Friday, November 09, 2007

On The Table For Friday

What an in clover day we had here yesterday in Crustyland.
The children were angels.

They took their afternoon naps like prize winning champs! Can you believe I actually had to wake both of them up at 3:23 to dress them in their coats, hats, gloves, and shoes to walk to pick up Jackson from school!
Their hair looked sticky and was matted due to the intensity of their restful dreams. They had the red lines of the bedsheets etched into their puffy cheeks but they were rested and that's all that matters. The rest of it just made them even cuter.
Ben has figured out how to climb up onto the couch, he'll pull himself up on the couch himself, and proceed to attempt to walk along the couch to climb up and attempt to stand on the coffee table.
Naturally I don't allow it, but obviously I won't lie and say that he's never managed to make it to the top of his version of a challenge, the top of the coffee table- most likely at least once so far-Sorry folks, but what can I say, he's my third after all.

He's also figured out the art of pulling garbage from our trash cans. It reminds me of the puppy syndrome I spoke of earlier in the week.
Take last night for example, I was baking breaded pork chops on rice and the minute I turn my back to face my oven, he's at the garbage can pulling out the shells of the eggs that I had used to coat the pork chops with.
He's been my reminder of what is next week, and how glad I'll be to be done.

Speaking of next week, I'm a bit annoyed with the process. Well, not the process exactly, but more so the time. As you know, or may know, and if you don't know you do now, but next Wednesday is my surgery to remove that annoying cyst as well as to proceed with a tubal ligation. However, next Wednesday, more important is also Jackson's 6th birthday.
I had it all planned out in my head, and even had it written down on my desk paper how to manage next Wednesday.

I figured surgery would be early in the morning, say around 9 or 10amish, which would mean arriving about one in a half hours before had. I'd have the surgery, do the recovery and then in no time be home and sleeping off the general anesthesia only to be able to be aware and awake that evening to have our birthday celebration for Jackson. Because that is our tradition. On our children's birthdays, they wake to balloons at their kitchen chair spot. They spend the day basking in their birthday sunlight and as the day comes to a close they pick what they want to eat for their supper birthday meal. After supper is over, we bring out the presents (this year a Razr scooter and a box or two of Lego's and a favorite book that he loves that we don't own yet) and with glee they rip off the papers wrapping and almost before all the paper is off, they're already asking us to, "OPEN THE BOX PLEASE? CAN YOU PUT IT TOGETHER PLEASE?" Soon after we bring out their birthday cake that I have baked earlier in the late afteroon, and we do the candle birthday song and dance. Next, it's back to playing with their present(s) and then it's bedtime.

So as I was saying, what I was hoping and planning for an early surgery. KEY WORD, "HOPING for, PLANNING for." So I'd have had the entire day to rest, and although I know the pain will be there, I would be able to manage it by sitting near my son and being with him on the day of his celebration since I'd have had all day to start my one week or two week recovery * according to how my body heals.
*(That is another topic that I'll confront shortly.)
But Noooooooooo, not in my world. Nope not happening. Game over..NO game!

I did my pre-admission banter over the phone yesterday, and in speaking with the anesthesia department after putting in my requested top 3 for the anesthesiologists, the nice lady informed me of what time my surgery is scheduled for. She wasn't supposed to mention it, but she knows my name, my family name, the roots of my family name within my town, and she knew it wouldn't be an issue to tell me ahead of time when my surgery is scheduled for.
I could keep you guessing and turn this into a game of "Game Ons," but it's friday and I want everyone else to be relaxed, so I will tell you that next wednesday my surgery is set for 4:00pm.

Which means I need to be at the hospital by 2:00pm most likely. I don't even want to GET INTO THE nothing after midnight rule, that will really make me crazy. The good news is I can have BLACK COFFEE until 9:00am but nothing solid after midnight. You know me and food, to make me wait all day is just wrong. So much for my family name being beneficial with getting a good surgical time. I'm being sarcastic and I don't need pass outs or freebies because of what I, or dad, or grandpa, or brother, or mom or sister, or whomever, has done for our town, but still, the nurse was all, "oooh, I can tell you what time it is," like she was doing me a huge favor..

