Thursday, November 08, 2007


I found this over at my choice blogger, Crabmommy..
To all of us that have young children, this is something worthwhile to watch.
This video is owned and all rights belong to the founder of this company that has taught infants as young as 6months of age how to "survive" if they were to fall into the water.

This is not a payperpost, this is just a video I just came across thru Crabmommy over there to your right listed under my CHOICE BLOGGERS list.
This video will get your heart racing without a doubt.

(The freakiest part? The rather 80's dad.)

Click HERE to view video..use your volume too.
The site is

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I had to post this, as a mom I am amazed at this version of teaching! Plus I can't even float like this child did, for over 5minutes too!
When we lived in Florida, 3years ago this March, our home backed right up on a lake. You'd walk out the back door, walk through the Florida version of a yard and there was the lake. This would have been something I'd have looked into, had it been available back "then." I was always terrified of that darn lake. And you can't always rely on those door window alarms, nor on the fence beepers either. Funny though, I was more concerned with Jackson wandering out into the lake and drowning, than I was about the risk of alligators.
I'm a freak, but tell me something I don't already know!


Andrew said...


That video is amazing. I just thought that baby was going to drown and the he/she uprighted theirselves and floated! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

unreal!!!!!i mean i was freaking out watching that...we need to do that....


Andrew, I know!! My heart was racing a million miles per mommyheartbeats!!P.s. I too thought of it as a he/she..but I'm going with he because of the baby blue.. :)

Anon: I think it's definitely something to look into, don't you? Can't count on the YMCA since they've already dropped the ball on the Indiane Guides..unreal..


Anonymous said...

Even as someone without children, watching that video is entirely painful I kept thinking, "Ok, you've made your point now get an adult in their to pluck him out of the water already!"

I don't ever remember a time when I couldn't swim. I grew up close to a community pool and on the weekends we went fishing and camping, always on a lake or river nearby.


Palm Springs Savant said...

sheesh that had me frozen for a moment.


Proxima: I was thinking the same thing. Regardless that this child was trained by this type of survival class, it was heartwrenching watching him float along like heart still starts beating fast!!

PSS: When you saw the dog "open" the door..oh gosh,...Between this and that poor girl with the extra limbs, I have to say the news has been rather aching as of late.