Monday, May 21, 2007

In Addition to 3 oz Plastic Baggies

I found this article on

(STNG) CHICAGO Authorities said a 24-year-old man may have been fatally stabbed inside his Marquette Park home with an unlikely weapon -- a house key.

The victim, Coty Jackson, was pronounced dead at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn early Sunday morning. Jackson, of the 6400 block of South Artesian Avenue, suffered an apparently fatal stab wound to the back of the neck.Chicago police said they are awaiting an autopsy to determine whether a house key inflicted the wound.

"It's a first for me," Chicago police Sgt. Kevin Duffin said, when asked if keys had ever been used in a slaying.

Jackson was apparently involved in a verbal dispute with his father's girlfriend when the stabbing occurred sometime after midnight, Duffin said.

Jackson, his father and girlfriend all lived in the Artesian Avenue home together.

Between three and six people were inside the home at the time, Duffin said.

Detectives were waiting for autopsy results before moving forward with criminal charges.

The suspect, who was in police custody, was described as a woman in her mid-40s.
Relatives of Jackson could not be reached for comment.
Sunday was also Jackson's birthday, officials said.

So I guess it's safe to say that it's only a matter of time before a law is passed at the airport, prohibiting keys from accompanying us with our carry on bags.

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I truly fear for the generation of my children. This world is just a raging mess.

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