I had a horrible reaction last year when I had to have my gallbladder removed. I had a very difficult time waking up from the general, and was quite out of it until sometime in the middle of the night, I want to say in the 3-4am time frame. My surgery than was at 5:30pm. I guess in recovery after they reversed the affects of the general, I woke up very sick.
I was throwing up in recovery (according to the records as I have no recollection), throwing up when I was brought to my admitted room, throwing up throughout the night, and I do remember feeling so helpless, like I was there, but I wasn't there. I couldn't get to the surface it felt like. I couldn't talk. I couldn't focus on anything. Everything was like it wasn't near me, but it was, if that makes any sense. Very strange feeling I have to say. Because that is the only thing I really can recall, not being able to get myself to be aware.
According to Bigdogg one of the transporting aids that brought me to my room was quite the fantasy looker, but I wasn't even aware of the people around me. They felt more like dreamlike phantoms. I was clueless..See? I missed out on all that fun! HA! yeah, sure.
Needless to say, you can see my concerns going forward with the surgery that is set for 4:00pm next week. Because even though surgery says they'll start at 4:00pm that doesn't mean that it will. Especially at that time of the day, anything can happen. The OR Gyne West Surgery floor may end up with three emergency csections, an emergency ectopic pregnancy requiring a D & C, and then all gyne or rooms are booked. I understand the emergencies. Remember I used to be a surgical assistant in those very rooms!! But to have to wait on my son's birthday, to have surgery to remove this growing cyst and tubes tied until 4:00pm at the earliest, well you can see where I'm going with this.

One can only hope that my reaction to the general will be better this time than last. One can only hope that I am in and out and on time and home and even if I don't remember anything of his birthday the next day, he won't know, all that will matter to him is that I will be there.
The 4:00pm surgery also puts us in pickles for arranging childcare. Jackson gets out of school at 3:30. What about dinner and so forth? I'm getting really annoyed the more I write about it here, but let me take a breath in and....................................breathe...okay, so good news is that I'll have one of the top anesthesiologists doing my general-unless he's called into a ped's case because that's his speciality is children's heart surgeries,..but as of now he will be handing my general.

I know to ask for the "patch" this time to hopefully help with the vomiting, and I'll be popping the gas-x as soon as I'm home to help aid in ridding my body of that nasty carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide they need to use by injecting it through a needle that has been inserted somewhere below my navel.
Fun eh?
They have to do the gas steps, to inflate my body to separate the organs inside my abdominal cavity so that my two surgeons may see my funny reproductive organs during the laparoscopy.. That pain was horrific last time, especially the third day or so when it localizes up in your left shoulder, you feel like you're having a heart attack. It's not the fun light your farts on fire with a lighter gas either. (CONFESSION: I while back in my 20's did attempt to try that! It does work!)
Class act, huh?

It'll work itself out, and watch, PAM!! will show up, which means no surgery until the Wednesday-the day BEFORE thanksgiving. But if Pam doesn't show up as we're hoping, because remember, she's not consistent, I just have to pray that it'll work itself out and doesn't cost Jackson his fun birthday. Because I WANT To, I HAVE To be there for him. He's my first son.

As soon as we walked home after picking up Jackson from school, I loaded the three fellows into my mommovile and we headed downtown across the train tracks to our public library for some more books and cassette/CD read along books for the boys.

But first, we stopped to look at the construction of our nearby downtown clock tower. They're renovating it and building condos around and attached to it. Ever since Back To The Future came out, I have always viewed our downtown clock tower as the one that can help get me to turn back time.

Ironic that now all they want to do in our town is fast forward time and build the condos, and the 500K townhomes, but yet the cobblestone roads do remain-so far.

Next we drove across the train tracks and found a good parking spot at our library, I unloaded the stroller first, not before giving the boys a run down of how to "behave" in the library. I gave them their "what to expect" steps of what we'll do once we get inside the elevator:
1. Stop and look at the statue OUTSIDE the library that has one boy stone and one girl stone-(Jackson thinks that if you don't read you'll turn to stone like the kids on the bench even though clearly they are both holding books. To be a child and have that child's mind again. Makes me think of my thoughts of the clock tower past time machine. ) "But don't forget before we get out of the car, to put on your gloves and hat Jackson! Oh,and Sullivan, keep your hat on!"

(Twenty Five cents says you can't guess which ones forgot their hats!)

2. Head towards the elevator and Jackson will get to push the button to call the elevator and Sullivan will get to push the button to send us to the lower level. (Otherwise they'll fight about it each time-talk about pushing buttons, right?)

