Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In a NON Crusty world

NOT PROOFREADING, so please, no need to point out my errors, I'm tired and this is me. :)

So when you go out with three boys ages 6, 3.5, and 1.5, to run "short" errands, don't count on any of it being short.

When the FIRESTONE Guy says, "yeah, it'll be just OVeR an hour for the complete diagnostic test, and oil change," don't believe him.

When you plan out your after school special, do it in your head.
When you plan out your oil change "short run" in your head, do it like this:
(Now pretend that you're thinking to yourself, okay?)

Pick up Jackson from Carpool lane arriving in lane no later than 3:25pm as usual so not to be at the ass back of line.

Drive over to Firestone for the oil change, and while they're doing their tune up on the car, take the double wide and stroll over to the pet store so the boys can look at the puppies, birdies, snakes and bunnies.

Next, head over to another store near by and pick up the gift for the sibling who's name you selected in the "LETS PICK NAMES and PRACTICE Christmas," Hat. (Can't tell you guys in case the person I picked reads my blog..remember I have two sisters and two brothers and two brother in laws could be any one of them!!)

Return to Firestone and pay for the oil change that you haggled down to $16.99 because you're the maven. Making sure that includes running the diagnostic tests and replenishing any lost fluids including the windshield wiper fluid.

Stop at a Toy and baby clothes drop off-haven't gone yet, anyone want them? Long story will try to explain here.

Return home and make Tuscan style Chicken with noodles, a side of chunky cinnamon apple sauce, some regular dinner rolls and fresh green beans that you picked up at the Jewel after you left the store that you bought the secret sibling Santa present for.

Don't forget to bring a blanket to cover up Ben while in the stroller.
Don't forget to watch Frosty at 7pm, and Scooby Do Christmas at 8pm with the boys.


Only, it didn't go that way:

Picked up Jackson after seeing A.Grabber, the neighborhood dad that is the guy that I've talked about, that I just get this weird feeling about. Whenever I see him, my neck hairs stand up on the back of my head...yikes!
The line was really long, and people must be early today, or I late? It went fast, but the line was long.
Drove to Firestone to get an oil change.
Climb out of car and head to the back to open up the hatch to get the stroller, and just a big black bag of my toys and clothes donation that I am teaching my boys to do every go through things together, and give were there. Nothing else. Back to the bag of toys and clothes, everyone today seems to have way to much,well, not "everyone," but I think each of us knows when we're walking that border of over induldge. If not, no big deal, but I, well, I like simple, and unique..worked hard for, cash, cash, everything with saved cash. ..but anyways, like I said, the stroller was gone.

"SHeet," I think to myself, "come onnnnn, seriously, why didn't I check for the stroller to make sure it was there?"


So no stroller and Firestone guy says 1hour 15minutes until it's done. "No problem, I'll just have to carry Ben to the stores. It's a walk, but I can do it, the kids can walk in their boots, and if there's snow on the sides of the sidewalks, they can carefully trample through that and have fun."

We arrive at the Petstore to look at some cute puppies-"NO! Not To buy! It's like going to the zoo in winter time for my's fun."
Jackson and Sullivan watch the store clerk feed the ball pythons and gecko's, they look at the birds and each tell me which one they'd pick if they could have it, and what they'd name the bird.
This pattern continued with each different live viewing. "Which one, what's the name, how are you going to take care of it?" Jackson fell in love with this adorable kitten. A domestic/Siamese mix. But you can adopt those from the humane society, and the clerk told me they were $240 and comes with a home health care kit: microchipped, litter box, 20lb bag of litter, an amber alert id with some doggie find website for life time, a wty with the pet for 7 days, and one year for certain diseases, 2 litter bowls, two snacks, oh and the kitten.

Personally? You shop smart? Adopt the same animal at a shelter, the donation money goes towards the shelter. You can shop at a PETCO for inexpensive bargain same things, and still come ahead. Besides now, at least with dogs, they must be that's not really any added bonus as a selling point, if you ask me. Go the shelter route, trust me. Every person I have ever known that have gone the shelter route, have the best, most unique pups ever!

Walk to another store near by for my siblings "SSLPC," gift. Get in the store and the two older ones were warned not to misbehave, to be polite, and aware of their surroundings. All was good until one was "LOOKING at the other," or, "talking too much." Jackson did shock a store employee as we were down by some toys, because when he walked by, he turned up and looked at her in her eyes and said, "excuse me, please." Awwwwwwwww, my Jackson!
But with each other, they were just ribbing and pissing each other off, at the age of 6 and 3 over the most ridiculous banter, although I know I did it to with my sisters.

They were cranky, and disruptive and it cost them a McDonald's. That really made Sullivan mad, and then we ran into our neighbor and friend that is part of our group, and her two children, and Sullivan, man Sullivan. He couldn't walk. He couldn't turn around. He tried climbing underneath the cart and then got his head turned around and he thought he was stuck, but he wasn't, but he honestly thought he was, which set him up even more. Heck, even in the Petstore, one wanted the puppy, one wanted the kitten,..Good GAaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwddd!

