Sunday, November 04, 2007


"Already?" I thought to myself as I walked the aisles of TOYS r US with Jackson yesterday.
His GramCaryn had sent him some birthday money for his 6Th birthday arriving on the 14Th of this month, so we walked the aisles of the toy store looking for his perfect Lego present.
The child is very into Lego's, and he has so much patience, sitting there putting together Mars Maximum or Mars Mission that has 435 pieces and is geared for children ages 7-14. But he can do it.

Anyways, as I'm walking thru the aisle with him, I can hear the stores music playing overhead-barely- but from what I could make of the tunes, would you believe it's playing Christmas music already?

Come on, I love Christmas, it's so magical. But part of the magic is the essence of waiting. The orange spot of the Holiday is what makes it even more special. If they put it out on the shelves too soon, to me the excitement is slightly lost. Talking now about the entire religious meaning of Christmas, if they wanted to debut it as present, than perhaps more of a documentary of Mary's 9month pregnancy with her baby Jesus? Air the specials on the TLC baby channel network. There's a thought. You want to put the tinsel out now? Then lets start hearing more about the religious's only fair.

I just think the material side of Christmas is starting too soon. I think it's best to start the Christmas music after Thanksgiving. Why should Thanksgiving get screwed because people aren't as patient as my 6 year old son that enjoys putting together 435 piece Lego's? Why the rush rush rush already? Poor Thanksgiving. If Thanksgiving was a child he'd be the middle one because he's totally getting screwed over the baby of the family, Christmas. Poor guy. He never even had a chance to show off his cornucopia's. Why should he have to share his holiday with Christmas? They're not twins!

Already the Reindeer's are making paw marks in the yards full of leaves.

Thanksgiving should go on strike! Where are his rights?

I mean it was hard enough seeing the Christmas decorations go up along with the Halloween decorations, but now Thanksgiving is going to get the screw factor because people are too anxious.

SHOW ME THE THANKSGIVING DECORATIONS! SHOW ME THANKSGIVING MUSIC! Or at least create some so we don't have to go from hallo's weenie to Christmas tiny Tim drum drums.

Slow down, enjoy what fall brings, and part of what fall brings I believe, is Thanksgiving. We might as well surpass fall and go straight to the snow flurried Christmas winter season, because that's what it seems like is going on.

Already Christmas music playing on a Chicago radio station, 93.9.
Already Christmas wreaths on display to buy, have the Halloween decorations come down yet from within your home?
Already Snow scheduled for Thursday in our forecast-OH NO SOUL!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Short and brief..I'm nursing a slight headache from last nights outing. But it was worth it. I will try and write about it, but as of right now I'm off to a belated Halloween party to celebrate things backwards. Maybe that will slow down the rush rush of Christmas.
Yes, I did have my beers last night, and I still didn't smoke. I think I'm almost there!!!


SOUL: said...

yep, i think i look forward to Christmas less and less every year...and the commercialization of it coming sooner and sooner every year makes me dislike it even more. SCROOGE-SOUL!

as for the SNOW--- EEGADS!!! NOOOOO.
i just don't wanna think about that right now. if my ticket wasnt bought and paid for i just might not go. nothing personal crusty--- i hate to be cold... that was like on page one of my blog. :((
but i shall be there---with layers on. :))

good job on the not smokin. good for you!!!

see ya soon!


Soul: Believe me, I understand completely!! I'll look for those hand warmers for you-you can stick them in your feet..keep the feet and head warm and the rest of the body will be...Cold weather makes me think of those polarbear clubs that jump into the freezing temperatures to just well, to be cold but..I dunno what I'm saying right now.


Mary said...

Legos. I know them well. My boys loved them and so do the grand kids. We have big boxes - everything from moving trains and priate ships to more blocks than I could ever count. As a tip. Don't buy them at the store before you check out (I don't know how to make the thing be a link, sorry.) I order (internet) directly from the company and have always had good service at a more reasonable price.

I'm not a fan of Christmas and am really tired of it by the time it arrives.

Sleep well - Monday is on the way.

Anonymous said...

i think you need to wrap soul up in like thermo wraps... snow???wow...and christmas..yeah..earlier and earlier every year...well..would you rather see a dancing turkey or dancing reindeer? hmmmmm thought for the day....

austere said...

That reindeer line is SO BEAUTIFUL. lovely.

lego? I remember that well. Your son's growing up quickly! (but waht a trite thing to say)

You can celebrate diwali in the meanwhile, eh?

Cheryl said...

It does seem like Thanksgiving is just a blimp on the rush to Christmas. And I do mean rush.

I'm so happy that you're not smoking. Are you just amazed? Stay strong.

abbagirl74 said...

Yes, it will be here before we know it. I am a huge Christmas freak! But, I don't like it until after Thanksgiving. It's tradition, and some people take advantage to make an extra buck. Corporate America... as if we don't already have enough problems.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Having worked in retail all my career, I've become numb to Christmas. I'm always confused with the time of year-we work 5 months out on our advertising, so we were planning our Christmas ads back in June/July.

The funny thing about Legos is that I LOVED them but only for a short while. All of a sudden one day I completely lost interest and never picked them up again. Who knows why!

Anonymous said...

For the last ten years I taught, I completed all shopping by mail by September 25th. I had the gifts sent to my school where I locked them in an area that was off-limits to any student. My own three children attended that school!

I waited until until the day after Thanksgiving to wrap the presents and then took them home the day the tree went up in December.

All along then, my kids knew exactly where the gifts were but also knew that no one would let them in there. Had my guys gotten in there, they'd have either got detentions or a suspension.

Yes, I was an early bird Grinch!


captain corky said...

I love Christmas music and can and do listen to it all year round. Max laughs really hard when I sing Christmas music to him in my best lounge voice. ;)

captain corky said...

PS Great job on not smoking!

Portia said...

Congratulations on still not smoking, even through a night of drinking! You are officially a NON SMOKER!!! YAY:) I hear ya on the Christmas stuff. I see it as the sad but inevitable desperation of retailers....and ignore it. I'm not purchasing a single Christmas item until AFTER I have had my turkey!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! Way to early for X-mas. The lego legend JB is so smart and cute he warms my heart. The "5" are very very proud if you for not smoking!

SOUL: said...

i'm cold makes me even grinchyer.

austere said...


SOUL: said...

hey there... seems to be workin now...
c ya latah....
gotta get my kiddo to school.
how cold is it????


I'll try to reply to all of you later's tuesday and as you may know from the post up above, I've had a rather LONGggggggg morning!!