"yeah man, look, I got to push the elevator button! But uh, mom? Could you make an appt at the barbers to get my hair trimmed, please?"

3. Arrive on the lower level of the children's library and walk silently and in soft tones head towards the shelf that has the I-SPY books, they can each pick one (and they usually pick the same one, lucky for us this library has multiples of the same) and then head to the children's reading and playing area to sit and look through the books while Mommy picks out some other children's books that are useful based on whatever is going on in our house as of present.
What's neat about his cozy area is the furniture is made to look like books, erasers, and pencils. Naturally there's a sign that says NO CLIMBING! um, yeah, okay. Soft foamy tigger can bouncy furniture and no climbing? GOT IT!!

"Mommy, I want out!"

4. After reading in the cozy corner, and playing the random puzzles that are sitting out and about, we will walk over to where the children's movies and computer games are located. Sullivan will pick out the movies this time, and then Jackson will be allowed to pick out the computer games.

5. Mommy will be allowed to pick out the book on cassette books for them.
6. Each of them will get to get a drink out of the water fountain (it fascinates them each time) and then,..phew!!.....
7. We will head to check out the books, and they can pick out a poofie purple or blue chair to sit on and wait so I can check out.

All went well and it was a delight to take them! Those 7+ steps that I laid out ahead of time were followed to a T! I did have to remind Sullivan maybe once or twice, but that's expected of a 3year old that loves and craves freedom. But what I've learned, or rather what works with my children is to provide them with an outline so to speak of the task that is right around the corner. It does make things so much easier for them.
We left the library and it was time to get some whipped flavors for mommy. A friend/neighbor of mine had given me a gift card as a "WAY TO GO WITH NOT SMOKING" support, so I headed to use up what was left of the balance. Can you guess where?

(I am convinced it was a mom with tchildren that invented the drivethru!)

Tip: order and pay for a grande with extra whipped cream but request that they put it in a venti cup. So you get your coffee's worth with lots of frothy magic!

(It's just so beautiful that I had to put another picture of it up.)

By that time it was getting dark, and was about the time that Bigdogg would be arriving home from Chicago on the train, so we headed to the train station to wait until Bigdogg's train arrived.

We hadn't really made plans to pick him up,he enjoys the short walk home, but since we were already out in the car, and basically next to the train station, we figured we'd wait for him. (I was lucky to find a spiderman memory game cup and mcdonalds happy meal Bee toy to keep Ben occupied. The train sounds make him anxious and he cries everytime. Just like Jackson used to cry when we'd take him thru the carwash, and when he heard the cows moo on the THX part of the DVD. Meanwhile, Jackson and Sullivan sat in the car reading their books and listening to the book on tape until the train came closer)

We picked up Bigdogg and I attempted to capture the end of the train as it leaned around the corner of the bend near the overhead bridge that cannot be seen because my camera is just that, a camera without extra bells besides doing video that drains the battery.

It was a beautiful day!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Oh yes, back to that 1 to 2 week recovery. My surgeon has made it clear that I am to "take it easy" for at least a week maybe 2. To refrain from driving, exercise, sex, and lifting for 1-2weeks.

Tell me how a mother is supposed to do that without asking someone to come in and stay with them for the duration of the recovery? Bigdogg can only be home so many days..GRRRR...added vexation not needed. But everyone heals differently, so maybe this time I will do better, and maybe this time I will learn to ask for help instead of trying to play the hero and do it myself like I usually try to do. I will not play the woo is me victim in this's a simple surgery and everything will work out, it has to! Life could be worse for me. I know there are quite a few people out there in this blogging world and outside of it that are faced with worse.
My prayers are with you all!!
MAN! That's one big table for today, friday! Sorry to keep you guys so long! PHEW!!
Time to go, Sullivan just started crying that he found a spider up in his room while playing-is it wrong for me to assume that the chances of him wanting to go to sleep in his room tonight will be slim to none? I couldn't find the spider either, but I did "pretend to find it." HORRIBLE MOMMY!


KYRIE said...

Hey there Crusty,
Sucks about the surgery thing(:. Are u allergic to anesthesia ?
I get it u really want to be there for Jackson's birthday.
Well, maybe on tht day, it is just a suggestion, u can go down to his school during recess, bring a cake and some sweets, spend some birthday cheer time with Jackson and his classmates.
Well take care Crusty, and thanks for ur comments yesterday. It really meant a lot.

