Saturday, August 18, 2007

Change Is Good!!

I changed my layout..and I feel as if one of my fellow bloggers has theirs like this as well-so, I hope you don't know me, the conflict avoider.

Anyhow, that's all.
It's 4:12-only 4 hours and 3 minutes to go.

What I've done since the last posting?:

Cleaned out the chimney bottom and removed the faux wood and holder and put candles and pillars and vases of different colors in the hearth (is that right?).

I washed the kitchen hardwood floor.
Pulled out some Ground Turkey and the boys and I will be having turkey burgers, pasta and ice cream-WHEEL!! has given me the bug for that!! :)

Jackson's watching Discovery HDTV channel-he's a big fan of nature, animals, reptiles, orangecountychoppers-go figure.
Sullivan is still feverish and he's "playing office" along side of me.

Yups, time to go, My daddieSulli has to go potty...yeah, did I mention I'm attempting potty training with my 3years and 1month old middle son?

Makes for an interesting show.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I hope you enjoy the new layout!


SOUL: said...

ack !!! did i mention, i don't handle change well???
i thought i was on the wrong page when i got here. i said oh wow.. where am i? how did i get here?
then i realized... oh, this is the right place. i felt kinda like i do when i'm driving. hmmmm.
but, that's ok... this is your blog, after all.

i love the little feets picture. i forget sometimes how little they actually were. i have a picture my sis helped my daughter do when she was like two.. with water color on her feet and hands... when i was in the hospital overnight once. i'll have to post it one day. it's sooo cute! it's hard to think she used to weigh 6 and a half pounds once..when now, she is not far behind me!

anyhow... are you actually bidding on any of this stuff? i used to be awful with e bay. i'd bid on anything and everything. then it got all commercialized and it sucked the fun right out of it for me. hubby uses it now and then, but if i'm lookin for somethin i usually use craigslist.

ok... i've babbled long enough... how long til bed time now???

i want ice cream too. your the second one tonight i've seen havin ice cream. hmmm.

abbagirl74 said...

Ice cream was lovely. I had a butterfinger blizzard and the kid had a large chocolate milkshake. It was great. Memories to last a lifetime.

SOUL: said...

ok, make that three.
y'all are just gonna force me to go get ice cream.

Cheryl said...

What a day! Sounds like it was a few rolled into one. Right about now you should be well into your first or second movie. I'd never make it to three. Well, it sounds like today was good. You got so much accomplished, plus had fun with the kids. You are one good Mom and a smart one cause you take care of you too.

austere said...


Not even for Amitabh Bacchan.

Like the new colors. You'll be putting up the kid's pictures?

Beefcake Almighty said...

Okay, looks like we're going to have a battle to the end, here. There can only be one holder of the title of "BEEF."

Just kiddin', ya know.

KYRIE said...

I love strawberry ice creams. A strawberry sundae always cheers me up:)
Love the new layout n music player :)
Have a great Sunday :)


Soul: Change used to be difficult for me when I was younger, but gradually I actually look for change-probably too much..I think I'm like my grandma H-the one that used to smoke and choke as well..sigh, I miss them..
oh, yeah, I'll get some more kiddie pics up here!!
How was your ice cream?
And the movie Fracture? I almost rented that friday for my last night chick flick viewing!!

ABBAGIRL: it's all because of you-I owe you a big arse ice cream bar for giving me the ice cream bug-it hit the spot yummmmmmm...!! :)

Cheryl: I MADEIT I MADE IT I MADE IT..amazing how something as mundane as being home solo can be such an accomplishment..thank you for the compliments on my know as a mom how much we need to hear that we're "just doing a great job," sometimes!!

austere: I'm not used to having the tv all to myself, to be able to choose movies I went overboard..must be that impulsiveness that I have. :)

BEEF CAKE!!: hey there twin!!
You're a guy so that will make the challenge of owning beef easier-besides you're the almighty and I'm crusty..HUGE DIFFERENCE!!
I've been "beef" since I was a little girl..has to do with how I pronounced my true name-
No worries, I know you're kidding, but if you still wanna arm wrestle for the name, than you're a shoe in for winning the namesake. :)


Palm Springs Savant said...

wow you HAVE been busy. redesigning the blog AND cleaning out the chimney? Sheesh. Hope the weekend is going well

SOUL: said...

hiya crusty..
did you make it thru all 3 movies?
fracture was GOOD. a little slow the first few minutes.. but more important than i thought pay attention in the beginning. :)

the ice cream... i didn't eat any. he got it, but he also decided to get a bunch of candy for the i filled up on candy instead! bad me. oh well, i'll have some ice cream today.

smoke and choke. catchy phrase eh? i wonder how long it'll be before i see it floatin around blogland?

anyhow... how are ya doin today? hope you and the young uns are good.

i went fishin again this morning... got some nice ones.. haven't downloaded the pix yet tho.


Portia said...

very pink! i like it:)

good luck with that potty training...soon you'll have two down and just one to go!

Anonymous said...

I love the change. you are so creative and it always shows in your posts and everything you do with the boys...I love it...