Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rest Day

***QUICK UPDATE QUICK QUICK!!!! I don't have time to spell and grammer check this so if you find errors, overlook them. My errors may make me seem silly, and that's okay, but it may get confusing so at least you're aware ahead of time. teehee-I'm in a bit of a rush, we're leaving in 20 and I haven't showered yet.***

******UPDATE 2---I had written out the post prior to the update listed above, I then realized what time it was, and that I didn't have time to shower or spellcheck, so I decided to post and not spellcheck,grammar check it...I am a fast typer, but I don't think that fast...20minutes to type this...nawwwwwww....****************************

The reason for the unplugging was due to a 'few' plans that we had listed for this weekend almost past.

Some things haven't panned out and that's due to the fall illness that works itself around homes, getting into children's ears and making fevers go up to 102.2 with lots of little chills.

=======Feel better my little family member guy!!======

Some of the things on our list for this weekend had good intentions going in, and even though it started off rather braided and rocky it turned out fun!:

We had a date with our three little threes to meet up for breakfast at McDonald's because they wanted to play and with the weather changing when you blink, it's just way to cold to play leapfrog outside in the morning!! So we left our home around 7AMish and took our boys to McDonald's as promised!! They had their first egg McMuffin meal and both Jack and Sullivan loved it!! Ben had his first hot breakfast platter with pancakes and sausage. We figured we'd change it up and take them to a fun indoor breakfast. All was going great as Bigdogg and I sat sipping our coffee and I trying their cinnamon melts that were delicious!! When suddenly Ben had this look of 'pushing concern' on his face. Guess what? We didn't bring a new pull up with nor a new diaper.

I scooped him up and took him to the washroom, removed his diaper and held him tandem over the toilet as he dropped some braided wonders into the attar of roses. The poor guy was clearly not happy with this type of suspension and he definitely made sure the people around the washroom door heard his annoyance too!!

After the act, little Hamean did settle down and cleaned up and wiped up, diaper back on(since it was still clean), we returned to the animals that he loves to climb up on.

McDonald's had a busy morning, bustling with seniors meeting for their coffee, a man sitting off alone looking quite ragged and tired and sore. I could have sworn he'd been crying because his eyes were quite puffy, that type of look that your face takes on after tears have been shed. He had dirty brown short trimmed hair, and a grey coat with two long deep pockets along side missing zippers. He didn't make eye contact with anyone that walked by him, and it wasn't until I got up closer to him, that I noticed the white mark indentation of where a ring must have sat on his ring finger.
Maybe a recent death of a spouse? Or maybe a divorce? Maybe he lost his ring and is scared to go home? I have no idea what the reason is, those are only thoughts that I had in my head. I just hope that where-ever his day took him, he found a reason to smile.
Whatever he was facing or dealing with, I wanted to go up and rescue him, but I knew I couldn't.

Two women sitting in a booth on the other side of the playplace near us having a rather intense but positive conversation- you could tell by the twinkles they held up near their eyes. What I enjoyed most about these two women is that at the end of their McDonald's visit, they leaned in to each other, clasped each others hands and closing their eyes, they began praying quietly.
For a good day, maybe? Or maybe to help them deal with whatever they were facing themselves. I just found it to be a nice scene to see that those two didn't care about what people thought around them. And from my observations it was nice to see that the people sitting around them didn't mind that the ladies were quietly praying.

The boys enjoyed their breakfast and we left there with happy faces and went straight to our public Library to the Children's section to find some new books and DVDs for the days evening.
They always pick out Ispy and Where's Waldo and I have to admit these are great books!
We love books over in this house, and that is one thing I can say that we consistently do, is read to our boys! Yesterday was filled with story books of "Dream Jars," and "Oh Yeahs," and Boys that invent monsters while camping outside! The one that I found most amusing (and I think it's due to seeing the word used over at Souls, and Simon SaysFIX IT,and JyankeesNew Beginnings,) is the book, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs! Now that is a fantastic book!!

We were due to head to a Halloween party later that day but the party host child caught that fall fever bug, so the party was postponed.

Today is another fun out of the house day heading out with my sister, brother in law and their own tiny family:
Hot apple cider!!


