Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Polished and Perfected

For weeks he's had it coming to him.
It's been laying around on it's side causing nothing but build up and mess.
For weeks we've urged him to do the right thing,
To yank it on out of his life so to speak,
Removing himself from this diminutive piece of nothing.
He fought it tooth and nail and refused to back down.

Knowing first hand what can come of keeping the old,
I urged him to sit on the thought,
To twiddle around with it,
A sort of tongue and cheek action if you will.
It doesn't hurt anyone.
It improves motion.
It improves development.
It's part of life.
Still, it lays there on its side.

More mess as each day passes by.
Soon I'm being asked to skip over it as it lay on its side.
I urged him to look up and view how life moves on.
To see the differences.
Be accepting of them.
Be accepting that change happens.
It doesn't happen all at once,
Not all at the same time,
But the trick is to be open to it.
Accepting the change.
Respecting the different colors around you.
To just gaze up at the blue sky of today,
Viewing the colors around him.
While learning to accept that change is part of life.

It's okay to be afraid to walk way from the mess,
But you must find a way to remove it.
To remove it from your life.
You can maintain the memories and not be afraid of a pinch or pain.
Pain passes.
Hurt dissolves.
After all, this isn't the first time that something has disengaged.
Why the fear the now?

Alas, all the chiseled marvel could do was stare back at him, unresponsive without any help to give.

Sadly, Mr. Orangie -the Squirrel- had already sunk his teeth into the juicy knowledge of naughtiness.

I urged him to seek out Mr. Orangie since he's one of consistency.
Appearing at our doorstep each day.
Whomp whomping his tail!!
The tail knocking reminding me that his daily supply of nuts are low.
He has knowledge,Mr Orangie,
He knows first hand the importance of moving on.
He never hesitates to ask with that orange glowing tail.
But Mr. Orangie wasn't available.
Perhaps off stealing fruit from baskets, I would imagine.

He looked for temptation in the basket but found it at the base of the tree of knowledge instead.

A mess of his build up, the half nibbled temptation, and a caved in nose was the sum of what he found.

The culprit hidden somewhere, beyond our very own eyes.

He the one with the mess,
Grew tears of dismay and turned to me to exclaim,
"I guess this is how the chiseled Marvel felt when I carved a bum into him!!:

I wiped away his tears of dismay and said "move forward little one,
Don't let one half eaten apple ruin your day.
Come with me over here, see all these confident nobles?"
Still he wasn't willing to go at it alone.
The disappointment of "temptation" gone missing,
Stirred the confidence out of his soul.
So I did the only thing I could do,
I called in the tandläkare,
And bid a deductible worth of 50 dollars farewell.
Then the move to remove the mess,
Gave us quite a happy return!
With the use of surprise, sterilized metal and proclivity,
CREEK CRACK and without loud cries,
He laid the reason for the visit,
On the chest of the tearful eyes.
Gazing up concerned, my little boy found his fine answer,
Newly polished perfection with a quick use of some pliers.
And would you believe,
Not as many tears as expected!

Welcome To Crustybeef:
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind." Dr. Suess...........
1-YES, that is the Sauntering Frank.
2-YES, his third tooth has now fallen out.
3-YES, would you believe just as I was about to post this, I happened to head upstairs to my kitchen, and guess who decided to come and apology for the way he acted this morning??:
I'll tell you in the next post!
Yes, the pictures of the blue sky were taken today outside in my front yard. The tree's that surround my home, I love dearly..the colors I take in red, orange-HOW PRETTY!!!


SOUL: said...

my dentist is cuter than your dentist bwa ha ha ha

so, what's a tooth go for these days.. aside from the 50 you had to shell out to have it yanked?

i'm workin on gettin a visit from the fish fairy next time i lose a fish. i shall let ya know how that goes.

i'm smokin...
want some coffee?


Soul: hahahah! What does he look like? I wanna see a pic! DDDY!!
Can I please have some coffee? My coughing is all gone, the wheezing not that bad anymore!! YEA!!!
Fish Fairy? And what would be under the pillow, a new worm? FABULOUS IDEA!! :)


oh yeah, the tooth..
Well, tonight it'll be $1 and a kitkat. :)
His birthday is Nov 14th...
and then Xmas..
never ends..but I LOVE IT!!! :)
I figured out how to do the video thing on my camera put I don't know how to upload it from my printer that is hooked up to my computer..I was able to watch the video on my computer, but I don't know what program it was, nor do I know how to save it..UGH!! How do I upload it to YOUTUBE? It's a great Sulli Bulli video..

SOUL: said...

my dentist has an ad in the i think it would not be illegal if i posted him sometime. thing is, i have to drive like 25 miles to get the particular paper he is in. soooo it could be a while. but i will get one.

as for asking ME any sort of technical question? i do not know. i'm lucky to email and blog. seriously.

got any coffee... i'll stay out of site to smoke. fair?


No, I can stand around while you smoke, I don't care if people doubt me, I only care about myself (long story, but a family member older generation recently doubted my ability, that hurt, but, sad to see people losing faith, you can never lose faith..
So, yeah, light up, I can smell it, it'll pass the craving..almost 11.
ryl 2


by the way this clock is off, right now it's 945pm..not 845 how the hell do I change that? I still can't navigate my picture...good graciess..

austere said...

ah what a brave little boy!
You know, one can fit this poyemn story to a lot of things...grin.
Your sauntering Frank looks cute in a way, nice nose he has though.

The pictures are lovely. What colors!