Portia said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon with your boys! I'm so sorry the surgery timing isn't going as you hoped...I know you will find a way to give Jackson his special day, one way or another:) Dontcha love how they tell you to "take it easy." Oh, OK! Not that it wouldn't be nice, but it is a little impractical. Unless, as you said, you had help 24/7. Anyway, I'm glad it was such a good day... and you had me rolling with this: "It's not the fun light your farts on fire with a lighter gas either." :D
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

tex said...

Prayers are with you on surgery day!! Let me know if there's anything you might need....Ice Cream?
Oh and......SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER!! I hear you on the Back To the Future thing...I think of that movie everytime I drive past the tower....

Anonymous said...

well we will be there for you no matter what!!!!! your boys will take care of you...

Andrew said...

I will be thinking of you on surgery day! I had surgery and it is over as fast as they put you under. You wake up kinda groggy, but are aware of your surroundings. Be brave! We are with you in heart and mind! Take care dear friend.


Kyrie: Thanks! I have plans now to bring snacks -cupcakes-to Jack's school on tuesday as wednesday they will be at a field trip..great suggestion!!!! :)I don't know if I am allergic, but last time was so hard for me, it sucked. I have allergies to morphine and vicoden and "dillahdid" (sp)but all will work out. It has to, right?

Portia: I knew you'd get a kick out of that, the lighter....yes, I have no doubt something will present itself,..meanwhile I'd love to have a live in nurse for the next week that will also provide for the children... :) HA!

Tex: Hmm, Ice cream..that would go wonders with cake..You know where I live, drop it off-CHIII's...P.s, I saw your old employee today-we had lunch together while our kids played..3hours plus were spent at Mcdonalds. :) hahaha..

anon: I know I can count on you and the rest of the boys, but I just wish others would be able to help you with the boys so that it's not so stressful on you.. :(

Andrew: thanks so much for your wellwishes. And then I can look forward to recovery and ice cream from tex, and all of your wellwishes that will most definitely help me come out of the fog of the general an. with a High quality way!! :) HOpe you're doing better my friend!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap Batman! Longest single post I've every seen! I know there's important stuff in here, but I'll have to come back and read it when I'm not about to zonk out for bed. As Arnie says "I'll be back".

Take it easy at any rate, thinking of you.

austere said...

as was suggested the cake at school earlier?
You absolutely must rest after the surgery. I know that's a rather silly thing to say with kids in the house- you have got to put your feet up for a bit, madame surgical assistant (no, I had no clue.)
The pics of the trek through the library were great. I want to sit on that chair-book too!

Cheryl said...

You know I only had about a minute to read this. I should know better than to read a post when I should be getting ready for work. I'm sitting here with wet hair, a towel and no makeup and I leave in 30 minutes. But once I started your post, I just couldn't leave. So, I'll rush in a minute.

I feel for you with your surgery time. I really do. Given a choice, and I always have been, give me first thing in the morning. Like you, I have to eat. I want it over with early. I'm sure you would reschedule it you could. I'm assuming you'll have to do the birthday a day early? You'll find a way to make it work, I just know it.

You are a superwoman. Now go and enjoy the days before the surgery.


Proxima: I probably should have warned everyone of the length of post at the beginning versus the at the end..but, hopefully it was something that could soothe you to sleep!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

austie: Hello my dear! Hows your holiday going? I loved those pictures, just beautiful!! And I want to see the garden with the orchids and bamboo, okay? The cake/cupcakes I'll be bringing to school on tuesday for his class as they won't be at school wed due to an offsite field trip to a childrens museum sponsered by the school-but I'm sure it will work.
Rest? That will be challenging..most likely because I don't listen to people I feel I have to "do it myself" because I'm burdening people having them help me. Sick huh?

Cheryl: Awwwwww, I hope I didn't make you late. I have strong convictions of being on time, and for the most part in life, I am ontime..nothing makes me nuttier when I'm running behind for something, so I hope you didn't feel that way, but I'm so happy that you stopped to read even while wethairreadyforwork...That doing the birthday thing on Tuesday to do presents is an EXCELLENT suggestion! I mean he does know that his true birthday is wed, but I don't think he'll mind if we push it back one day...If anything I could say we'll be having a two day bday celebration....:)

Thanks for everyone's suggestions and help, they have been very useful!!!!

btw, Proxima, you "sounded" like Soul and Portia! :) hahaha