Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sure's Grey Thursdays

I am liking that new feature of linking the email comments follow up to your email.......

I told you I would be providing you with a picture of the culprit and I have to admit that I was Mistaken as I thought what was an apology
Was indeed a request for more ifology.
More miles of nuts.

But for me as I walked up into my kitchen,
I saw him right there it was like a child and their mitten
Proud of their find in the ground of their world

I allowed him to continue with his montinue*===going on and on in monotone-to ramble in Crustyland*===
And exciting stolen asset...

...Crisp still with nice Michigan apple juices instead
Of those darned raw nuts I am required to eat daily.
You got my picture and that's great.
I really think it is so.
And I appreciate your gifts all these past months
I'm just storing my
You could say "honey," for the season ahead.

I know your son has fears of me biting him in bed,
And I know you can't understand
But I'll never bite their fannies or
The tops of their little heads.

You'll know that I'm happy with the whomp whomp of
My tail and I give you permission to show off my fannie.
You'll know I'm a hard worker,
I am in it alone.

A bachelor I guess,
My partner died this past spring
Upon the start of last summer,
Her name was Orangina,
And she loved you all too.

Now pardon me my mumsy
My apples getting warm.

She turns and walks in with the picture completed
Contented and enjoying the smells of her surroundings.

He turns to his lovely golden gem of a treasure,
Bottleneck teefers he delves into his delight.
Can you see my dear apple? It's a beautiful sight!

The glimmer of I overlooking them all,

Turning down for the day until I can wake tomorrow with a
Warm soft glowing smile.

Don't forget to come out with my bedfellow tonight he's quite full
And gleaming of life.

And view the streaming of the glorious shuttle over up in my skies.
I know you tried to get a picture of my full moon cuddly belly,
But your memory card from your camera has somehow gone missing.

Capturing a picture as the afternoons sun set into the front of our yard,
Just like magic like last night, all you needed were lorgnettes
A glorious night I'm guessing for all.
Here's wishing you a McSteamy Thursday
This is my limit.
My show is soon to start.

Have a good Thursday
Some say Thursday
Is the worst day
No Way!
From Crustyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Welcome To Crustybeef~
But wait there's more:
I SPY A children's yellow dump truck in one of my pictures

Can you find it too?

I created three videos of each of my boys doing something unique that makes them so silly. The one that will make the vblog first, is one of our dear dear Sullivan. You'll see Benjamin quickly, and a quick hi from Jackson, he'll try first to butt into this one after we had just finished taping his-he just loves the camera. But this is our Sulli doing his dance.

And here is 2:00minutes of my Sulli on Baby Einstein:

My first VBLOG!


Mary said...

I love the video. Little boys are so special and these three are beautiful - errr - handsome. You are so blessed. Thanks for sharing.

Your blogs are very interesting. Yours is a rare knack with words. I enjoy reading each line and letting the next line be a surprise. Neat!

austere said...

lots of specials on this one, thanks!
lovvved the round and round dance and I want shoes that have flashing lights too! will go home and listen to this with sound.

mizz squirrel looks different, orange-brown, here she is more of brown-red with stripes on her back and leaner. smart they are, no? they are supposed to have helped one of our Gods build a bridge across the ocean, to Sri Lanka.

orangey sunset in the afternoon? ours is a little later, about 6.30.

Now I want a michigan apple and a lollipop too. NOW!

both the mail comments and google reader are smart smart smart.


mary: thank you! While it may be hairpulling to read my silly stuff the fun of it is I enjoy writing in different lights you would say. :)
My boys are quite funny although that sucker in my Sulli's mouth made me nervous.

Austie: noticed the shoes huh? His reflectors so the world can stop when they see him!interesting to picture your squirrels with stripes-can you capture them in a picture?
smart? not usually, but this little guy I have to say is quite the pavlov's dog-he's conditionally intelligent in fact do I hear him upstairs at my door already? It's only 6:30am-my quiet time as you know-and I could swear I hear the whomp of his tail usually it's not until 8am. hmmm..must see that I'm up I gather.

Oh the Sunset picture was an older picture taken out in Arizona where my good friend lives-they have beautiful sunsets while you're up sitting on a mountain breathful!


Anonymous said...


i still havnt figured out how to get stupid videos onto the blog.. what if your video still uses those 8mm tape things? how do you get that data onto the computer? am i just stupid or what??? LOL


jyankee: you're asking the wrong person as you can see when I say hi with my comments there is no picture to follow..I would have to say self teaching is the best way when time permits, right?

abbagirl74 said...

Cute kids!!!


abba!!: Are you having any New York Withdrawls yet? :) They are cute most of the time,..but then they grow up so I am enjoying the now. :) Have a great friday!! what'd you think about the show last night?

Anonymous said...

I absolutley love this post!!! You do such a great job telling stories and you are such a wonderful caring mom. Our boys are extremely lucky to have you and so am I..


BDDanon: thank you!!You guys are lucky most of the time except for when Pam's around. but I love your sugarcoats. haha..

the newbie said...

dont want to be caught up in anoncrossfire so i will list as the newbie .i like the flow of the post how you went from character to character and the colors to show the change .due to the change of fall ?so you sum it up with the sun and moon .i did catch the shuttle view the other night, it looked like a shooting star .i will remind you with my grains but publish publish publish .

the newbie

Portia said...

that was suuuuch a cute story! i hope you enjoyed grey's last night and your friday is going good:)
oh, by the way, the video didn't work for me:( says it's not available? i will try again later..


Thenewone: Welcome again so publish, eh? well that's sweet but I write to just well, write. :)

Portia: Hey momma! It's time for a break leave your office and come out for a walk it's glorious out today...perfect weekend for more pumpkin searchings right? I'm up for it..:) hahah.
hmm you can do a search manually for the video on youtube too..I'll send you the link via email. :)


SOUL: said...

that made me dizzy and i knew he was gonna fall....i was glad he didnt jab the damn sucker down his throat.
i am to much a nervous wreck for such thing.
twas very cute tho.


Hey Soul: Loved the post today over by you!! I'll be over soon, but hopefully all is well!
Dizzy yes and I was a nervous life can be quite dizzy but fun too! :)
And Soulstweens hair looks AWESOME!!

Cheryl said...

I got dizzy just watching the dance. I was a little nervous about the lollipop too!

Still no smoking? I'm so proud of you!! You go girl!

Grey's was great. It makes me love Thursdays.


Cheryl: It's been a week already my goodness! Yes, still no smoking!!