Saturday, December 22, 2007

Even More Magic

"Step away from the tree!"

Early morning temptations with the village people.

He really truly does give the best Sulli Snuggle Hugs,
naturally here it looks more like a choke hold.
If you ever have the pleasure of having a famous Sulli Snuggle hug,
it will leave you with warm and fuzzys, I guarantee it!

Lately he's been doing this "thing" where
he sticks his hand down the front of his pants,
who does he think he is, Al Bundy?

Benjamin and Sullivan dancing to Christmas Music
while Jackson is still sleeping, a few mornings ago around quarter of 8am.



More magic will be added to the mix on our Christmas day, and this time it comes in the shape of a former Israeli Captain.

A silent and very intellectual man, he always greets you with a nod and a silently closed smile.
He'll ask about your future plans, your future goals and aspirations, and he can patiently paint color by numbers with his grandson for hours, not stopping except to only look up briefly and while nodding, say, "very very nice, Jackson."

A very hard working man, it isn't often you won't see him writing a FRESH IDEA down on his companies logo print pad. You'll see him punching in some digits or letters on his Crackberry while his wife, my mother in law, rolls her eyes and says, "Thaaaaaaaaaaaattt's MY HUSBAND," smiling all along.

Our ever aware firstborn even expressed his concern over his Saba's use of the laptop, back when he was only 3 or 4, "Safta, he is always on his 'puter, when is Saba going to stop typing on his puter?"

But when he laughs, oh, how my father in law laughs. His entire body shakes before the sounds leave his mouth, the corners of his eyes prepare themselves with his hidden laugh lines, and his eyes glimmer with laughter. And he will just laugh and laugh. His way is contagious and if you're in a bad mood, and you catch this refined man laughing, he will pull you in with his witty one liners, and ever so contagious giggles, you will finish laughing by wiping the tears away from your eyes.
So in only 3 days excluding today, the very spot that you see our three rocking below, will be not one, but now two, special packages in big red bows, compliments of a nearby Lexus Dealership down in Florida.

Definitely is a magical time.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
In the meantime, I have baking to do, and Pam to fight off!
My in laws will be arriving around 10:30am on Christmas day, and will be staying until Sunday evening.
Speaking of Pam, in case you've always wondered how I aid in fighting her off, I will let you in on a little secret. These magical wonders help ease the annoyance of Pam the Vacation Squashier. If you haven't picked them up yet, and she tends to give you issues, trust me, you will love these. There's only 3 in a pack, but they last for 8 hours!! And they make you feel all warm!!

And now, "WHERE'S THE BEEF?"


mosiacmind said...

I so enjoy reading about your reminds me of when my nephews were young. hope that you have a fanstastic holidays.

tex said...

I remember when I thought "pam" was an actual person.
As for the rest.....Oy Vey!

Andrew said...


The kids are adorable! There is no more magical time than Christmas for kids. I am so excited for you and them. Merry Christmas!!!!!


PS -- Send me some of that snow y'all are getting! LOL


Mosiac: HI my lady! Thank you for the nice thought! Did it grow fast for your sister too? :) I added new songs and thought of you when I picked the songs, matter of face-one of them. :) Merry Christmas Mosiac! keep piecing together your wonderful LJ's!! :)

Tex: Find your dreidel, yet? is it made out of clay or plastic?

Andrew: Theres my friend! I will "will" snow your way especially because too much snow here will affect arrival of the mIl and fIl which holds off on us doing our own family celebrations.
Merry Christmas and I can't wait to see a picture of the curtains..little does she know (cuz curtains are girls) that she is much talked about! :)

It's Almost TIME!!! :)


Kelly Jene said...

Your children's sweet faces fill me with smiles. I remember my guys being so small and cuddly.

I've never heard it called Pam before... I call it Tom or af. Fun to learn new names. Wish the old beast would just go away for good though. :)

Now, you know I love the Christ in Christmas, but I can't resist...

Merry Crustymas!!

Many blessings to you and yours!

austere said...

Thank you for the music the songs I'm singing.. tralalallla...
But thanks your kids are justoogoood eh and the way you acpture their persona in a line or two, way to go!

Mary said...

Nothing sweeter than little children and yours makes me think of when my own were little. I'm so glad you share them with us. Waiting to hear about the grandparents.

I was sorry to hear the your mother in law was diagnosed with Menieres. Harry has the dreaded disease but he calls it Manure Disease. His main problem is his hearing or rather mis-hearing.

captain corky said...

I love Christmas magic. And I love your son's Superman Pajama outfit. Must get some for Max and me too. ;)


Kelly Jene: HAHAH, that's good, Merry Crustymas (sounds like FESTIVIUS!!) HAHAH...he's almost here! ANd I still can't get over your card!!

austie: Can you see that little mischievious grin in #2, Sullivan? With the twinkle eye? :)

Mary: OHMYGAWwwwwww----! I think I just woke up everyone in my house laughing with what you wrote-not at your husbands expense, but because it is a dreadful disease..but the way he calls it is just perfect..I will have to remind my mil when she is here.
is there anything you can give me as tips for caretaking, or just trying to understand what this disease is all about from an outside view?

Capt Corky: Oh, good, you're back from that celebrity trip, huh? Phew, we were all very concerned! So, you're still out shopping for him? Great sales at Target for the heros..I for one fell in love with the sock puppet jammies!! did you know they have adult size foot pj's there? mmmmmmmhhhhmmmmm..>Oh Bigdogg, where are you?


mosiacmind said...

I want to email a funny story of when my nephews were little and had the habit of putting his hand in his pants.

EE said...

Your boys are gorgeous!!!!