Anonymous said...

wow a dollar? okay.... coffee bean's is still hanging on... and what a wild pumpkin! happy halloween!


austie: enjoyed it, huh? Poor guy but good experience for him not to fear the sauntering Frank.He has a decent smile when he does smile, but pictures don't do justice this person...what I'm curious to know is what everyone pictured sauntering frank to look like. :)

Jyankee: it's only a matter of time until coffeebean loses precious..$1 is quite a bit I think considering I received .50Cent..Bigdogg says it's inflation :) SO when the molars fall out is that doubling down than?


captain corky said...

Great pics Crusty! I love this time of year and every day it gets a little cooler and little better. Can I move into your back yard and eat whatever's left? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! The boy is growing up..LOl he is so cute and so caring i think he gets that from you...I love how you can click on the things that dont know and the link takes you to the info..great Idea and that is why it is such a great blog..



capt: I will save some left overs for you..But I don't want to make the drive to deliver..hmm, an arrangement must be made.

AnonBDD: I never knew until I did the research in regards to this post about the colors of the mums and their representations..I think that's pretty think the mums we have now blooming came from those tiny seeds compliments of the SBUX!! YUM!!Coffee anyone?

GUESS WHAT TODAY IS!! IT'S THURSDAY!! :) Is it dreamy and steamy in here? Stay if you can handle the McHeat.


Anonymous said...

this was adorable well written indeed...first time here and i just finished up reading the other post about having kids...why is someone giving the author such a difficult time..This crustybeef spoke from their heart it's apparent with their words. whats the harm in doing that is that not the point of having the ability to write..crustybeef,i will return for more..i will remain anon because of what i do for a living but i will tell you not to let anyone tell you how to live your life they can tell you they don't see what you see but they cant tell you your core is wrong .stay soft to those that don't see and remain solid as a soul .this is a great place to stop by and read im glad i found it from the next click on the top .you will go far with your heart and stories .i see publishing in your future take what i say the new one with grains but dont doubt you .first time here and i see success .k?
so did the person apology to you?did anyone else see that at the end of the story ?or just me ?and what is a crustybeef a sandwich maybe?

SOUL: said...

hmmmm, apparently i missed the crusty bashing again. prolly a good thing for today.

anyhow... i hope you are havin a good day.
i tried to jump ahead of myself a while ago, and gave a happy friday shout out to portia..
can we say
c ya latah

Pri said...

awww...very cute post...and shows how good a mom u r too...:)

awesome pics by the way...

Portia said...

He did it! I love this post!! It is so cute how you tell a story:) And the links and pictures were great too. I loved the two pics of the trees. How's Thursday going? Good, I hope!


anon: welcome to crustybeef!! the apology will be captured in a future post. I hope you return to read more.

Soul: Hahah..well, consider it an early friday greeting!11 brrrrrrrr..Gino's East Pizza add that to your list of things to do. :)Hey, have you had your visit from the fish fairy, yet?

Portia: Thanks for that! And how is the Groovie family this fine thursday day? My day has been great!-thanks for asking! It's a bit chilly out but other than that a great day to be alive. Plus it's greys day today!! YEA!! it's thursday!!


whoops PRI!! I'm sorry, I didn't see you before..thank you for the nice words. I hope today is well for you!!!



and to the newbie anon: crustybeef could be a sandwich..but that doesn't have anything to do with me's my secret...only those that are closest to me, the ones that hold onto my secrets for dear life know why I am the Crustybeef.and they'll carry the trust secretly to their graves....but I'm sure you'll see more as you browse thru my little stories about life in Crustyland..In the meantime, enjoy the stories I have to tell.


Anonymous said...

My take on the conflict? Well, I always have an opinion, don't I?
It seems that Mr Anon felt that Crusty was judgmental when she said that she feels couples that don't have children are missing out. One could interpret this a number of ways. Crusty was describing her feeling- was it one of pity, or was it one of compassion? There are those that feel that pity is demeaning; therefore, judgmental. But I don't think I've ever heard anyone bash compassion. As a matter of fact, I happen to believe that compassion is the highest form of humanity. Sound a little buddhist? In any event, I have to rely on the information I have about Crusty, which is that she is consistently kind, helpful, and supportive, thereby lending validity to the latter interpretation.
HOWEVER, if compassion is the highest then I believe aggression is the lowest. And I am calling out MR Anon to publicly apologize for his aggressive comments. Labeling Crusty attention-seeking, labeling her thought process as below sixth-grade-level, sharing sensitive private information in this forum, these are clearly and indisputably acts of aggression. Mr Anon, if you are all about self-knowledge and self-awareness which I am guessing that you are, here's an opportunity for you to not only redeem yourself, but maybe to grow a little. Admit that you flew a little off the handle here. Apologize for hurting someone that has never treated you with anything but kindness and respect. And then ask yourself, what is it about this issue(Children), or this forum (Crusty's blog), or this person (is it Crusty herself) that caused you to lose your cool? Of course, we already know that while it may appear to have been one of the above, truly it was moreso about you. So, here's my challenge: Can you know yourself, and then, can you share yourself? It's a tough bit, I know. And so soes Crusty, because she does it every day.


anon: wow, thanks! that was a refreshing perspective on the former issue down below.

It's Thursday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

agreed!!With what that anon said about compassion seems accurate to me. I may be new around here, but I've gone back and read all of the posts and I have to say that it seems to me this crustybeef is quite a cultivated gal, and what was with the attention seeking? why such jaundiced comments? what part of her post bothered you- speaking to the malcontented one.
Priest time: (meaning confession)I saw the comment written by the petulant one,before she *crusty* was wise to remove it and I must agree that it was written with venom.seemed spiteful and I would wonder what is the true point from the Cheerful chap.