Saturday, November 03, 2007

It Was All Yellow

"MOmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee come here! LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"MOMmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee look!!"

"I'm coming Sullivan, let me put this diaper on Benjamin."

I proceed to stand up, lift up Benjamin, attach him to my hip as I pop it out, and walk the few steps into the bathroom where Sullivan is doing his morning business.

"MomEOoooh, look," as he stands up over his blue and white porcelain potty, "look, it's full of my pee!" "Oh gracies, it's nawwwwt blue! Blues my favorite color, I don't want yellow pee........"

I don't know where that came from as he's been peeing yellow, and seeing yellow since the potty business took effect a month or so ago. But suddenly he's decided that he no longer desires to see yellow.

"Mom, the next day at the mornING, I say to my penis to give me the blue pee, okAYyyyyy?"

At least I know that not only can he sing London Bridge into the ground like an annoying one hit wonder, but the 3year old knows his colors too.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Have a great weekend.
I'd write more, but I have a date with Bigdogg tonight!
Guess what it involves?
friends from the next block, TRIVIA contest, Fundraiser, VFW, helping out Jack's School, and NO KIDS allowed. Strictly Parents!!!
oh, did I mention there's a cash bar too?


Mary said...

Kids are priceless. I love your post. I can just see the little fellow and hear him calling Mommmeee. If penis won't listen then mom magic should work. After all moms are magic, you know. Hope your evening gathering is fun, fun, fun!!

Anonymous said...

yes... i can just totally see it. hmmm you can turn yellow pee into blue...can't you?????

Cheryl said...

Ah, the minds of kids. Just figuring stuff out. Kind of cool that he thinks the color of pee is like the color of hair...everyone's got something different. Lets hope he doesn't want blue hair when he grows up.

An evening out with neighborhood friends. Sounds like a blast.

Still not smoking?

SOUL: said...

ya.. i wanna pee blue too---but i think i might get a little worried.

ya know you could get some of that blue toilet stuff...he's think everyone was peein blue!

tex said...

**shakes head**
I seem to remember doing this to my parents.....
Hope yer feeling good this morning....sounded like you were last night!

austere said...

that kid is SMART.
Designer hmm hmm whatchacall it.
I want blue too.


TO ALL..I NURSED A HEADACHE AND THE SHAKES ALL DAY..but we had a blast..and I didn't smoke, and we made "new pals" that enjoy laughing as much as we did. And I didn't worry about my children being at home ONCE! They were in good hands with their grandparents.

blue pee I'm looking for those blue dye cleaners that you drop into the back of the toliet...problem is my third child is a puppy and I'd hate to bring more attention to that water bowl. :)