Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mrs. Judgey Judgerson

"I can't believe that this Friday is the Pre-K picnic, and school's done." Crustybeef

"It always goes by so fast." JudgeyJudgersonBugeyedfreak

"I agree, and it's hard being that Syd won't be going here next year." Hot40somethingmom

"We'll have to orchestrate some summer play dates to keep the kids involved with each other until they transition into their new schools." Crustybeef

"Oh most definitely." Hot40somethingmom

"We'll get something organized this Friday at the picnic." Hot40somethingmom

"Sounds good, except I'll only be able to attend the picnic for about a half an hour this Friday, my mom will be there after I leave, to hang out with Jackson." Crustybeef

"Why aren't you staying with him being that it's his last day of Pre-K?" Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak

"Bigdogg and I are leaving friday late morning to go to New York for a wedding." Crustybeef

"Without your chilDRENNN??" Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak

"Oh that will be wonderful, you'll have a great time. You definitely deserve it. Just watching you this entire year every Tuesday and Thursday caravan in with your three boys is exhausting. I'm sure this trip is long overdue. I can't manage my one, how you do it* with three..." Hot40somethingmom

(THE MAGIC WORDS EVERYMOM NEEDS TO HEAR, thank you very much!!)*

"I'm definitely looking forward to it that's for sure. Biggdogg and I haven't had anytime away solo since our honeymoon, and that was quite some years ago." Crustybeef

"But you're going to miss Jack's last day of school, doesn't that make you feel bad?" Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak

"mmm, not really, it's not like we're missing his HS graduation, it is just a picnic, and fortunately for me I have family that are able to substitute for me." Crustybeef

"What church are they getting married in?" Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak

"They're not marrying in a church, it's a Jewish wedding." Crustybeef

"A Jewish wedding?" Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak

"Yes, a beautiful Jewish ceremony that will occur at sundown, Saturday evening." Crustybeef

"So, you're missing your son's LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, to go to a Jewish wedding that doesn't even occur until Saturday? It's ashame. After all you could leave Saturday." Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak

"Doesn't that make you feel uncomfortable, being that you're a CHRISTIAN, and you're attending a JEWISH ceremony, not to mention having to miss out on a meaningful day for your son?" Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak

"Not one single bit. Until you've actually witnessed a ceremony like this, it's hard to explain, but they are the MOST BEAUTIFUL and meaningful ceremonies that I've seen." Crustybeef

"I have friends back home in Michigan that are jewish." Hot40somethingmom

"I would NEVER miss out on my children's important milestones to attend a service that doesn't represent my own faith." Judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak


Again with the judging. Little does this moronmom know that I have internal struggles being that there are times that I actually feel bad for biggdogg. After all, he's the only one in his family that married a Shiksa Goddess . That I do stick out like a sore thumb at many family events being that I have a christian faith. Not to mention, blond hair, blue eyes and a smidge of German heritage. I adapt well, luckily, and I love his family with all my heart. They've never once judged me for my faith. Not once. You would think that the judging would come from them, versus someone "from" my "own faith."

Thankfully I won't have to deal with this broad next year.

Thankfully not everyone that is of Christian faith in my life, judges the interfaith marriage that bigdogg and I have.

If that was the case, I think it would be safe to say that I would truly consider converting. Why belong to a faith when the people surrounding you have difficulties supporting your decisions? I'd much rather belong to a faith where people truly accept you for who you are.

They accept my soul. They love me. They love me with their son, brother, grandson, and nephew.

There have been outsiders of the Jewish faith that have been rather open with me regarding my religion. But not family members. Funny thing is, I have no problem explaining to the Jewish women how we'll raise our children. Yet, put me in a confrontation with this judgeyjudgersonbugeyedfreak, and my skin boils with anger. Why is that? She's of my "own faith," and I have a harder time explaining the beliefs to her, than I do towards some Jewish "outsider?"

Does that make me a betrayer of my own faith? That I can't stand up for someone else's faith with confidence? Am I a Judas follower?

Or is it just because this woman has found it necessary every opportunity she gets, to make me feel like everything I'm doing for my life, my husbands life and my children's life, is completely wrong?

It does upset me more than I lead to believe. The main issue is overcoming diversity. And I'm sure, without a doubt that there are many more of these "judgersons" in the world. How will we ever accept others, if we don't try? It's working in this house, and perhaps that's all that matters. But it does get old when you're constantly putting up your force field to protect yourself from the stones that this moronmom has thrown at throughout this year.


Welcome To crustybeef~

Pardon me while I go pray to G-d in hopes of understanding this dreadful woman. Maybe I should walk into the school tomorrow, wearing Bigdoggs kippah.


dznutz said...

dznutz: Absolutely unreal!! Just ignore people like that….if it were me, I would put her in her place…but I know that’s not you

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Anonymous said...

unreal.. I hate that lady..she is and idiot....

Anonymous said... there's a woman who REALLY needs to get laid...

Have fun in NY Beefy and Biggdogg...I'm sure it'll be a beautiful ceremony!!

Anonymous said...

what did Jesus say about he who is without sin casting the first stone? Why don't you ask Judgey? You might also mention that some time away from her children may help her feel a little less uptight. This lady gives Christians a bad name. She is the ones that Rosie O'Donnell and the liberal media like to hold up "the moral right that is worse than the terrorists." People like Judgey, I don't even want on our side. It's extremism and hatred like hers that have created the most destructive moments in history, including 9/11 and the Holocaust.


You are absolutely 100% correct in that one, very very true.
Thankfully, I'll leave it up to my mom to fend off her "evil eye" friday at the picnic.
Bet you wish you could swap with her, huh?

austere said...

I had no idea it was like this. really.
I mean we have hindu- muslim issues, but this is not done.
Good you didnt go and biff her one on the chin, crusty. I would have.