Saturday, August 18, 2007

6 Hours to Go

6 Hours To Go until my boys are put into bed for the evening. Being that Bigdogg is gone, they'll be sleeping with me tonight-acting as daddies. They'll be allowed to watch some cartoons laying in my bed, and I told them they can stay up all night if they want too. They'll just have to stay up while staying in my bed.
So, at 8:15pm I will be laying down Benjamin, coasting my Lil robots (that's what we've been playing today) upstairs to my room for an "all nightie"-yeah, right!

And then I, will head outside for an evening smoke, and retire to the family room with my three DVDs I rented at our video store last night.

On the agenda?:
CHICK FLICKS, or rather, anything that Bigdogg wouldn't pick out for us at the video store.
So, Illusionist (but I think he'd like this one), Because I said so (is that it? The one with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore) and lastly, Lonely Hearts club (Selma Hayek and John Travolta) based on a true story about a couple (Selma and Edward Norton) that go on a seducing killing spree...

I can't wait until that time-I can only hope that I'll make it through the movies-bigdogg doesn't think I'll make it through 3 I have to prove him wrong just to prove him wrong.
Course by that time he'll probably be drunk off of Saki at my M.i.l's house, so I COULD say I'm on my three...but I can't lie, it's impossible. Hard to imagine I ever sold cars, isn't it?

So far so good over here.
We've had lunch.
I cleaned the bathrooms hands and knees cleaning including the toilet
Kids and I have played robot.
They had their lunch in picnic form in our family room on a teeny kiddie picnic table
Sullivan and Ben are taking an afternoon nap.
I just finished cleaning the oven.
Did some laundry.
Had a throwing Play dough fight with the kids for fun on our kitchen floor-hope it doesn't screw up the hard wood. This is an older home, built in 1970something I think!!), with the traditional old school, classic hard wood.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Good gracious I'm tired.
Still in my pj's.
Haven't showered and I don't wanna now cause the shower is all nice and gleaming.
and there's about 8cups of coffee in me.
I'll sleep when I die.


SOUL: said...

geesh... seems everyone has had a busy and or productive day... except me. but that is usually how it goes..well not always. but doesn't it feel great to get sooo much done? good for you!

i haven't done any of my chores today. i did put away some dishes and straighten up in there.. but i didn't wash any of the stackage that so desperately begs to be washed. ugh. why do i hate washing dishes so much?

i also cooked quite a yummy dinner.. baked chicken breasts, brussel sprouts.. no my daughter will not eat them.. and a yummy sald, and cranberry sauce. it was sooo good.

other than that... just fishin, bloggin, and sleepin.

the illusionist is a really good movie. my hubby liked it. yours probably would too. but you should watch that one first... just in case you do fall asleep early.

ok.. i must go. everyone is yackin at me at the same time. i can't concentrate!

enjoy your movies.

i have .. ummm. oh ya fracture here that i wanna watch later.

austere said...

What a busy day! i'd be too tired, would just drop off to sleep after so much. Didn't the kids have an afternoon nap?

austere said...

What a busy day! i'd be too tired, would just drop off to sleep after so much. Didn't the kids have an afternoon nap?


Soul: I did it on purpose to help make the time go by.. :)

Austere: I'm exhausted today and feeling rather ill actually sunday at about quarter of 1pm.. uck.
as far as naps? Sulli my 3 year old had one in the afternoon, Ben took a late morning one, and Jack since he's 51/2years naps there..but he was asleep in my bed out like a light before 9pm came around..


SOUL: said...

i do that sometimes... but it's rare that i have the energy. i barely muster the strength for my regular chores.
speaking of which...
maybe later

Portia said...

you crack me up! i had one cup-o-joe over the weekend and i thought of you and soul. i don't usually drink it, with good reason, for me it is like a drug! green tea gets to me too. i am too sensitive.

anywho, sounds very productive. i hope you are proud of all you got done & enjoyed the movies...i think i saw the illusionist...if it's the one i'm thinking of, i enjoyed it.