Sunday, September 23, 2007

Will Find The Time

Tomorrow around 11am, the boys and I will be picking up my mother in law and Gramma in law (NANA!!!) at the airport.

They're flying up from East Florida to hang out for a week over here in Crustyland.
To visit and catch up with their grandsons.**
To see how hectic it is here daily with the boys and I.
To catch up with Bigdogg and I.
**I'm blessed to have them so involved with my little ones lives.

So, we're getting ready for their arrival tomorrow:
-The bedsheets are being washed- for them.
- We're cleaning the house.
-Bigdogg was out earlier, cutting the lawn.
-Bigdogg, VROoom! off to the store!! (took Jackson and Sullivan with, too!!) to load up on food for them.

There's a lot of preparations when family comes to visit, don't you think?

So, they arrive tomorrow around 11am and will be leaving on Friday, late evening.

I will find the time to get over here and post, and wander around to my CHOICE Bloggers.
However inconsistent I may be, I will find the time.
I just didn't want you thinking that I had fallen off a crusted pier somewhere.
If I have to wake up at the arse crack of dawn to get a post in, so be it.
But, just a heads up, in case you guys are lurking around here.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I will find the time, I have to-"this" is my saving grace.
Writing. Reading. Remembering.
When I don't get my blog time in, I'm a complete pain in the ass to deal with.
I will need quite a few smoke breaks.
Anyone wanna smoke and choke???


SOUL: said...

I DO I DO!!!!
don't neglect me when you have company...

speaking of neglect.. i'm just here for a quick puff.. i'm falling asleep..again. but i'll be back!

thanks for all the sweet stuff you said.. i will catch up on all my replies later..and post my badge too. i didnt wanna put it up til the story was finished.


PS... i THINK.. i might be goin up there soon.. just dont know how soon. when does it get bone chilling cold?/?

tex said...

You'll get to escape Friday...

Anonymous said...

your CHOICE bloggers?? LOL that's funny. don't get too busy with all that company...! we don't get much company here..being in a different country ya know..needs lots of NOTIFICATION...don't think anyone will be my way for awhile now. Have a good one with the grandmas!


Soul: I'll settle for a quick smoke..wake up and lets smoke again. COLD COLD? December-Jan...COLD for tiny birdies? End of October-November.. :)

Tex: Thanks for giving out my secret location for the best cider harps..anyone want to join in with us a week from THIS friday?

YankieJAY: :)...We will definitely have a fun time.
Notification is good. However, no matter how much time you have to "prepare" it's just never enough time. Different foods, different lifestyles..difference-it's good.
Glad you came back for more!!


tex said...



tex: So, the wager with the Cubs was, what??? hmmm??

Cheryl said...

I'll pretend to smoke and choke. OK? For you.

The most I've ever had company for was my sister for a week when I had surgery. I've got a beautiful guest room that I look at from time to time. I should hang out there's a soothing place.

SOUL: said...

you think I would survive thru november? hmmm

ps.. dallas and chitown are TIED in the second quarter.. you guys watchin?

tex said...

Yeah, I'm gonna lose.....I guess it's on me friday


Tex: just moved into a new place...dutch.

Cheryl: COME ON!!

SOUL: GO BEARS!!! :)YOu may be fine..this week, 90's! Next week? No clue!


austere said...

Yo babe you rock!
The new look is like wow.
So NICE of you to take care of things for the MIL and gramma.
India plays pakistan tonight in the ICC 20twenty finals ,pls. root for India!

SOUL: said...

i wanna see my boys, and my sis, and you... but i dont wanna be cold. what a freakin dilemma/

i just dont know how pwople LIVE there. burrrrrr.

we won. sorry.
soulman wants to know if Tank somebody is any good..apparently he's gettin traded to dallas??/

Portia said...

smokin & chokin ;)
hope the visit gets kicked off on the right foot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your help. Love you!