Sunday, October 28, 2007

I didn't start it!!!!

It's their faults...-tee-hee..they had to post what their personality costume would be, was given the costume of Jesus, and the other was a Martini...can you guess who? :) So, I was curious to see what I'd find, and low and behold and I don't know why, this is what mine said.
SO, to everyone, you know I love you, Happy Halloween, whatever you're doing if you're drinking, giving, tricking,treating,cheeking..enjoy yourselves..and don't worry, there will be no clowns at your door this year,...well maybe..... ;)

Welcome To Crustybeef~
How scary, huh?

Your Halloween Costume Should Be


You know what I think is a fairly haunting story about the past, THIS ONE!!!, it's about this house that was discovered with hidden coins within her walls, when they'd flick their coins in the wall, I wonder if they attached a memory with it.the people of that homes past,.to me that seems more haunting than the chainsaw guy,...well, mmmmm, not him, the chain saw guy, but someone not as scary...but scary....I'll stop while I'm behind.


SOUL: said...

bwa hahahaha... funny that portia wasnt catwoman...but its cool that you were...
batman...slash...batsoul...and catwoman...


I know, right??? ME? ANd it doesn't give a freakin meaning whY?OR did I miss it?