Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Around Today

4:30pm today will find me in Sauntering Franks office for my every 6months teeth cleaning.

Every 6months? Yes, well, unfortunately since having three children, my teeth, especially during the pregnancies, took it very hard.

I'm guessing my teeth have to be female.

So, every 6months I'm in the chair, getting sandblasted and feeling like I'm at some excavation site as the people work over my teeth.

Yes, I know, it doesn't help that I love coffee and I love my cigarettes. But I will say that I do take good care of my teeth. I floss them, I brush them after meals, and especially after a visit to Starbucks. They just refuse to cooperate. But, that's life, so, what am I supposed to do? Complain about it and never do anything about it? Or, just manage it the best I can and move along with their requests..Yes, that route.

But I'm not ready to remove myself of the toxic caffeine and nicotine yet. I do have plans to research that new smoking cessation pill. However, I was told you're supposed to NOT take this pill during the visit from my dear DEAR pal, Pam. So, I need to look into it more.

Anyway, now that you guys know my general cycle (the modest men are blushing out in this blogging world), and you know that I want to stop smoking, that I have two bad habits but I am comforted by these habits, what else are you interested in learning about me?

I figured today, I'll turn the tables, and if there's something you want to know (except my true name, what the name of my town is, and why my nickname is Crustybeef) I'll be happy to tell you.
I am trying to catch up still from when my in laws were in town, so I do apologize if I haven't been replying to your comments that you're graciously leaving for me. Please know that I do appreciate them, the fact that time was spent to stop over read and say hi warms my heart. I will catch up, and things will be back to straight pathways in my world.

On that note, here's a picture of the towel cake.

It needs re-adjusting but that's simple..

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I hope the pregnant hygienist isn't doing my teeth, she was such a little bitch to me last time.


Portia said...

Hi Crusty,
Cool! Here's a question: Tell us about some of the people who have had a major influence in your life, and how. Whether a family memeber or a coworker from your first job. Or both or more. Or wherever else that takes you:) You know, if you want:)

I never knew towels could look so good! They look almost good enough to eat:) Seriously quite beautiful. I had never heard of that either.

I hope the dentist goes (went?) well! Sounds like you and I have some tooth issues in common too. I blame my british heritage;) I hope it was quick, painless, and you got the nice hygenist:) toodeloo..

tex said...

Crusty....What was it like in your neighborhood growing up. Any boys bug ya too much?

Christine said...

Who are you and how did I get here?

Oh and I am convinced dentists were all the kids we made fun of in highs chool getting back at us. Nice blog. Glad I stopped in only wish I had left some breadcrumbs to find my way back.

Cheryl said...

I use a plastic tooth-picky thing in the car every day. My hygienist always complements me on the condition of my gums and teeth.She doesn't know that I don't floss.

SOUL: said...

aha... it's a tower cake made with towels...what a talent you are!

i have never seen such a thing

so- my question- is that a true crusty invention?

austere said...

SOOO pretty.
You'll pack it in a box to ship it?
A pretty box?

On teeth, I'm not saying anything

simonsays said...

Well, isn't that just awesome? I always wanted to have some kind of crafty talent, but I just plain suck at anything like that.....thanks for posting what it is. :)

SOUL: said...

i am a no talent too.
me and jamie should make quite a pair. :))

at least we smoke and choke on the same level.
wanna join us?