Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pictures From This Saturday Past

Still sore on Saturday.
Still needing the pain medication.
Still being too hard on myself and getting annoyed that I'm still at a level 6 on that darn pain scale.

Today I don't plan on doing diddly.

Yesterday, I rested for the most part during the entire morning, up in my bed, didn't even turn the TV on once. I laid there and actually slept (which for those of you that are new here, you should know I don't take naps. I can't rest. When I am sick, or have had surgery, I always tend to over do it, but each time I recover faster and can get up and back into the swing of things. My saying has always been, "I'll sleep when I am returned to earths dust.") Which is why I am so frustrated this time because it seems to be taking longer to "feel better."
On occasion I would lay there and read my newest book selection, SNOW FLOWER and the SECRET FAN by Lisa See, but I actually did sleep. My mom came over in the morning and then my pregnant with her second baby, baby sister (baby being 25 age range) came over to relieve our mom and stayed until Bigdogg came home from work. I have been very much covered in the help area. I am overwhelmed, actually at how helpful everyone has been. I'm very thankful, very!
The neighborhood has been very gracious and have stopped by with fun surprises, meals and good magazines to read. My dear friend Tex brought over some APPLE PIE ice cream and DRUMSTICKS! OH MY both so good! I love Edy's drumsticks..the perfect amount of nuts, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with never a too soft sugar cone. THANK YOU TEX!!
The same was the case with my group of parent friends over on the next block, it's overwhelming. I didn't need all of that, and actually said to everyone of them, including Tex, that it isn't necessary( you will learn in time that I have a hard time "accepting help") and they still spent time, gas money, and energy into helping us, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

Thank you to all of you that have given me such kind recovery wishes! Including all my Family and friends-thank you for being so helpful!
To my blogging buddies, your words of encouragement have been very sweet! I have been behind on my replying comments and it's going to be awhile until I check up, but I will eventually be back to normal, and caught up.

I leave you with Pictures from last Saturdays Chicago Excursion.

These gold doors always have me picturing that on the other side you're met with this amazing display of secrets and surprises...the design of the doors and panels above tell a story.

Can you see the man?

Chicago River-I love the way this picture turned out! the train station is right there on the left side..and those yellow boats are water taxi's that are used over the warmer months.

The line to get into the American Doll store

See all the people? At one point I was beginning to get a bit sweaty-too many people for me, made me dizzy.

More people crowds of people.

Anywhere from $5-$20 will get you a new style or cut.

It was too crowded but I wanted to see how much their charged for color.

I really love the warmth of fall flowers. This picture was taken while I was on a trolley driving on Michigan Ave, or rather,the Magnificent Mile.
Can you guess which friend/reader/writer I was thinking of when capturing a picture or two up above? Can you guess what pictures I'm speaking of,and what friend/reader/writer I'm thinking of?
Welcome To Crustybeef~
I have a few pieces of Cream cheese frosting, white with a light chocolate mousse filling COSTCO cake left over, who wants a slice? TIP: those cakes are delicious, and inexpensive at $15.99 it serves 48 slices..great me and the cakes are divine!
Have A Great Weekend!
I had more pictures and thought I had uploaded them, but I must not have, so I'll have those up at another time.



the post is coming out horrible, my fonts are screwed up, I dont know what's wrong, but I am going to go rest, so sorry for the poor paragraphing, as well as odd stretch along with the jacked up column on the rightside of my blog.
will look into it later on.

KYRIE said...

Take care Crusty. Give yourself some well needed time to recover!
Get plenty of rest.

Dont worry about the fonts and all right now. Blogspot can go crazy sometimes. I kinda like the big fonts :)
Apple pie ice cream sounds yummy, I had apple pie for lunch yesterday :)

Dont be hard on yourself, u have gone through a major surgery, and u need time to be feel better again!
Take care of urself. Bye bye for now:)
Pictures are cool, the answer to your question is Cheryl!!!Yeah I solved the puzzle!

Mary said...

Who cares about fonts - your readers are just happy that you are home and able to post between naps. That's enough activity. When you are a bit further along with recovery I have an event in my life that may be helpful to you and give you a laugh as well.

Take care. Picturing you napping, reading, napping, eating, napping and repeating the cycle - guess you might need to go potty sometime during this routine.

tex said...

Well, 30 years of friendship (well off and on) gets ya the Ice Cream delivery!
Get well....Looking forward to CH!!

Anonymous said...

good photos...! never been to chi town!

SOUL: said...

really good to see you posting girlie! i KNOW you feel like shit---but am happy to hear you have so much help and support from everybody!
i think i spent a week in a fog... i really don't remember much about my recovery. hmmm. surprised? thought not. :))

i bet 20 bucks we passed each other that day..somewhere!!!!!
pretty wild eh?

take care and get better soon!

Cheryl said...

Loved the pictures of Chicago. I've never been there, but everyone says it's a great city. It is great to live by a big city...I'm in the middle of three. So, am I the friend, reader, writer like Kyrie thought? I don't want to be presumptuous, you know.

I'm glad to hear you've got so much help. And lots of food to feed your family. You just need to take it easy. I read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan during my recovery too. I thought it was awesome. I recommended it to my bookclub and they read it. Very powerful book. And disturbing.

Hope you sleep well tonight, and feel better everyday.

austere said...

