Sunday, August 19, 2007

Basic with Zilch Creativity

I watched two movies last night:

"The Illusionist" and "Because I Said So"...

I started "Because.." at about 11:30pm-I had made the mistake of brewing some coffee frothy at around 5pm because I was beginning to crash and burn and needed a fast fix. Well, that fix turned into an 8hour fix.

The Illusionist was a fantastic flick, I really enjoyed it.
Because I Said So,, it was cutsie, a bit juvenile, and neurotic, things that I'm already used to in my life.
BUT!!!... It was a chick flick and I enjoyed both of them as I sat curled up on my love seat eating "Hebrew National" Hot dogs (3 of them) and drinking Crystal Light Lemonade.

Turned into a pumpkin at about 1:00am when "Because.." was finished-not a minute after my head hit the pillow, I was out.

Woke up this morning feeling like I have a 15pound weight sitting on my chest and back. It's painful to inhale or breath in. I can't tilt my head to the left while breathing in due to an obscene pain from my upper back shooting through the front of my chest.

No, I have refrained from having my smokes today-to "play it safe."

Hope I'm not getting sick. YUCK!

Bigdogg was due to get into Chicago Ohare at 1:47pm but that's not happening anymore.

We're having rain, rain and more rain. (outer bands from that TS last week, perhaps?) The flights that were due to leave out of Chicago are all backed up, thus he's stuck in Charlotte North Carolina's airport still waiting with minimal cell life left on his battery.


His flights not due to leave Charlotte until at least 3:30 (was supposed to leave at 12:36 ET)..

There's a "Flow issue" (traffic jam in airport chatter) out here due to the weather-wonder if he'll even make it out today.

A thunderous, rainy nice day. I just wish I didn't feel so crummy-the more the day progresses, the harder more painful it is for me to inhale..darned virus.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I forgot to shower yesterday.


SOUL: said...

wow, it started off good, then wham... bronchitis? maybe? yuk. at least you're not smokin. i smoke, no matter what. it's so bad on me. bronchitis, pulled teeth, upper endoscopy... if i can inhale.. i can exhale. :)) oh hell. i'm a hardcore addict. what can i say? i'll be one of those people who has a cig pried out of their dead fingers.

oh i shouldn't talk like that.

anyhow.. yes, i told ya you would like the illusionist. it really was good huh. the other one.. ya i coulda done without that one too.

i remember when my sis lived up there... she was always complaining about o'hare. delays delays delays. her hubby traveled a lot for work and nothing ever went as planed.
hopefully yours will get there on the next "schedule" and not be delayed again.

hope you get to feelin better!

Cheryl said...

I love Hebrew National hotdogs. I grew up on them and can't eat any other kind.

How are you feeling now? Hopefully not sick.

abbagirl74 said...

Hope you get to feeling better.

austere said...

Aww. Hope you're feeling better. Take care, Crusty.

captain corky said...

I hope you're feeling better. I have an urge for some hotdogs now. Three of them at least. ;)

PS Email me your address and I'll be glad to send you a bumper sticker.


Yeah, most likely a chest cold-bigdogg's running a fever as well:(
he did finally get in last night 6hours in Charlotte-he wasn't happy.

Cheryl: there's something about the taste of those dogs-usually I steam them/boil them..but I was craving them with my movies and did the microversion. :)

abbagirl: THANK YOU!! I'm still feeling yucky-just my chest-so heavy still but it'll pass soon.
maybe I'll have some icecream..:)

austere: I'd stop by your pharmacy if it wasn't so far away. :)

Captain Corky: Did you have those hotdogs yet with your am coffee? Delicious combo, eh?
I'll get right on that-emailing the green lantern. :)


Andrew said...

I hope my dear friend gets to feeling better soon. Thanks as always for your comments. You made me smile this morning.



Oh, you are welcome, Andrew!!
Hope that right about now Rosa and you are "playing Rain." :)

Portia said...

yikes. ok, i'll have a virtual cup of coffee so i can toast to some good fortune today: here's to the health of you AND your whole family, and to bigdogg's safe return TODAY!!

i hope it's looking up:)

SOUL: said...

glad hubby got home safe... late sucks, but safe is is very good.

so sorry the whole family is sick. reminds me of a story... i'll tell it one day... if i don't forget.. senile ya know. :))

well hell.. i bet the coffee is cold by now.. got any iced tea???


Baleboosteh said...

Hi Crusty,
hope you are feeling better real soon!
Thinking of you :)


Portia: we so missed you over the weekend..we'll have to figure out how to get you hooked up with some internet access at home. :)

Soul: don't worry, I'll remind you..I have senile issues too, which I'll get into eventually. :)

Baleboosteh: YEA!! I was worried about you!! No posts,..nothing from Mr. Bagel, I was concerned your daughter was back in the is she doing btw?


SOUL: said...

see..i already forgot, til i just read this again. :))


that's alright..if you forget again, just read it here! :)
have you gone fishin yet?