Monday, December 24, 2007


Fog In Chicago For Christmas?
No, this was the other day.

Remembering Everyone on Christmas!

Peace can be found when gazing at your Nativity Scene.

One of the oldest known Christmas Cards.
See the mom giving her child some Red wine?

This years Ornament from the White House.
The Grover Cleveland.

The Plan for Crusty and Bigdogg.
Just a quiet evening with our little guys, eating appetizers for dinner, and watching The Christmas Carol and, It's A Wonderful Life.

Christmas On a Countryside.
Doesn't the snow look just perfect for igloos and snowball fights?
With it crunching underneath Santa's boots?

A New York Christmas

This is My favorite, the nostalgic look to it is just perfect!

A Magical House with Christmas Almost at Her Door!

Christmas in Germany

Charlie Brown and Linus ROCK!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Putting Eggnog in your coffee is a beautiful beautiful thing!



Palm Springs Savant said...

those were GREAT.Brought a variety of memories to me. Thanks for the ride~

Merry Christmas

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Crusty, thank you for your always beautiful blog. I appreciate your comments and support. Your Friday post tugged at my heart. I understand. I've been there. It's all still a mystery. Merry, merry Christmas. enjoy every minute with your little angels. Always, Diane

abbagirl74 said...

Happy Christmas!

Tex said...

Here I am to wish you a Merry Christmas (again).
Hopefully, another 30 years can pass and our kids can yuk it up with each other about childhood memories like we can.
God bless you and yours this holiday season!


PSS: Merry Christmas Rick!
Thank you!

Coexist!: Merry Christmas to you too, your words and art are just beautiful!! Peaceful too!

abbagirl: your card is beautiful, thank you very much! I love your signature farewell, very true to you. Merry Christmas to you!

Tex: If BigDogg and I had a cider harp beer we'd toast you for now..but alas we have wine and we will toast tricia-and you too of course. Here's to hoping 30+ with Amy not having to share attention with another female for Princess Leia. Merry Christmas to your season family! Sir Tex.



Cheryl said...

HI Crusty,

What a thoughtful post, as always. I loved your Christmas card and all the pictures! When Christmas is over I'm going to sit down with all my cards and really take the time to reread them.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas eve and day. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Those were awesome photos of various Christmas scenes...tho the one of Chicago in fog was pretty cool. Merry Christmas Crusty!

JLee said...

Merry Xmas, Crusty! Thanks for the egg nog tip :)

Summer said...

Merry Christmas Crusty!

EE said...

Merry the photos!

Hedy said...

Merry Christmas, Crusty! Best wishes to you and the boys in 2008! :)

SOUL: said...

merry christmas crusteeeeeee

austere said...

A super Christmas, Crusty.

You've made me so thoughtful with your special Santa story.

KYRIE said...

"Merry Christmas"" Crusty!! Hope you had a good one!! Or is it belated Merry Christmas, oppps :). Have a lot turkey leftovers today?
You know I always appreciate your supportive and kind words in my blog, thank you so much. I wish I can adopt u as my big sister!
Good bye!!!

simonsays said...

I hope your Holiday was the most awesome ever!


Anonymous said...

You need one more photo: of the gang at Pete/Dawn's on Christmas evening.

It was a blast seeing everybody.

It was neat noticing how well-behaved all the little kids were.

It was nifty how much the adults enjoyed each other's company.

It was fantastic food and drink we all enjoyed.

And I sure do like that mousepad!!!

Thanks to all.


abbagirl74 said...

Dearest Crusty- you've been tagged.

austere said...


basking in the post Christmas glow, eh?