Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolutions With Engaging HD Pixels

New Years Day holds true, I find myself with a headache, nursing my coffee like it's a baby coyotes bottle, and thinking about the events from last night.

You would really enjoy your neighborhood with friends such as we have over on the next block.

It's all fresh of course, this growing friendship, but it's refreshing and peaceful, and free of all negativity, because it's new of course. Naturally in time, like any true relationship, it evolves into comfort, and you see all-the good and bad-which is still fine. But, isn't it nice to still go back to those "honeymoon periods" with what you have presently? To look back on it and reflect about the newness of friendships, and relationships.

We spent New Years a block away with 4 couples, and 2 grandmas of theirs, also, 10 kids plus the five of us, and we had just a blast. We drank pomegranate martinis, wine, and mixers. We ate cheese baked mushrooms, meatballs, cucumber sandwiches, mini eclairs, cake, veggies, pita and hummus, mini bagel dogs, chips, and pistachio's. The kids all played wonderfully together downstairs and we congregated in their dining room. The couples just laughing and talking about everything. We mesh this group. There is such a mixture to us all, too. But, we all get along, and rib each other, laugh with each other, like I said, it's fresh, and that in itself is a nice refreshing pixel with our live as parents with young children.

One is from Teaneck New Jersey with a 21 year old daughter, one is a former teacher from Georgia, another an executive with a large bank, but formerly a missionary with the prankster talent like you won't believe:

I found myself driving around my blue mommovile with the words car painted on the back of my mini-van in rusty red, "Hey Sexymomma, I have MANBOOBS." We drank and naturally grew silly, but we all were kind. Some of the group have truck driver mouths, although you'd never know it by looking at them, another couple has the 21 year old daughter, and a 4th grade son with some type of sensory disorder, but you should witness his love for music, when music is on, you don't recognize his hands twitching.

We just really enjoyed ourselves laughing and telling stories all night long. Learning what makes us tic, like the former prosecutor that has this mean intense looking face, but is as gentle as a lion, twin sisters born today, now 37 as of new Years day.

We sang happy birthday to the twin sisters due on St Patrick's day but born early at 3lbs 8 oz each-ironically my birth weight. We dressed all the children up in their winter wear and running outside with confetti, noise makers, loud voices, we screamed Happy New Years, the kids laughing with glee. Some of us texting the ones that we love. All the children lasted, including our Ben. He walked around the main level of their home with his thumb in his mouth, and his other hand straight down his pants, very Al Bundyish. Playing Football with my friends twin sister, playing trains with their little 2.5 year old boy. All of us having different times on our cell phones, or watches, yelling out, "It's 11:51pm, NO, it's 11:54pm,..." Some of us receiving texts from friends of ours in different time zones, ahead and behind, and smiling silently wishing everyone a Happy Happy New Year.

Remembering something new, something there, something comfortable, but the refreshing honeymoon stage reminder through our new growing friends. My friend the birthday girl twin, in her buzzed haze expressed something kind to me last night, she told me how amazing it is to watch when I am laughing, or telling a story, and my eyes are sparkling, someone is sitting across from me, watching me, his eyes twinkling and happy that I'm happy. The love is obvious, and it's a wonderful reminder about the balance our relationship holds. As life in our dashes move along, as time defines our dash, we need these reminders to keep what matters first.

It's nice to see other people doing good for other people. Caring for each other. When one mom is sick, even with a cold, dad will stay home no matter how long to care for the children. Another dad when mom is sleeping on the sofa after throwing a New Years Eve party, will clean the entire house hands and knees scrubbing, sweeping, cleaning, mopping, as mom sleeps through it on the sofa, after the start of her midnight birthday celebration, but her being born with her twin around 5:00am. Another husband understands that his wife needs her old friends time away, and he gives it to her. She gives him an excellent rate of return. Each couple compliment each other wonderfully. Everyone is responsible, but sharing fun tails of their lives when in college, or High school, or in their twenties-their lives before children. We have a bond this group and most likely from our children knowing their children, being in the class, us living so close, but this is where it all begins in having young school age children. It starts with us adults making the effort by giving and going to playdates, and it's a wonderful thing to have. This helpful, fun loving neighborhood.

It's nice to see characteristics in our friends that are similar to Bigdogg and I. For me, it's nice to see that I'm not the only lucky one that has amazing spouses. I know how much I'm given, and it's nice to see other people being able to experience similar love with their spouses as I have with Bigdogg.

