd have no road rage
I'd drive the speed limit
I wouldnt grope my old lady
I wouldnt play golf
I wouldnt watch sports
I wouldnt check out p*rn sites
and I wouldnt beg!!!!!!

Now.....what fun would that be???????