Thursday, December 27, 2007


As a young child I never understood why within three days my parents would be frustrated at all of our loot strewn across the living room floor just begging to be played with.

I never understood why my parents would walk around the house exhausted a few days after Christmas eve and day..........

Now I DO!

I call it PTCD.
Post Traumatic Christmas Disorder!
My boys are wired and wound up!
There are toys laying around in the living room, just begging for me to remove them from my sanctuary.
They're listening only to their grandparents, my words move them as much as it moves our family pet rock.

They are hectic-the boys.
They are busy -the boys.

I am repeating the same steps as my parents once did-the day after the day after Christmas.
Already I am tired of looking at their gifts.
Already I feel like they are acting ungrateful-and this is more my issue than theirs.

I feel as though I didn't do a good enough job cleaning out their toy bin before Christmas landed in our home. Because ever since the day after Christmas, their toys that they already owned I feel as though they've multiplied like little Gremlins after midnight with a dash of water and a snack.

But, it's all part of PTCD, and by next week, after my headache has left me late New Years Day, things will slow down as they always do. Rest assured, I am much more appreciative of my parents because of all the things they did for me and my four siblings, and for all the things I put them through back when I was a little girl on Christmas day.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
These next few days until New Years day will find me missing from within your comment box, although I'll be lurking, I am so busy with my guests.
I am sorry in advance for that, but my in laws are in town staying with us as you know, and I don't want to be rude.

MARY!! Thank you for the tips with my momCk's Disease.
FYI-I've given her big handle coffee mugs to make it easier on her!

The acupuncture and seeds have made a big difference as well! Thank you again!!


abbagirl74 said...

Just know we miss you and we can't wait for your return. Have fun with the family. Spend time with them. We will be here when you return.

tex said...

Hope yer enjoying the family for the present disorder thing, yeah I'm going through it too.
I'll be in touch.
Necessary soon!!!

Mary said...

Honey, there's a lot of PTCD going around. Time and rest is the only cure. I've yelled, "Calf Rope" a few times myself. (That's a mountain saying for "I've had enough.") Soon it'll only be a memory - a memory that fast fades. Thank you, Lord, for your kindness.

captain corky said...

We're still digging out from the move, but things are slowly coming together. Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon. ;)

Happy Holidays Crusty and family!

simonsays said...

LOL That makes me laugh!

I remember....


It'll be okay, all things will return to normal soon.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Oy! OTCD is real...I try to gradually wean myself off by cutting down on christmas music gradually and not cold seems to help

SOUL: said...

PTCD!!! that is sooooo great. it's true tho.
you just don't know how happy i am that this crap is OVER!!!
hope your place gets back to normal soon. til then... drink up!

Martha said...

PTCD! I love it!

Cheryl said...

I'm much happier not that the living room is cleaned up. The rest can wait. Just enjoy your guests...don't worry about us.

austere said...

You have fun,Crusty.

PCTD, eh- interesting..

SOUL: said...

ola... are you hiding?
wussup crusteeeee

Kelly Jene said...

Honey, I've got PTCD too! Luckily even being sick I was able to oversee the taking down of the tree and the distribution of toys to the proper buckets. I wonder if they didn't get too much this year. lol

Thanks for the card! It was so sweet!

Love ya... Mrs Moohaha

SOUL: said...

hey girlie--- whaddayadoin? no new post? surely you got somethin on your mind?
wanna watch me smoke?

Portia said...

So THAT'S what it's called! We felt it too:| But it is fun seeing it all through the eyes of your children isn't it:) Enjoy your time with family, and have a Happy New Year!!

Mary said...

Glad to hear your home is quieter. It's so nice to have visitors especially those who mean so much to us. But isn't it nice when the lovely visit is over and we can file our memories for recall in times of stress? I'm glad there were no major episodes of Manure Disease.

Hug each of those boys for me and tell them that there's an old Nana in Alabama who thinks they are beatuimus.

austere said...

Loveliest card ever!
Thank you!

mosiacmind said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS! I can remember my nephews and the legos all over my sister;s living room and even the older kids would get involved and she said with long legs and arms and four boys and a lego town that they had no room for anything else and then when to boys would "pick up" they would want to keep the buildings as is so that took lots of room in the closet.

Kelly Jene said...

Happy New Year to Crusty and all the Crusty Clan. God bless you all!!

SOUL: said...

well it is now jan 1 08.. your like a year behind... time to post dontcha think?
happy new year kiddo