Suddenly I smelled urine-yup, Ben had soaked through his diaper and tan courderoy pants. Jackson had to go pee and I couldn't find the bathroom, I did eventually, but not without a lot of complaining with Jackson. No, no accidents.

We run into our friends and then our mailman that sent us a card. And calls me a stubborn hard headed girl, and how he's going to have to speak to my father about my stubbornness. Yeah, he's right. Then, I check the time and it's over one hour and 45 minutes and still no call about what if any was wrong with the van. They always do the check on it, they always call to say, nothing found that needs attention, just the oil change? And I say "yes, please." So I call them and they still haven't even looked at my car.

So, I'm diaper less, stroller less, and somehow Ben lost his glove on the way to the first store, the pet store. Keep in mind he's been sick, and with him having been sick, and now as of tonight, getting sick again, I bought him new gloves that he could wear on our way back out of the store. I'm actually getting sick too, the back of my throat feels horrible, and I'm really tired and worn down and crampy. NEXT DING!

Walking back I realize that Pam is walking behind me! "SHEET!!" Nothing, no diaper, no stroller, 3 gloves, and sniffles, PAM! With nothing to stop her.

Finally, we walk back to Firestone, I call them again at 5:55 and we had dropped the van off at 3:35pm, they had just pulled the van into the service bay.

We got home after 6:45pm.
Without A Pam-Blocker.
Tired because Ben woke last night again.
And SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly excited to tell you about something, and SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED that it's almost 5 days until Christmas! I'm sooooooooo excited!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Bet you didn't see that one coming! I am so excited and in lieu of the Christmas season, I did go through drive thru McDonald's for my boys, it was a long walk and it's understandable to be cranky at their usual supper time. They ate late tonight, and even though I don't always eat with them, I will sit with them and talk with them, and feed Ben, but they eat between 5:15-5:30, this was a very late dinner night for them, and on a school night.
But, tis the season to bend the rules.
Have you been extra friendly?
Have you bent the rules any?


Kelly Jene said...

Wow Crusty. I'm tired just reading that post. And yet you come away with a smile. Good on you!

Extra friendly? To others yes. For my boys.. we're going thru a rough behavior time, so I'm cracking down.

Bending rules? Yes, I am letting my boys get away with less home school work so we can do more crafty stuff.

I hope Ben sleeps through the night so you can rest up! And no sickness, you hear me?!

Mary said...

Memories are made of this. Your evening brought back memories of my own treks and the mishaps that always seemed to overtake us. I've bent every rule. Tis the season to be jolly.

austere said...

You actually cooked and gave them supper after all this?

Amazing. I would have had a temper tantrum, cried and stuff. I think. And shouted at the Firestone guys.

Can I borrow some of that poise please?


Kelly Jene: So my boys aren't the only ones that need tweaking as of late? That makes me feel better!! But alas, thursday finds me very sick, and tired, and Ben did wake up in the night and really has been up since about 5:15am. I am tired as is the Bigdogg. and when both parents are tired, that's a huge recipe for crankiness. :)

Mary: Exactly. I mean, sure it wasn't pleasant to see that Ben had soaked thru his pants and diaper but I'm sure he wasn't a happy camper about it either! :) MEemories are built on days like yesterday..the adventure of it all.

Austie: I didn't actually. I decided to go through Mcdonalds and it was quick and easy..
HA, poise? I wish! People see me as "crusty" not someone with poise-ashame really, because I'd like to think that I can maintain certain degrees of frustration fairly well, but naturally when the poise falls, guess who gets the crankiness?......... Bigdogg. Poor bigdogg.
YOu may have all of my poise.
I didn't vocally express my frustration with Firestone guy-I allowed my kids to do that-payback right? They were cranky, and a bit disruptive which I'd usually frown on, but you could see the guy behind the counter getting car was finished fairly quickly upon my return to the store. Not to mention, the boys left their little snowy finger prints on the viewing window of the service bay.


abbagirl74 said...

What a day. Hope it's a better one today.

Portia said...

See, I knew you could relate to Santa when he shoved that, well anyway, I could too:) SO what are you so very excited about? Besides Christmas of course;) I hope you have a WONDERful day today!

simonsays said...

Brings back so many, many memories. And smiles. Thank you.

tex said...

Sweet God in heaven!!!!! I thought I had a rough one yesterday....

Anonymous said...

wow...I am sorry that I took the stroller out and didnt tell you. I could have saved you a major headache. You are super mom and if you could see how the boys look at you through my eyes you would see how much they love you..


The Real Mother Hen said...

But you are a mom, and all moms are superwomen! :)

austere said...

aha those finger prints!
BRAVO, young guns!