Our pals one block over are having a block party for their street, and have asked us to come as well. The group of people that we have been spending lots of time with for the past few months, consist of 4 families plus us,that I've spoken of briefly before:
Family 1:
Mom "Cathy" was the one that had surgery a few weeks back that we baked a meal for.
Her husband who has the same "real name" as Bigdogg, is an absolute HOOT to be around, and would you believe when he was out in South Africa mountain climbing, he fell off a mountain to avoid being bit by a cobra snake and survived to obviously talk about it!! Great guy, with very similar quirky mannerisms as Bigdogg.
Their three children:
"Austin," age 9- although he acts much older.
"Gavin" who is in Jack's class.
And "Peyton," age 4 who just adores Sulli and Ben, she always brings them a doll to play with.
They are very sweet, they enjoy their beer cold, their wine red, and they moved from Georgia last year, sick of the drama's of the school system, according to mom "Cathy" a former 3rd grade teacher staying home to raise the children instead.

-part of the Indian Guides Tribe that Bigdogg and Jackson belong too, also part of the group that went camping last weekend-dad's and sons only!

Family 2:
Mom "Stacey" who admits to being a Trekkie, she has always been sweet and ready to help anyone should they need it. Her parents are in town this week visiting from Arizona and to spend time with their grand kids. She was very career driven and she laughs when we talk about our "pasts" because she said that she never thought in a million and one years that she'd be a stay at home mom of children. Now, she says, although she misses the working world, she's glad for the opportunity to stay home. Not all of us have that luxury, she says, and she's right.

Her husband "Bob" that is also a huge Miami Dolphins fan like Bigdogg, they can go on an on about football until well, who knows!

Their children,
"Joe" age 10-so sweet this boy is, he cried when they got rid of his diaper genie even though he had grown out of diapers since age 2. This boy cries when someone steps on an ant, he is just a tender soul and what I love is that "Stacey" doesn't ruin that side of him.
"Meggie" age 6-also in Jacks kindergarten class, she enjoys running around with the boys, but she'll set them straight if they get out of line. She is the shortest of the kid group, with the curliest hair you've ever seen.

--"Bob" and "Joe" also part of the Indian Guides tribe, they too went camping last weekend!

Family #3:

Mom "Kina" who has admitted she has the flaky personality of Susan from Desperate housewives. She was born a twin sister, the first NewYears day baby in 1970something. She weighed the exact same amount that I did when I was born, and that was 3lbs 6oz. We spend quite a bit of time together, and help each other out the most. Maybe because of the age, or connection, but out of everyone her and I think most alike. Similar family pasts, similar dysfunctions, similar pasts ourselves although at different times.

She was a kindergarten teacher until they had their 2ND child. Then they decided what was best for themselves, and that was for mom to stay home to raise them. They have a simple and nice way of living and you would think that they would have more according to the label of dad, "Josh," being a prosecutor. He recently joined a private practice last year,having left working for the gov't after all these years.

But would you believe that up until a year or so ago, they lived up in a town called Schaumburg, Il (near the town I used to live in -Hoffman Estates- years ago) in a two bedroom Town home although they had three children. They don't believe in having all that extra stuff, and husband "Josh" is a football diehard Illini Fan.

Dad "Josh" and Bigdogg have some things in common, one being that when people meet both of them, they think they look mean. People think that Bigdogg has a mean face, or that he always looks mad, as people tell "Josh" all the time. They spent a few hours last weekend on the camping trip texting their buddies over the scores of last weeks College football games.


"Sela" who is in 2nd grade. Her birthday is two days after our baby Ben's in late July.
"Jackson" who is in kindergarten as well, but goes in the morning.
and my little pal, "Tyler" who I watch on Wednesdays, he looks just like his dad, he's umm, lets see, age 2. His birthday a few days after Sullivan's in early July. He is so cute, with dimples on both cheeks and even his chin..

---Dad "Josh" and "Jackson" are also a part of the Indian Guides tribe, they too went camping last weekend..and Dad Josh drank the rest of their Jack Daniels. :)---

Family 4:

Mom "Caren" she is a full time attorney that has her own practice, a crafty woman by night, she is the neighborhood sewer, and crafty crafter. She reminds me the most of my friends that I've known since age 20. She can make anything out of anything, and is going to help sew some cool curtains for my kitchen window. Blazing red hair, freckles on her face, she found and married her true love clear out in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Dad "Pat," the stay at home father, he does work full time but does it from home. He works in the computer world, and I'm sure that's equally challenging as it's him that's the one that prepares his child for the day while working a fulltime job as well. I give him credit because I don't know how I'd manage. He is also an amazing carpenter that I know I've spoken about before, he's the one that built that tree house for their only son. "Pat" is a nice guy, I think he's had a rough past, he's the one that inspired me to quit smoking, as for years he was a serious smoker. He told me he grew up around muscle cars, engines, cigarettes and beer. When he and Caren moved in together, after getting married, they lived down in Chicago which was a huge eye opener for him, he said. And then he laughs and says, "When we moved to -OUR TOWN now- that was even more of an eye opener. It took me awhile to get used to how nice everyone was/is.

