Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Humor Is There

Can't write too much.
Still terribly sore and in pain. The gas pain has localized and is "stuck" behind my left shoulder blade, but I'm keeping up on my GAS-X tablets to help minimize the irritation.
The area most painful is due to the fact that she had to cut out a pretty amount of scar tissue, from my 3 csections..that will take awhile but a new day and less pain is how I look at it.
The pain is nasty if I'm not swimming in the pain meds, (which are Darvocet and Toredol(sp?)).
Therefore I'm following the proper dosage amounts and hope to begin taking regular Tylenol tomorrow.

I had a smooth procedure, doc said everything went well, and said to say bye bye to those "little friends" the cinfullycysts.

I did have a slight issue with my heart rate, apparently it skyrocketed when they reversed the general to bring me back to aware world. The rates are supposed to go back to "normal" gradually, but my heart rate shot up.

I asked for the patch.
They gave me the patch and stuck it behind my ear, as well as a drink of some reflux salty tasting sweetart flavoring chalky drink prior to surgery.

While in recovery,I had multiple doses of Zofran, (Zoltan!! hee-hee, cheesy funny movie! Have you seen my car?) and maxed out my limit with them fairly quickly.

The Demerol they were giving me, while in recovery, made me dizzy and sick to my stomach, , so I opted to wait until I could manage swallowing a pill and just dealt with the pain because of the affects I had from the Demerol. I hated that feeling, so groggy and out of it and the sounds of the machines that were beeping really made it worse for some reason.

All is good, recovery is slow but sleep is awful, but that will improve too.
My surgeon/gyne gal doc called to see how I was feeling.
The head charge nursed called to see how I was doing, as well as the recovery I am quite content with their follow up. Follow up is so important in any job that is done. Going an extra inch makes a huge difference.

But, you're more interested in what happened while I was coming out of the general, right?
What sort of kookie things did I say?

What happens to Crusty while under a general anesthetic?:

"Where are all those young boys that I was high-fiving?"

"What time is it? I have to be home by 12:30 to take Jackson to school."

"Did I have an accident on the operating table?"

"What time is it? I have to be home by 12:30 to take Jackson to school."

"Where are those little boys that were giving me high 5's?

"Did I poop on the operating table when the music was playing?"

"What time is it? Is it 12:30 yet? I have to be home to take Jackson to school."

"I think I pooped on the operating table, did I?"

According to my foggy memory, as well as the information from my recovery nurses, those are the questions I continued to ask, over and over and over and Over and OVER again...

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Time to go back and "rest." I'll RYAL!!
At least my humor is there, right?


Cheryl said...

Yeah, my little Crusty is back. I was worried about you. So, you're home, and on the mend. Now it's just about taking the time you need. Will your friends and neighbors do nice things to help out? I hope so. Take care of yourself, OK?

Mary said...

It's good to see your post. I was concerned for you but knew you would be in good hands. You're home and the boys can see mommy and know she's OK. Take care of yourself. No high-fives for those boys, no picking Jackson up at 12:30, and I'm sure you didn't poop on the table. Did You? On a serious note: I'm so glad the bad part is over and you're on the way to a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

what dedication!!! blogging and still recovering. glad to see you made it back to us!

austere said...

Thank you for blogging. I was worried.
Rest, ok?
Wish I could send you some ajwain, fennel and asafoetida for the gas, nothing like it.


Hi Cheryl!! recovering isn't easy for me..I don't like rest but I know the importance of it..when I am better I'll let you guys know how helpful my family and neighbors have been... Hope all is good..has Em gotten used to having her braces off? :)

Mary: HA! The nurses said that I had a catheter in so the numero 1 was safe, and the #2 issue I didn't do on the table, but the nurses were laughing as I kept asking them the same questions? Why should I care if I pooped on the or table? I'm just an odd bird, that's all!! :)

jyankee: IT feels good to be back. :) hahah..Still dealing with pain, but that's 3..I'm sure tomorrow will be much better!

austie: Now that sounds like something I could use from their toxic gases they injected me with. Amazing how the 'gas' moves around and finds a comfy spot-my shoulder-OWIE!

Thank You Again everyone for the wellwishes! :)


KYRIE said...

So glad to see you back!!
I was worried about you, and it was a pleasant surprise to see u posting today.
Rest well and hope u have some good books to accompany u on the road to recovery.

SOUL: said...

really good to see you jumpin around blogland...little stoned i see----but that can be a good thing sometimes.
i do hope the tylenol does the job and you can get off the dazing pain meds. sometimes they really are a pain in the butt. and tough on the belly.
anyhow--- glad to hear your docs and followup peeps were concerned and did a good job checkin up on ya.
take it easy for another couple days , and you will be back to you ole crusty self again.

take it easy girl
twwweeeet never tasted soooo good did it???/

Palm Springs Savant said...

Sheesh, give your body some time to recover! You are so dedicated its impressive.

Portia said...

It's good to hear from you Crusty!! I'm glad things wrapped up well and you are home and healing. Of course you know I loved hearing the kookie things you said. I wonder if your gaurdian angels were giving you high fives as everything went well. We are so lucky to have you and your humor! Take it as easy as is possible and have a FABULICIOUS FRIDAY!!! I skipped using "great" for Soul..mixes it up a bit:):)

tex said...

Crusty... Pie!
If yer up really early, drop me a text. Help pass the time for ya instead of sitting there feeling terrible.
Heal up....We need a CH!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! I hope you will have a speedy recovery! Poor thing, I'd think there'd be a lot of stress associated with asking such questions, even if you were under anestheisa, I think your subconcious was still worrying away.

Andrew said...

Hoping your feeling better and better. I'm missing my daily dose of Crustyland! I had a friend who had kidney stones often. They would always inject him with Demerol for the pain. He called it demonal. I brought out the worst in him and he was jabber incomprehensively. I would always laugh when he told me those stories. Get well, soon, friend.

Cheryl said...

How was today? Just wondering. Bet the men in your life are missing the regular 'you'. Not used to your taking it easy. Rest up!

simonsays said...

Get better, I know how much this hurts. They say its pretty easy, but then they always say that, but owwww. Take care of yourself.

I hate all those damned medications, too. Sometimes dealing with the pain is easier. Day by day, you will be better. It sounds like you had a very caring group of drs, and staff, thats very encouraging, and hard to find.

Portia said...

hey Crusty,
Just wanted to say hi! I hope you are taking good care of yourself and feeling better. Talk to you soon:)

SOUL: said...

LOL @ portia...