Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today found me up at quarter of 5-as usual more so since the time change.
Today before the early brightness made it's way through our blinds, I turned in my bed and discovered that Bigdogg and I had grown two extra bed mates sometime in the night.

I woke and prepared my coffee.
While my coffee was brewing I rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.
I sorted through a stack of coupons that I think I'll use but never will -so I threw them out.

I preheated the oven to 400 degrees to prepare a bacon quiche pie for breakfast for the family. After 70minutes, it came out just the way I like it, crusty, flakie and yummie!

When I was heading downstairs to where my computer waits for me every morning, with my cup of coffee freshly brewed steaming and screaming for me to sip her in my favorite BEN mug that you have seen, a loud LOUD noise came from the kitchen.

What the H.E.Double toothpicks? It was loud, bang like and it wasn't until I approached the kitchen that I realized that my cookie sheet that was the acting ground keeper for my bacon quiche pie and her pie dish had somehow on a corner popped up? The sheet was flat with the exception of the corner that was popped up. I don't know if that's the best explanation for it, but that's all I can think of this morning.

Suffice to say, that loud noise woke up one of my extra bed mates and I'm sure you can guess who...the child that wakes when the boiler heat turns on...
Dear dear Sullivan!!

Yes, he has joined me in my quiet time early Saturday morning. And for whatever reason, today I am okay with it.

Yesterday I caught up with my cousin over play lands and french fries at McDonald's. We sat there for just over 3hours while our younger children played together next to our table on the climber you know it's covered in other germs bouncy foamy animals. We had a great time talking about mommyhood. That reminder that you need as a mom that you're not the "only one" that thinks it's not always easy, can really boost your day. That and having adult contact face to face for more than an hour, makes other things not seem to isolating.

Today I will be heading by train, in an hour or two, to downtown Chicago with my mom, sisters and one and only niece out of the 7-almost 8-grandchildren that my parents have. We will be doing the doll store visit, lunch somewhere in Chicago and I'm just happy to be doing something with my mom and sisters and little niece. Being around "fella's" all the time only crusts me up more, so it's good to have that female companionship-like I had yesterday with my dear cousin, who by the way is expecting their third child.
On that note I will leave you with this:
Jackson: "Mommy, when you went to college did you go to college to learn about being a parent?"
Mommy: "Yes, Jackson, that among with other things. Do you think I learned well?"
Jackson: "Yea, mommy..but did they also teach you to put on your hat?"
Mommy: "My hat?"
Jackson: "Your hat for when it's cold."
Mommy: "Why do you ask, Jackson?" (already knowing what he was dancing around in his head) Jackson: "Because you always put on our hats cause you say it's cold outside but you don't put on yours. You didn't listen to your teacher when you had the hat class, did you?"
Welcome To Crustybeef~
My son is too smart for my own good!
Look who joined us early risers!! HI BEN!
Have a great weekend!!


tex said...

Nothing like those early Sat. mornings, ya know? Enjoy downtown to day and tell all those that remember me that I said hello....

SOUL said...

no time to read ...not time to talk..just sayin hi ..i lefet a not in my comments..HI

Andrew said...

I deem you "busy mom!" The life and times of super mom! hehe Love reading about your life. Enjoy the train today. I am so envious. *cue little kids voice* I wanna ride a train, too!!!!! Have a great day and I will be thinking of you, the kids, and, of course, BIGDOGG!!!!!

Mary said...

Those are just precious little men!! Have a fun trip to the city. I wish I could be a part of your troop. Tell us all about it when you return.

mosiacmind said...

hi...wanted to say hi and i have missed reading your blog but i am slowly working my way back into blogger land.

mosiacmind said...

hi...wanted to say hi and i have missed reading your blog but i am slowly working my way back into blogger land.

Cheryl said...

When you say 'doll store,' do you mean AG doll store? If so, I've been to the one in NY and loved it. Had lunch there. Would love to go back.

I hope it was an awesome day for you!


Tex, Oh yeah! No one jamming in his air guitar HM next door early morning-that was the time we all messed with your window sleeper inner!! YOu messed with us at night, but we repaid the next day -hahah

Soul: SO good to chat with you! See you 2morrow for tea! :)

ANdrew: watching us on the outside I would thinkone would feel they were watching bees and their hives,..very hectic,..I like slow, have to remember to take my foot off my gas...not literally... ;)

Mary: I will definitely be writting about it..wonderful day today!! HOpe yours was well!!

Mosaic Mind: Not a problem my dear, no rush, take your time, you've been busy, I'll still be here...just take care of you!!! Happy to see you visiting!! :)

cheryl: It was AG doll store..WOW is what I can say..WOW! I took a picture especially for you..seriously! Will add it to my post later. :)That store I will say was intense for me..phew!

austere said...

THAT is early. Such a warm post this is.I can see the picture, hive of activity and happiness early in the morgen.

Doll house pictures pls!

Anonymous said...

tell jack you wore your hat today!

simonsays said...

You have a great time in the city, and a great time with Soul! Your sons are adorable!

KYRIE said...

Morning shout out to Crusty!! A busy week for u so take care of urself:)
Yeah, and why dont u wear a hat Crusty:) I was laughing out loud whn I read the hat bit.

Since u cant eat on Wednesday, eat extra these few days!!

Portia said...

sounds like a good morning- was the quiche okay? i'm so glad you got a good dose of some female companionship:) both days sound like fun! jackson is hilarious:):) i love how their minds work!


P: the quiche was really good! Bacon flavored delightfulness!!!