Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat PLEASE

Happy Halloween folks!
I'll be back later..
Right now I have to put this costume on Sullivan and get him off to school for his party:

But not before I have to do this with Ben:

Usually I have to wake up Jackson and am meet with an unwillingness to go on:

But,...guess who surprised us and is working from home today:

He'll be taking Captain America to his Halloween party and will be a part of the classroom trick or treating.

Jackson will be able to remain sleeping in his bed and not have to be curled up on the stairs as is his usual course of action:

So that he'll be all rested for his school's Halloween party and street parade later today!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Don't forget to say Please when you ask for your treats and tricks cause you just may be met with the Halloween Haunting:
*Thanks Soul for the inspirations from your past picture posts!! This is dedicated to her today!


Mary said...

Have a fun Halloween full of loving little super heros. Halloween is so much fun with the children in costume and jumping for the sheer joy of it all.

Portia said...

a picture post! i LOOOVE it!! Happy Halloween, Crusty:) i forgot to tell you what my boys are dressing as on my comments, so i'll tell you now- Baby Bear is going to be a bumble bee and Diddle is a tiger :D i hope Captain America has a blast...what is Jackson going to be? and does Ben get dressed up yet? i hope you guys all have a fun + safe time tonite.

Portia said...

p.s. that's a pretty BEEFY looking costume for a little guy;)


I love halloween especially now that I have the little ones to dress up!!!! :) and scare! :) Bigdogg being the easiest one to scare..shshsh >:)

Portia: Nice on the beefy caught that eh? BEEFie...Jackson is Optimus Prime the head good guy from Transformers, and Ben is Tigger a recycled great minds think a like!
We're looking forward to it..stopping at our friends house for chili and beer on the next block inbetween the tricks and treats..more a treats for the parents..I'm going as the invisible lady-what every mom could want, right? to be invisible on some days. :)



Portia: P.S> I LOVE the Groovie family costume choices!! a bumble bee and a tiger so adorable!!!!!!...take pics and email to me later on. :)

SOUL: said...

clowns scare me....
so does the mall...and guess where i have to go?
yep..that's where.

hope you all have a blast!

Cheryl said...

I used to love roaming the neighborhood with my little one. Now she's mostly grown, but she still went out. Painted her face. I drew a pumpkin on her bag. Still a kid at heart.

PS...the dryer is only for curly hair, and I know yours is very stright!

Anonymous said...

Your dedicating an evil clown picture to Soul? Whatdda she do to deserve that? :)

I hope your family had a great halloween!


Soul; Did you get run down by a clown at mall h.e.double toothpicks? Coffee break? Donuts? :)...So what Candy did you buy for the tricks and treaters?

Cheryl:DARN IT!! I had a feeling because that diffuser was so cute...hmmm...if they have any blowdryers that work that way I'm game! Which would be a good idea, right? To help add volume?
Did Em come home with candy? How was your halloween? Lots of doorbell rings?

Proxima: Thanks very much!! It was a very nice halloween..heading to NEW POST to write about it now. :)

Anonymous said...

damn..why is everyone having such a good time??? and yes i agree.. this post is VERY soul-like!

Anonymous said...

The Ryne Sandberg quote is from his Hall of Fame induction speech and it is both precious and priceless.

How many over-priced, self-absorbed, semi-literate athletes of today remotely play by his creed? Unfortunately it seems it's a minority who do.


captain corky said...

I gotta see him in his Captain America uniform. Very cool!

KYRIE said...

Hey there Crusty, good morning to ya :)
Just dropping by :) Can you believe it's November 1st already??

clowns scare me as well!

Andrew said...

lol That is one scary clown. I just figured out why I wasn't getting new posts from you. I had an older blog post bookmarked and it would take me there everytime. I was like: Where's Crusty? Glad to know you a filling the blog world with joy and tales of family still. I have missed you!

Your friend,



Jyankee: Ha! It's a dedicated picture post to my dear Soul for the classical inspiring picture posts!! How's the lil beans toofie? Any Halloween activities out in Japan? No more Typhoons I hope!

anonUD!!!!: HI!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't agree with you more!! I love that quote..reminds me of the corn fields you know? :)

capt: I knew you'd get a kick out of the Hero costume!! Did you dress Max as Flash? I'll be by to RYS!!!

Kyrie: Hi there my fellow friend!!! How are you? I know it's November?? I said that to someone in the blogging comments world this's almost Christmas!!! :)

Andrew: Hi there my dear 4th ave!! What was the last post that you had of mine? You have a great deal of catching up to do!! :) Believe me there's been a lot going on. :)Glad to know that you enjoy reading the Crustyland world of's not always easy to follow along with, but I do enjoy the outlet it gives me.. I hope things have calmed down over the $14 by you. :( Hang in there!!!


P.S..TO EVERYONE: Yeah,..Bigdogg is a huge NON FAN of clowns!! All kinds..there's something very freaky about their faces...BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! EEkkkkkkkkkkk!!