He quick smoking last year and has since been in training to run the marathon. He is the only one though, I must say, that I've had a harder time connecting with. Something about his bedside manner. I'm sure in time that will pass. But my instincts haven't ever failed me in the past.

They have one child, and you guys all know who he his, he's that one that spoke sassy to me that day at the park. The one that has high levels of anxiety, and as of most recent, Mom "Caren" adopted him a cute little kitten. He is, out of the group of a children, the most aggressive one, but perhaps that's just his way of dealing with something else hidden on his horizon?

His name is "Jack" and he too is age 6, he too is in my Jackson's class, and there are good things about him. His parents talk to him very maturely, almost as if they're on the same level. In fact, Mom "Caren" just explained to him the other day that there are boys that marry boys and girls that marry girls. As my mom says, the older my own children get, the more I'll begin to see different styles of parenting. I think it's fantastic. You'd be surprised at how you can tweak your own styles by learning about others. I don't think there's anything wrong with any of my new pal's styles, they may have differences than mine, and vice versa, but we all get along.

-----Dad "Pat" and son "Jack" also are in the guys Indian Guides tribe, and was part of the camping trip last weekend. He too helped "Josh," "Bigdogg," "SameName," and "Bob," finish off the Jack Daniels drink at last weeks camp out.

There are many more people that will be at this block party, I've meet maybe three other families that have older children than mine, but they are all quite fun to hang out with. And for me it's nice to be able to walk over to the next block, and just stop over and say hi!!

If you look back at the beginning of my blog, and how I felt, with things around me, you can see how change occurs. I am content that I am meeting new people, growing new friendships, starting to see more support right near where I'm at. For a long time I felt so isolated with the little ones. I have my close closest friends but most of them, well, they don't live in the same state as I, or they don't have children yet, those that live here, and it's harder to see them because of our different lifestyles of present. No matter how often I may speak to them, or talk through the ways of email, it can still get lonesome for me because I couldn't turn around hop in my car and drive to see them. These people that are coming to be a part of my life on my next block, is a refreshing turn for me. Will these new found pals become my best friends? I have my best friends already, that will never change, this is just a nice thing to be building other friendships. To have new support at reach should I need it. Now if only my friends from my 20's, could only live next door to one another have all of our 'life happen' to each other at the same time. :)

But until that happens, I will continue to grow my support and friendships with these nice people. Their backyards back up to the schools playground, it's nice to hang out there as the children are safe and within eyesight but still at their own wing length to feel a bit more freedom.

The streets are closed off for the party on the next block, and we'll all meet in the street, bringing appetizers to share, and to fill in our names in the suggested directory of our neighborhood. The kids will be able to ride their scooters, or bikes, back and forth in the street, a treat that they'll love and it'll be safe!! And I'm looking forward to gathering with all the moms as the dads gather together and we look like those elementary parties grouped up and separated by gender. It happens everytime! :)

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Here is another VLOG: I call it "KARMA WHY."
As you guys know, Sullivan loves to ask why. He loves to respond with "cause he wants too" as well. So, I gave him a dose of his own medicine the other day.



abbagirl74 said...

Did you say quick post? Wow, you type fast! Funny, funny, funny mommy. Loved Sulli. He's adorable.


Thanks Abbagirl!! I love my little guy, he has this personality unlike my other two that just reminds me quite a bit like myself. :) Hope you're having a good weekend!! :)


btw, heehee my favorite part was when he says can barely here it but the tone of it is like, "Good gracies mommieO enough already.."

Portia said...

he is SO incredibly sweet!! sounds like you guys had a fun day lined up, i hope it was a good one:) it's nice that you have so many friends right there in your neighborhood. i can't wait to hear about it! or...see pictures? maybe:)

Cheryl said...

You wrote all that and showered in under 20 minutes? Tell me how!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. You're so, so lucky to have all those friends and acquaintances right in your own neighborhood. You know that, right?

Another day of no smokes! :))


Portia: Hi!! It was a fun day..too long for the little ones though as you know first hand!! I did get a few pictures but my battery went are you??

Cheryl: You are absolutely is so nice to's what I've always wanted in a neighborhood. :) and yes!!! another day without many days has it been? I've lost track..which is a good thing, I think. :) 7 inch Christmas Tree!! :)Go back and buy it before the price goes up!!


Anonymous said...

this was awesome. I like the characters that are forming in your life crusty..sounds like good people.


thanks! They are nice people. Funny we're all different too.