Sunday, October 21, 2007


"I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing."– Rabbi Hillel

Great reminds me of myself and not because I used to be a Tony Danza.


The Bigdogg and his little minnow Jack are back from their camping trip ..I'll attempt at filling you guys in on it later on.


Sullivan's newest:
  • "Now you've hurt my Feeliens!" (sounds like Fee-LEE-ins -even though he's supposed to be saying, Feelings.)
  • "I'm going to runaway to my room when you get mad at me and then you'll have to keess up to me." (I thought he said, kiss up!! and it took me 5minutes of using my mommy antennas to figure out he meant, CATCH UP-Thankfully, because how the HELL Does a three year old know what KISS UP means? Although in this case it could make sense..
  • "I like when Jackson is gone because I play with his toys and he doesn't get mad at me."


I am feeling like a horses ASS -and I smell like it too. Yuck mouth and all, I overdid it as usual this weekend..BUT!!! no smoke and choke!


Benjamin has been my lovely reminder that it's about that "time" to schedule my tubal.


I had a rather emotional upsetting moment yesterday that I will talk about in my usual Crustybeef code. I'm thinking it'll be in the version of a short story this time,..a truthful tale with animals as the characters.

Welcome To Crustybeef~

Random? yeah but it's Sunday who reads on Sunday anyways?


Cheryl said...

Me Me Me...I read on Sundays. I know they're slow days, but when you're an addict. At least I didn't start till the evening. Sounds like you're feeling better. About time, you know. Happy Sunday night to you!


hi Cheryl!
Happy Sunday..what a beautiful weekend here...just beautiful..yes, I'm not feeling so good, but it'll pass soon!!

austere said...

Already monday in my neck of da woods. A nice sunshiny day.
Your son says the smartest things, kiss up indeed.

I went shopping yday- quite unlike me, and I had a great time, surprised myself, I did. :)Lots of fabric for the sofa and cushions and stuff. Plus, a niece is getting married next month, so clothes for that.

SOUL: said...

hi CRUSTEE!!!!!
no smoke and choke? GOOD for you!
well, it's monday now.

and what does that mean? well.. since it is storming here... not a whole lot. how bout there? what's on your plate for the day?

feeliens.. made me think of aliens! funny.
and kiss up. geesh.
only a mother can understand that stuff. aint it great tho?
hope you have a great day


austie: I'm glad you enjoyed your shopping trip..I've found that when I do manage the clothing trips going into it I dread, it does turn out to be long as it's seldom that I go shopping!!! Are you adjusted to the new surroundings yet?

EXACTLY on the alien feelien statement by young chubbs...he cracks me up when he isn't causing me to yank out my hair..what IS IT about the middle child?
Monday finds me very annoyed and perhaps its the lack of the smoke and choke..but even the coffee isn't working today!! :)
IT's MONDAY!! :)


Portia said...

YAY!! Still no smoke & choke!! Awesome:) I can't wait to hear how the camping trip went. I hate to hear you had an upsetting moment, but I do love how you weave your tales. I'm looking forward to meeting the "animals"


Hey there lady P!!
Going strong without the SC..but it's still there with the cravings and mood swings..but that will pass.
Hahahh..I'm trying to "weave" the story in my head first regarding the animals and how it plays out..


Anonymous said...

I liked each segment of your various sundries. :) So sad to hear that something has distressed you though. Perhaps the acceptable action would be a hot bath or sundae. Those seem to be the two best options I've heard floating around the blogosphere.

Take Care

SOUL: said...

psssst... wussup?
you doin ok?
16 eh?
how cold is it?
it was like 50 here today and that is COLD to me---- what if i lock myself in the motel? will you come see me? :(


Proxima!!: HEY there!!! You know, I'm thinking that you are absolutely right and presently I am turning towards Bigdogg with a request for a Sundae run..or maybe sbux. :)
Great suggestion, thank you sooo much!!


captain corky said...

I read on Sundays, but sometimes Sundays turn into Tuesdays. Hope all is well Crusty! ;)


Hey there Captain!! TUesday is just as good as Sunday!!! :)
But SUnday is better because of football! :)