Monday, June 18, 2007


Busy busy busy..
I feel like the Speedy delivery mailman in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood..

I don't have anything "inspirational" to write about today. Just your typical run of the mill Monday filled with plans of work, work and more work.

We hired a new sitter since our former sitter, Angela started her full time nanny position a few weeks back.

Our new sitter, Sable, will be here every Monday so that I can "duck" out and head to my parents company to help out in their office. A behind the scenes role that will take some of the tedious work away from my dear mom.

Sable will be arriving today at 2pm and I hope things go well.

She's pursing her masters in social work, so this will be a good experience for her.

Now, pardon me as it's 11:30am on Monday morning, and I still haven't showered.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
A rather weak post to start off a rather week day.

As a friend of the family used to say on the postcards that he'd send me from around the world: "THE WEATHER IS HERE, WISH YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL!!"


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Sable! I hope you enjoy your time away from the kids again. Joe and I will have to meet you for coffee :)

Anonymous said...

When I move I will miss knowing I could always hop in my car and come visit you and the boys (a practice that I shamefully have taken for granted). However, when I read you blog I feel like I'm peeking into "A day in the life of my friend Beef." Funny how I can actually hear your voice as I read along.

I promise to visit it often from the Big Desert.



Coffee with Joe it is..
and Kiki:I'll miss you just as much. sigh, we think we have all this time in the world...