Friday, November 02, 2007

Thankful It's Friday

I got nothing today again..
I'm in that period of the surf that has yet to paddle to meet her wave..I'm waiting for it, but as of right now I'm just hanging out in the surf floating along trying to be patient and let the wave come to me.

But than again I do have a few things I'd like to say:

The beginning of my journey with having children started on November 14th 2001, the day that my Jackson was born. (Naturally the true beginning started when Pam failed to show a few weeks after Valentines day Feb. 2001)
This year he'll be 6 and I still cannot believe that he's so OLD!

With every beginning there must be an end and on November 14th 2007 I will be ending my journey as a child bearing mommy. My cyst has grown and my love to move on has as well, so on that day my tubal ligation will occur as well as the surgery to remove my nasty cyst.
Unless of course, Pam happens to show up and jack with my timing, which means surgery will be rescheduled for the day before Thanksgiving!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a VLOG of my dear Jackson (captured just the other day, he was discussing an author, Eric Carle):

If you haven't seen the other vlogs of Sullivan yet, you can click here to see the "WHY" one, and Click here to see the "Spinning one."

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Here are a few Trick or Treating pictures from this Halloween past:

BEN!! TIGGER!! GRrrrrrr!!

Captain America that seems to be having a challenging time viewing life through the mask!!

My very autoriffic and almost 6 Optimus Prime!!

Big Brother helping middle brother as the littlest brother decides to bouncie away. (Or rather sway)

My four favorite Fellows!!! Look, they're all holding each others hands ..MEET BIGDOGG!! :)


Palm Springs Savant said...

wadda-u mean u got nothin? You ALWAYS have something to write about with kids that cute! I am sure they give you plenty of inspiration!

Palm Springs Savant said...

wadda-u mean u got nothin? You ALWAYS have something to write about with kids that cute! I am sure they give you plenty of inspiration!


PSS: yes, you are right..and I thought about that afterwards..funny whenever I start a post out with I've got nothing it always turns into something...

Now, I'm off to go make chocolate chip pancakes for the boys for their breakfast!!


SOUL: said...

great pix...and finally got to see bd.
c ya ...


Nice chatting with you this am!! Cya soon too really!!! Tell Oldey THE ASSEMBLY!! Great burgers! :) Spinach pizza anyone?
you can click on the pics to see it zoomed larger too! :)

newguy said...

cute kids! I see why you love life so much a great family .

Portia said...

i'll say! that certainly isn't nothing! that's a rather symbolic date you've set for your surgery...i hope it works out that you get it over with before the holiday. just keep us posted and i will be thinking of nd praying for you whenever the time comes:) i can't wait to see the vlog, but will have to come back and check it out when i get home:( stupid work;) i love ALL the pictures!! i can see the family resemblance between all of you. awww:)

Portia said...

oh, i almost forgot...i tried to email you and it got rejected - twice. what up withat? i'll try again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

wow...i am shocked that you have nothing to say! I am sure you will get back to your great and creative stories. well seem like you had a great time with your boys...they are lucky and I am sure your having a great time...

SOUL: said...

sorry crusty...
somehow i missed the thing about the surgery.
hope that goes well. i got really really nauseated from the now i ask for a patch when i have any (anesthesia)... i forget what it's called , but they will know.
just a tip.
anyhow, really, hope that goes well.
take care

Portia said...

Why did THIS make me think of you?

abbagirl74 said...

What a cutie patootie!

Tink said...

Girl, your family is DARLING! Thank you for the pics and video. Have a great weekend. :)

tex said...

I thought you had nothing to say!! Kids are getting so damn big. Prayers are with ya, call me if ya want.

SOUL: said...

MC LoVIN it? how cool. yep, pretty
mc crusty.

austere said...

HEY HEY HEY Crustyyyy!
I can HEAR the laughter and sound of feet running about, stupendous pics.LOVELY! And pleased to meet BD as well, he has a great smile.

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers re the opn. Take care, ok?


newguy: they keep me busy and it's definitely a blessing.

Portia: you have been the only one that mentioned that, or maybe caught it..the symbolic day coming up. funny how it works that way..if that's not a sign I don't know what is.
"Stupid work"-yes,that sounds like something I would say...and by the way, the Mcpic was perfect!! :) I love my little guys. wonder what's up with my email,...hmm..I'll check..maybe my bulk thing is jacked up..sorry. :( maybe it's "Stupid works" fault?? :)

anon: Yeah, big shock, huh? I have nothing to say. hard to imagine the way my mouth is always moving..I know where Sulli gets his why factor from...Yes, I had a blast with all my boys-all 4 of them!

Soul: You wanna know why you missed that thing about the surgery? Cause you did. :) Now I do sound like Sulli..actually you missed that part most likely due to being inbedding in your theater seats, right? I call the one on the right! CHAIR CALL!!

abba: He's cute, but he's also a bit whiney..any suggestions? He's six and come to speak of it, I wonder if he's getting picked on in school..not sure..conferences coming know how you get those "feelings?" Well, I have one of those "feelings."

Tink: Thanks!! And are you still glowing with that new fabulous ring from Hooparrific? We are actually going out on a date tonight!! I can't believe it! I don't know what to do withmyself..:)Happy Weekend!!!

tex: I WON!! You stink at river raid. I'll definitely call you..Did your wife mention that you guys will be incharge of our three boys while I'm "under?" :)

Soul and Portia: QUICK, TO THE BATMOBILE!!.........I have a craving for donuts. :)

Austie: Hi my dear! Yes, the cyst is a shame, but the tubes will be a blessing...all is good, just ashame it has to happen on Jack's bday, you know? but life is life, and I'll figure out a way to make his bday a happy happy one! :)
I think some tea with my donut craving will work, care to join us?


The Real Mother Hen said...

I like your first para about surf which has yet to meet her wave. What a good description!


Hi Realmotherhen!!!
Thanks!! I want to find that great wave though to curl my toes over the boards of life and float back into the sand!! :)

Cheryl said...

November 14, a big day for you. Kind of moving forward..Jackson getting older and you moving on to spending the rest of your days living with the boys that are in you life now.

So cute pictures of Halloween and nice to see BigDog. Quite a family resemblance. Jackson is a cutie on the vlog. I wonder if I could twist my daughter's arm to do one of her. Ha! She loves the camera.

Happy Sunday!


Cheryl: I'm getting nervous!!!
Vlog Em it'd be so cute! And it's really easy to do too-if I can figure it out well, than it's a user friendly way to do it!!
Happy SUnday!!! And nope..Still no Smokey chokey Soul and Cheryl..I managed to get through it last night too!!

captain corky said...

Love it! Great costumes Crusty. Your kids look so cute.