It's nice to have a friend witness the love you have for one another. How we can approach each other in a room full of people, slip our hand around his waist, and give him a loving peck. Maybe a tap on the tush, a physical reminder from each of us. That's the trick, you see, is keeping a common balance. Of giving equally of different ways. It's being reminded of how much you care about each other by your friends.

These high definition views of the pixels of our dash, give me reminders of all the resolutions important in my life. To keep in order my dash, giving everyone the person that I am, being myself. Being a good example for my God,leading a good respectful life, being a good wife, a good person to myself, a good mother, friend, relative, elder, the list goes on and on in no specific order. To stand strong with the love for one another, like the height of skyscrapers in the Chicago sky.

Through this crazed hung over martini headache, the reminders of my past resolutions are a fabulous gift to have on a day like today. For today is not only the day of New Years, but is also the day that Bigdogg and I got engaged. Over the sunset on a dock near the bay in our old backyard when we lived in Florida, the sunset apparent as he was down on his knee, the water lapping up against the side of the dock, the manatees were out that day, as it was a warm New Years day in Florida, and it was a beautiful way to start our own engaging High definition life together.

A wonderful visual from our friend.

A playful and seductive kiss for one another.

Children content and peacefully playing.

Football is on in the back ground-go ILLINI!

The normal routine for this family on New Years,

but with a wonderful reminder of the day New Years Day,

that Bigdogg and I got engaged.

A wonderful addition to my dash.

A wonderful resolution that takes your breath away with the emotion of this couple.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I love you Bigdogg, thank you for this wonderful day.

Happy New Years Day to all of you!
Sorry for the ramble-Big SHOCKER! :)


Cheryl said...

How fortunate you are to have such friends and your wonderful husband and your boys. You are truly poetic in your words and your deeds. Happy New Year to you!

Mary said...

Ditto Cheryl's post. You are one in a million. I wish I could express myself the way you are able to. Happy New Year


Cheryl and Mary, thank you very much! May you both have a warm and gentle 2008! And may I not mess up and write 07 for too long! :)


mosiacmind said...

What a great evening you seemed to have. I miss hanging out with neighbors. I ditto what people said about how well you describe things that one feels like you are there with you. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

The Real Mother Hen said...

What a wonderful blog, full of love and friendship.
Hhmm... if I print out this blog and show it to my neighbor, I may get the "yoh ya wat ta see my new gun?" greeting :)
Happy New Year to you.

CresceNet said...

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captain corky said...

Sounds like a really good time Crusty! Happy New Year, to you and your family. ;)

austere said...

You are a tremendous person! What a lovely, EXHUBERANT, lively post!

Thanks for sharing memories of your special day.

A terrific 2008 to you!

SOUL: said...

sounds like a great time.. and great memories and traditions made! woo hoo.. happy new year.
happy engagement anniversary too. :))
happy humpday girlie.


MosiacMind: You can always come over and I'd be happy to introduce you to this lovely group of people!

The REALmothaHen: you made me spill the coffee from my mouth, you got a great laugh from me this am!!! :)

Cresant: Je parle English and un peu francais.

CapTCorky: I grant you the couch potato of the day award for the football games! Happy New years!

SoulieOLie: Happy Hump day to you...:) Traditions are a great reminder aren't they?


Anonymous said...

I am the lucky one. That was one of the best days of my life. I was so nervous! I love you.

Kelly Jene said...

What a great blog! I'm so glad you had a good time, it sounded really relaxing and fun.

It sounds like the engagement moment was one you'll never forget. How beautiful!! Go Bigdogg!

Feel better soon, Crusty friend!


anon: NO, I am! :) as Sulli would say, "cuz I want to."

Kelly: He's awesome, I know!!

Austie: Somehow you snuck in, and I missed, or I just missed, for that I am sorry!!! :) I'm so glad you liked the card, it was an honor to send one to you!! I would like to have some tea as you opened that envelope! Thank you for the kind New Years wishes!! May this 08 be filled with many many great things for all!! Stay true to you!thank you again for the sweet words!


Portia said...

What a gorgeous picture of you two!! I love it, you're both smiling so BIG!! And you're beautiful people of course:):) I'm so glad that you guys had a safe, fun and happy New Year with your neighborhood friends. I hope 2008 bring much love and joy to you and your family, and that all of your friendships, local, distant or online may continue to grow!