Friday, October 26, 2007


Have a Great Weekend!
I'll have something on Monday but may be out lurking this weekend!!
Be safe everyone!

Welcome To Crustybeef~


The Real Mother Hen said...

Crusty Beef - that's a really good blog name :)
Meanwhile, rest well and have a good weekend...

KYRIE said...

Goodnight Crusty :) Hope you have a good weekend too.

SOUL: said...

takin weekends off now?
that's just not right.

Mary said...

Enjoy your downtime. We'll miss you and listen for your return.

Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT weekend! Typhoon here... a COLD one too...! SOmething is weird...

captain corky said...

Have a great weekend Crusty. I really enjoyed your Vlog yesterday. ;)

Portia said...

Yes, I got to see the vlog too (thank you!!) and it was AWESOME. So cool to actually see them and their personalities shining in action! i hope you guys are having an awesome weekend too:)


Real MotherHen: hahah, thank! Wish we could rest..just a busy busy weekend hence the reason for the unplugged. :)thanks for stopping by!!

Kyrie: I'm trying to talk McDonalds into giving me a Sundae on Sunday like the one you had the other day-yumm!! I can't get it out of my head

Soul: I wish!! Lots of outside plans that were made that didn't happen, but, it's been a great weekend just hanging out with the family :) How about you??? Fish Fairy? Dentist Fairy? EH?

Mary: awwwww, thanks! I like that, "we'll listen" for your return""" ding ding! I'm here!

Jyankee: I was reading about that yesterday and then I saw your comment and the funny thing (well not really funny) but when I read about the weather I thought of you and then I see your comment! I hope you and coffeebean and daddyO are safe and dry!!! and warm and snuggly! Did her tooth fall out yet?

capt: Hey there!! Are you having a good weekend too? Hope your fantasy football draft doesn't disappoint you today! Sorry about Ohio State...Grrr..Bigdogg wasn't happy about Penn State's loss..

Portia: What a surprise again!! So I'm guessing 8:45starts your quiet time, right? Here's to a good rest of the weekend!

You guys up yet? Come over for my bacon quiche!