Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Questioning What To Do

Last night after Bigdogg arrived home from work we decided to postpone what we call our "Run for improvement," until this coming Monday. Our "Run for improvement" is simply a quick drive to the local outdoor track in our community to begin our commitment to improved health. We'd have to bring the boys and after further discussing this last night about 5:30pm we decided that it'd be best to alternate days of "RFI." After all, bringing three boys to a track, and expecting them to sit on the frothy turf that embraces the track would be nearly impossible if we were both running. Not to mention you're not able to bring in strollers, so what to do with gentle Ben?

Thus the temporary postponement of our RFI.

Beginning Monday Bigdogg will head to the track immediately after a quick change out of his work clothes, for a 2-3mile run/jog/walk. Tuesday will be my turn and we'll alternate days as I have already mentioned, so that we won't have to load up the three boys everyday 6days out of the week.

Feeling guilty that we didn't begin our "RFI," we decided to take a nice walk with our sons to a local park about a half a mile from our home. Arriving at the park just before quarter of 6 there really wasn't that many children there, (KEY TIME TO GO TO THE PARK IS DINNERTIME SO THERE ISN'T THE SWARM OF ALL THE OTHER LITTLE WHIPPERSNAPPERS!!) maybe one or two parents with a total of 2 children per family if that, was all that were there.

On the swings near the heart of the park was a young adult male probably in his early twenties. It appeared from his mannerisms and speech, that he suffers from a mild case of down syndrome, but that would in no way impact how I felt about him as a human being.

Pushing Ben on the infant swing next to him, we started chatting about the Cubs, and Barack Obama. He asked me if I was going to take the boys to the 4th of July parade because "he will be in the parade this year with his best friend alongside Barack and Mrs. Obama." He spoke about how he had met Senator Obama last year over dinner and the conversation evolved from dinner to Mark Grace to the Kane County Cougars (which is a minor league baseball team).

He asked if I was planning on taking my boys to the game Friday night at 6:30.

"Because I'll be there with my best friend for life because I used to work there and I know everything there is to know about the stadium."

"I'm going to get us free food from the concession stands and hopefully some free mountain dew drinks, but I don't know if they still serve that drink because of all the sugar, but if not than I'll have sprite and my best friend for life will have Coke or Pepsi."

"We're going to get noticed at the game Friday night, so if you don't go, make sure you watch it on tv (to my knowledge I don't think the games air on our local tv channels, but I could be wrong) at 6:30. We're going to do something that everyone will be talking about for ever-my best friend for life and me. I know where everything is, cause I used to work there,the circuit breakers and electrical boxes. We may turn off all the lights as a prank, or maybe even make an explosion happen. It'll be the best prank ever and everyone will remember us." mind starts turning in different directions.

Do I contact the local police in Kane County to advise them of what this young man has just told me? He clearly has some disabilities, and for all I know, he's as tender as a young pup that just wants to fit in and mainstream with society.

For all I know he's just the typical funloving innocent young man that enjoys bowling 7hours a day, as he expressed to me.

Someone that is really hoping for Mr. Obama to win the presidency.

But, what if this prank is something more? Something that to him seems completely harmless, but could turn into a very destructive situation?

If I don't do anything, and something does happen, I will carry that with me for life.

He could just be clowning around, but what if he isn't?

I really don't know what I should do. Because even if I notified the local police what information could I give them? I don't know his name, I don't even know if he lives in the area. He was obviously there by himself, so perhaps he lives close by, but that's just an assumption.

Sure, they could look at the roster of the parade and through process of elimination determine who this young fellow is.

Sure they could even take it a step further and heighten security at the game.

That really isn't something I need to worry about.

My concern is trying to figure out if this is something that I bring to the attention of the authorities, or do I just chalk it up as a conversation had at a local park?

More than likely the only prank he may end up pulling is funfilled teasing aimed at his former coworkers,over at the stadium. A friendly food fight of hotdogs and popcorn and hopefully for him, a tall plastic cup filled with lots of ice, and Mountain dew.

But what if it's not funfilled teasing?

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Any suggestions would be extremely helpful here.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it

Anonymous said...

It's a post-9/11 world. I wouldn't lose sleep over his mention of a prank but I would tell the Cougars and perhaps the Geneva gendarmes. This fellow might already be well-known to the ballclub or the police.

What's to lose if nothing comes of this but the authorites have been alerted? Nothing. What's to lose if the guy has genuine problems and DOES carry out his ideas? Could be something you'd regret the rest of your life.

I'd rather err on the side of caution.

On a more humorous side, I definitely know the man has problems as he is so totally sold on a political candidate who amounts to nothing more than a stuffed shirt who spouts cutesy one-liners.


Anonymous said...

I agree with UD. It is always better to be than to be sorry.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that 'authorities' is where I'd start. There must be someone responsible for him. I know your detective skills! Track down his caretakers and explain to them his conversation. They may laugh and say, 'he can't even find the bathroom there!' Based on their reaction, you'll know what to do next.
There is the possibility that going quickly to authorities may create a lot of unnecessary trouble for him.
Why do these things always happen to you?


unfortunately my "detective skills" won't take me far in this circumstance because I've never seen him before, nor do I know what direction he walked off in when he left the park.

Why do these things always happen to me? Your guess is as good as mine..maybe these things happen to many others, but they just don't pay that much attention to it. Perhaps because my mind is always processing what to write about that I'm more open to listening to people around me.

going to the authorities is what the Vtech counselor should've done..if they'd gone to the boys parents they might have had the same response,.."not MY son..he wouldn't hurt a fly..he's just depressed..."

I think I've found my answer...
Thanks UD, AD and anon in agreement with UD..I appreciate all of your input..
every one of you.

Anonymous said...


You are always so thoughtful of everything you do and witness. The world is a better place because of you.

~ Kiki

Anonymous said...

You are really making a mountain out of a mole hill in my opinion


anon with the mountain:
I'm sure that's exactly what the department head told the counselor when presented with the disturbing words from the Vtech killer.
Thank you though for your opinion, I do respect that.

austere said...

I think you did right by mentioning this to the authorities. they can be more watchful
You've had a strange week, all right.

anon with the mountain said...

I guess if you want to stretch the story out to assume so much information as to say it is comparable to the V-tech incident, then yes, you should go to the authorities...however, I still believe you are making way more out of this than it is.


anon with the mountain;
Again, thank you for voicing your thoughts.
However, there is no "stretching of the story" here. It was explained exactly as it happened.

Now, I did contact my local police department (nonemergency) asking if this is something worth making mention of. They informed me that it is, as anytime after 9/11 that someone mentions causing an explosion that warrants an investigation. They also asked me if I had already contacted them about this issue, and I said no.
Apparently another "Tip" came in from another female* that had a discussion with a gentlemen at the very park about the same issue that very night.

*ironically I do recall another mom pushing her child on the swings as I walked up to our local park, near the same person that I had a conversation with. She was wrapping it up to head home..I wonder if the "tip" was her??

Whether or not anything happens-which I'm sure nothing will- at least I feel as if the right thing was done.

After all, even though you may be a wonderful driver, you still wear your seat belt when you get in your car don't you? Even though chances are you'll never die in a car accident, it's better to be safe than sorry, no matter which angle you look at it.
No matter the size of the mountain or depth of the mole hill.

Thanks again for reading and for your time..Hope to see you here in the future.