Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thinking Of My Soul

Hello my readers!
As you know Soul is making her way to Chitown with her sis to visit family and so forth.
As you know Soul and Cold just don't work together...
So, I wanted to inform those of you that read both Soul and I what she'll be facing these next few days.
Here are the "claimed temperatures" that Chicago will be having:

Today: 53 Degrees HIGH with Lows at 33
Tomorrow: 53H 33L
Saturday: 55H 42L
Sunday: 53H 43L with rain

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I'll have a regularly scheduled post later on.
Tonight is McSteamy/Dreamy as well as Jack's first Parent Teacher Conference..blah blah blah..


tex said...

Tell Soul to get over it....this is mild for God's sake!!!


You're just jealous that she'll be hanging out with me and you won't be...
this is mild for us chicagopeeps, but for all of my outofstatefurthersouthfriends this is naneeenaneeePHOOPHOO!! Tired of being home yet? :)

Portia said...

It's been in the 50s here too. Tolerable if you're in the sun...but in the shade...and with wind...BRRR. That's just me. Not a fan of the cold weather. Have a great time meeting Soul though!!

Anonymous said...

really..have fun with soul...and yeah 55? mild...better than what i thought it would be...if that forecast is true!

simonsays said...

I think she will be able to take the 50' certainly is better than the weather you were having last week, so the weather gods are smiling on her..

Have fun!

Cheryl said...

I'm sure you'll do your best to keep Soul warm. I know you'll keep her happy. She's pretty adventurous, huh? I wonder which online friend she'll meet up with next? Have fun!!!


Portia: You are Sooooooo right! The sun hides herself *cause the sun is a girl* behind the clouds and game over..brrrrrrrrr...but thanks to Soul I think she brought some nice weather with her!!

jyankee: I KNOW! And I've yet to find a weather channel that is accurate on the radio-and since the word game on the am station the other day, I've opted not to listen to the channels infront of my children. Lets' just hope for her it is beautiful..

Simon: Isn't it strange without her "here here?" Like if she's not in my same state, it truly feels like someone is's quite..

Cheryl: I can't wait to meet up with her..She's a funny remarkable lady that's for sure! It should make for a great post!!


austere said...

Am NOT converting that into centigrades but it sounds old already. Soul has my sympathies. I hope you have fun.