Saturday, August 18, 2007

Isolation Brings Peace

I couldn't get into this yesterday should for some reason my sister in law read it. She never does-she's been busy-getting engaged, getting a new job promotion, being in love with her true love there's no time-but you never know, the one time I write something about her, she'll read it.

So anyways, Bigdogg is en route as we speak to surprise her for her and my soon to be brother in laws engagement party that my mother in law is throwing for them. She thinks we're not coming due to finances and timing with Jackson starting kindergarten. Finances is a factor, which is why we could only send Brian. But that's fine, it's his one and only precious sister who at around the age 3, nearly drowned in a friends pool. Bigdogg saw her floating and told my momCK (my m.i.l) which ultimately saved her life.

Up at 3:45 am we woke to get ready to take Bigdogg to the Chicago Ohare airport for a 6:00am flight to my southern families home on the east coast of Florida up near West Palm Beach.

Having two sick children since Ben is still not himself, naturally I had to cancel all the plans I made with my ACS and her family for a funfilled day. Later on today I was supposed to go to my friends end of the summer bash up in Barrington, IL..nope, not going anywhere. Early this morning I was supposed to meet my friend Aggie somewhere for breakfast with the kids-nope obviously not that either. NADA NADA COFFEELATA

Hence the isolation.

And everyone is doing something today, so it's not like I can do my second love besides this and that's the cordless phone.

My sister and her family are going with my parents, brother and his girlfriend to the Chicago air and water show. My other best friend in NC, LAINE!! is hanging out with her out of state boyfriend from here, my good friend from HS named Jim. My other best friend that lives in AZ doesn't get cell reception in her home-the one that was laid off recently-My ACS is around but they'll be at a carnival. So I do have my othersister who's been a bit exhausted and tummy tumble lately, but her hubby's home this weekend, and he works long work weeks so they usually dedicate their weekends to each other and their young one year old son whom I'll refer to as "Clarence."

Hence the isolation.

Everyone of my aunts and uncles are doing something today.

Hence the isolation.

But, after returning from the airport around 5:25am, I laid all three boys back down, Jackson and Sullivan in my bed, Ben in his crib. I informed my other boys that for today and tomorrow they're going to have to be the daddies of the house. Which means I'll be referring to them as DaddySulli and DaddyJack..they're thrilled!!

But having all this extra time I spent the morning outside listening and watching my earthly love-the sunrise. The birds singing their glowing morning songs, the crickets and remaining cicadas loud midnight sounds fading away. The faint sound of a plane rumbling up above (maybe my Bigdoggs) the whrrring of a freight train heading into my town, the tracks 6 blocks north of us.

How can isolation provide peacefulness? Perhaps due to the silent opportunity to sit within oneself and reflect.
(*This picture was taken while I laid down flat on my back on our driveway, listening. The trees surrounding me up above almost like wings that surround us on a daily basis from our spiritual angels. A perfect canopy, a perfect sound, a perfect soulful sky-yes, I am still at peace.
Good day all!
*P.S. Thanks for the coffee break and smoke break SOUL!! Chat with you all later!

Welcome to Crustybeef~
Good morning and Happy Saturday.


SOUL: said...

nice post... i sense some "isolation".. sorry. i do sense some lonliness, and boy can i relate to that.
is there a time difference there than tx? it's 730 here...

anyhow... i like that pic... and i wish i had my darn patio furniture to go out in the mornings and just listen. i hate noise... such as tv, kids loud music... etc... oh lord, and the cats scratching my furniture. man i need to get them de-clawed. but every time i have the money to do it... something else comes up that sends that money somewhere else.

hmmm... anyhow.
hope you have a good day... don't think of it as isolation.. think of it as... ummm... hell i don't know. i guess it is isolation isn't it?

well..regardless, i hope you have a good day.

cheers... my coffee isn't dangerously hot anymore, so i can do that now :))

captain corky said...

Crusty, I am up and the coffee just finished brewing. :) Max woke me up at 8:00 for breakfast and a diaper change. We watched the morning news (NFL Total Access) together and now he's listening to music and relaxing in his bassinet.

Great pic! I'm glad you enjoyed the sunrise and the isolation. It can be really peaceful when it's just you and a few trees and the sun. Very nice.

Have a good morning.

tex said...

Isolation can be a curse and one of the most tranquil moments you can enjoy as well....
Call me if yer bored.



not that I know guys safe from the recent TS and the pending HurriDean?
Yeah, isolation and loneliness, but it also is very peaceful, at ease, at our own leisure, at everything..

Tex: yeah, you're absolutely right!
This time next week you're moving, eh?



SO glad you could join us on our break this am..good to have a capt man the superhero ship of crusty, tex and soul!! You are absolutely correct that's for certain!!

he woke you up at 8am? you're blessed with a blessed..which means the next one will be the complete opposite..a little girl........ :)

SOUL: said...

yep, safe here... so far. little rain off and on. i think most the bad stuff is staying south. cross your fingers though. the last flood almost cost me my car!

go see my fishies!

are you still feeling isolated? or peaceful? or are the kids screaming your head off?

well, whatever is goin on, i hope it's good.

here? just chillin... for now. i see some chores in my future... but i am also tired, and i wanna watch a movie.. and even though i just ate a HUGE bowl of chili like an hour ago... i am once again STAHVIN.
tell me.. how can a person my size be hungry FOREVER???



soul: most likely because you're like a tiny birdie, always tiny but with a tremendous appetite..I'm calling you birdie soul from now on. :)
yeah, I think we're in the same time's 2:15pm right now..rainy too. blah!

SOUL: said...

tiny birdy???
birdie soul eh?
well alrighty then.

austere said...

This is so nice of soul. So very nice. decent kind of nice, you know that one? did me good to see.

The pic is beutiful. serene. I could feel the sap. and the breeze.

Portia said...

wish i was around to chat over the weekends...oh, well, i have to say you have put a better spin on things than i would. i am disgusted with the early morning hours. i've seen a lot of them lately, and not once have i stopped to enjoy the dawn. i think it would do me good to remember this next time i am up "too" early...thanks:)

Portia said...

lovely view from the driveway, by the way:):)


soul: tiny birdie it the song tiny bubbles! :)

austere: it was a very peaceful morning. Even looking back at the picture taken three days ago (today is tuesday) I can still remember what I felt..I liked how you put it-the sap..very very true!

portia: did you enjoy the sun rise this fine tuesday morning?
I never realized the view from my driveway until this past felt like it was shaped as angels wings..