Shoo lady!
gently now.

Thanks for the pics.Chicago is nice looking, somehow different from the books.


Kyrie: When I had my ice cream I raised my spoon to a good day for you!

Mary: When I went potty today I raised a ply or two of paper to you!! :) And will seek out the humor that is going on in your world because humor helps to heal!

Tex: When I finished my book Snow Flower I raised it to you, as lifelong friends even when we were in different directions..the friendship wasn't..that's the gift of friendship!

jyankee: And when I sat and pointed out different places on a page of the world map in a book with Jack I raised my chicago to you as I have never seen your wonderful world either! Someday I hope to!

Soul: When I woke up this morning and attempted to recall yesterday but was met with a foggy haze I raised it to you thinking of you. While in the fog I don't see it, seems normal, but than looking into it from the day after, it's just that a huge fog!

Cheryl: When I look at those pictures of the doll salon I think of you are right!! :) I finished Snow flower and I cannot even express,..except, WOW! WOW! and WOW!! Funny, My mil and gma-mil and aunt in law read the book...and the funniest comment came from my gma inlaw-she thought that they had sex with their feet..the aunt, thought the book was about lesbians and too slow for mil and I were moved beyond mountains with this book...amazing!! She was the one to lend it to me...I can relate in so many different ways ...WOW! I would have loved to be in on a book club discussion with your group. Wish we had more time here I'd love to be in a book club if I could always read books like Snow flower!

Austie: When I saw Macy's I was reminded of Macy's and their many floors I raise to you!! :) There was soaps and what not that are herbal and that are made up of different seaweeds, sands...helps with headaches..the smells were so soothing..if I can find my catalog I'll send you the website link..really cool!
Made me think of you!

Thank You again for the wellwishes!


Andrew said...


Glad you are recovering. I've been thinking of you and it is so great everyone is rallying around you. Yum! Drumsticks! hah! You made me hungry as well. Take care of yourself and get well soon. We are all thinking of you.

Portia said...

Nice little tip at the end time I need a hooooge cake, I'm going to Costco! I loved seeing pictures of the city. I have never been there before, but I look forward to it sometime. Thank heavens for family and friends! I am so glad you have a strong support system. Continue to rest and feel better!

simonsays said...

It sounds like you have wonderful friends and family, it is hard to accept help, isn't it?

I am happy that you are resting. Take care of yourself.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I miss Chicago...such a GREAT city. I loved living there, except forthe winters!

SOUL: said...

crusty--- you are the funniest girl in the world this week.. i just left portias place crackin up, and had to come let you know.
hope you are feelin better...
pooped yet?
sorry---but i can relate :>


Andrew: HAHAHA!! I like your greeting!! Today is overcast so some warming food is necessary for my healing soul...naturally because you laughed the hardest about my written fart stories I wanted to inform you that the chili that is been simmered in my crock pot in the kitchen I raise to you to bring on many warm bubbles of sounds today!! Hope you're doing okay now???

Portia: Cream cheese sweet and whipped that is on my sons cake is now been raised to you!! we're having gma and gpa over today to have the immediate happy birthday song sung for Jackson that was postponed due to my surgery. Very low key as I need the rest, so I'm saving the slices of cream cheese heaven and raising them to you!! :)

Simon: Happy Sunday my IowaFriend!
Today I am raising to you the opportunity for everyone to give you some help and for you to accept it as well as I have because you really deserve to have your feet up and resting pain free!!

PSS: Today I raise to you the Portillo's lunch that was delved into a short time ago..fully equipped with celery salt on the hot dawg and the delicious crinkle fries!! GO BEARS!!!

SOUL: HAHAH! My humor shows through the art of pain medicine I guess...So I raise to you the remaining vials of pain meds so when things get tied up like a fishing line and tackle, may you have my humor...what the heck am I sounding like a will or something?
Hey, at least I didn't raise to you a bowel movement, right?
How long until one happens? I remember with csections that it was awhile but I don't remember last year when I had my gallbladder removed so...any timeline I would welcome. :)
Happy Sunday!

Chili's on simmering.
Italian sausage soup is stirring.
The bears on at 3:15..
you and the fam wanna head on over?


SOUL: said...

crusty's last will and testament of poopey..LOL

the pain meds aren't helping that will happen soon.



Portia said...

YUMMMMM! The cream cheese is my favorite, did you know that? You sound great. I hope it was a good day and you sleep well tonight!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Good read
Good pictures
Good Costco cake
What else can I ask for? :)

SOUL: said...

it's monday---ugh boy is it monday. i hope you have a good one!!!

captain corky said...

I hope you're feeling better Crusy. The pain in my heart is a level 10 when you're in agony.

PS I have a friend that works for Goodwill that would love to take any left over pain pills you might have when you're feeling better. ;)


Soul: MY doodie will!! HAHAH!!

RMH: Umm, How about some cake? I'll leave you the rest of's that sound? :)

Soul: Oh boy is it a monday..and I would say it's a BMM TOO!! not a bowel movement monday...but bad mood monday!!

Cptn: I just counted the leftovers and am concerned there aren't enough...YIKES! awwwhhhhh!! Your poor heart wasting it's time on me..course if the Colts had lost than I think I know where you'd be now..Happy Monday! I'll make sure to send a return stamp with the meds! :)HAHAH