Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Funky Follicles

Thanks to all of you that left comments on my previous post titled, Ruptured. I felt so warmed by all your well wishes, and partially a bit silly, after all, there are so many of you out there in blogging land battling far worse than a silly crusty cyst. So, thank you for the kind words, warm thoughts, and humorous chuckles-you all just made my night!

The Pelvic Ultrasound: I've had this type of cheeky procedure before while pregnant with Benjamin. They hadn't been able to "find" him when he was a 7 week old baby in utero with the regular ultrasound machine, so they had to go looking in "the mines" so to speak.

Uncomfortable, yes. Painful? Nahh.

From what my amazing gynie told me today was that (As my COUSIN's BLOGGING TOO!! mentioned as well) we (LADIES) all have follicles that grow in/on the ovaries (each month) that race to be the first one to meet the hopeful tail. Generally speaking without taking a walk down biology lane, only one obviously makes it to the finish line in the female race. The rest just go away, heads hanging, having not been the fastest to meet the male tail at the end of the race.

We all get them, but they're supposed to return home after the big race. They're supposed to shrink back down until they begin making preparations for the next race the following month. That's the norm.

What happened in "my house" is the funky follicles that didn't win the race never shrank back and returned home. They kept growing even after the race. They obviously got too big for their home and "broke."

The pain was horrible!! Doubled over the other night, sweating profusely, I couldn't even move off the couch. According to my "Gynie gal," this type of growth is not normal, especially after the race is over. When Pam arrives to give the award of crabbiness everything should be sleeping in their little beds. There shouldn't be sore losers still prepping for the race that's already over.

The 5cm+ bugger ruptured. The body will attempt to mend the broken home, and the same thing will occur again. My Gynie Gal plans on having a first row seat to watch my funky follicles at the start of next months race as well as the following month.

The pelvic ultrasound that I had today, I have to follow up with another at our hospital late Friday night. Which is ashame I have to wait until Friday night (at 10:30pm!!!!!) but, there's nothing that we can do about it now, so I just have to be patient. After all, it's already ruptured, already shrinking, so the waiting begins-until the race next month.

She said that draining the cyst won't stop it from growing again. The only option is to remove it from it's home-the crusty cyst, not the ovary!! We are not going down that road as of yet. We're taking the wait and see approach.

And in the mean time, I have a new prescription for Darvocet to help with the pain. I can't quite explain the pain, but if you've ever had kidney stones before, well, it felt similar to that.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
My name precedes my cyst. :)
I'm heading out for an evening smoke, it's 6:53pm on Hump night, anyone want to join me?
SOUL!!, how Are your cheeks feeling?? Soul's had a rough week, go wish her well, if you have time.


SOUL: said...

this is a great post !!! i'm sorry that it is at your expense, but i did get a few laughs out of it... the writing ... not the problem.
anyhow.. so glad to see you have your sense of humor intact.. even tho the crusty lil booger busted. at least you are ok. i was worried about infection etc. and the pain. man, no one should be in pain.

anyhow... pass the coffee....gimmee a light... wanna borrow the massage fairy? you did see him on my blog a couple days ago didnt you?

latah crustay...feel better..


sonsofguns no I didn't...hmm, I usually read the comments from the usual suspects, us consistantones, but, the name intrigues me, so as I go reread your comments with the MCfairy, feel free to ask for a visit to my land on behalf of yours..a gift from the tiniebirdietweet..hahahaHARhARHARARRRcoufh...
THanks for the hilarious comment!! Very very awesome comment!

SOUL: said...

haha you crack me're stoned aren't you?
admit it.
one's good two's bettah, so why not take three! woo hoo.
did you find mcfairy? how funny.

austere said...

Now worrying a little less. You're in good hands. AND take those painkillers, please!

I know kidney pain a little too well for comfort. stabs. and then like a fist pulls in.

take the meds take the vitamins, and something to replace the iron as well.

sorry, in mother hen worry mode.


SOUL: still can't find Mcfairy!!
Stoned from the darvocet,but I feel fine, course I took one and was ready to go to bed until 10pm when a second wind came about.

Austie: That's exactly what it felt like. but I took a pain med last night, I did just take my am vitamin and when I have some food in my stomach I'll pull out some of my prenatal vitams to help with the iron-good idea!!!
No need to apologize, I'd be the same way- :)thank you for caring...


Portia said...

ohmygooness Crusty! i hope the pain meds are at least working this time and it's manageable. i wish i could come help you with your boys. i loved the story though, the analogies you use crack me up!

SOUL: said...

try sept 7th
just scroll down the page..ya cant miss him!!!