Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Food For Thought

Why is it that whenever I put a slice of Angel food cake in my mouth, I sneeze?


I feel like it's too early in the morning right now.
Too restless of a night, I guess.
Spring break with the children, I would assume is the reason.
I was once a serious early AM person, as long as I didn't have to share the morning with anyone else.
Sullivan prefers to have the early morning to himself too.
I embrace it, but I can still growl.
Yesterday was the 6am grocery stop.
I forgot to get the bread, 100$ total later.
SEE? I'm losing my morning extra special touch.

Spring break perhaps?
This Friday we'll be taking the train into Chicago, the three little boys and I-should be fun! From there we will slowly make our way through the train station (MINI FUN STORES!) with a mental reminder for self to pic up some caramel corn on the return trip home. We'll walk across the river and meet up with the BDD, with a chance of an office visit. That's all based on the time of us arriving, and happy dispositions of the kids. We'll head to Water Tower Place, just so Jackson can view the magic of all magic-a huge, gigantic Lego Land Store...

From there will be a family fun dinner, somewhere in Chicago.
Mcdonalds perhaps, depends on the weather.
50's we're hoping!
I am really looking forward to it......
Will be fun!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
The angel food cake was part of the 6am grocery shop yesterday, Tuesday.
I sneeze with another type of food, but I can't remember it now.
Spring break?
The sneezing with food post sounds all too familiar to me, I must have written about it here before.

Spring break?


austere said...

Cake AND Lego.. aha.
My evening seems brighter.

Have a fun trip.

Great food photo, btw.

Cheryl said...

I love my mornings to myself. I used to wake up at 4 AM when Em was a baby just so I'd have alone time.

Enjoy the day!

JLee said...

My mouth is watering looking at that picture!!

Mary said...

Maybe you are sneezing the calories away. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!

If I don't have a few quiet minutes alone every morning I tend not to be user friendly all day.

A Lego store would be the defination of heaven for the two grandsons.

Enjoy spring break. The day you described sounds like fun for everyone.

fiwa said...

I have a friend who sneezes whenever she walks out into the sun.

I am a morning person too - as long as I am the ONLY person up. Once someone else gets up it makes me feel grumpy.

I hope family day in Chicago goes well - sounds like fun.

Enjoy spring break!

Kelly Jene said...

It is hard for me to wake up in the early morn, but I do love it when I can. I feel so fulfilled for the day! My boys would LOVE to go to the Lego store. I can't even tell you how much they would love it. We're on spring break here too. Lovely day today! Hope yours is too...


Austie: I am willing to bet that you could create miracles with legos!

Cheryl: that sounds like things I used to do...early am is my favorite time, but as long as I can have it alone.
selfish? slightly, but, what can I say.

Jlee; Angel food cake soo my favorite!

MAry: HA! I wish. But!! I am considering something rather for the half marathon or Chicago Bank of America Marathon...the first meeting is April and running? Never been my thing..but I bet I could lose some serious Calorieahhhhhhhs with the training!! I will make sure to take pictures for you..they have different locations! Go to if you can!!! :)

FiwaLovins: I was telling my girlfriends today that I don't really want it to end for my boys..a nice little teaser for them and nice to have them home!! I know what you mean about interrupting the am qt..I get ROYALLY crabby! Stay away then!

KellyJene: Spring break is fun!!! YEA!!! no more school no more books..hahahahah...nice to just have a change in any daily schedule, a break for you and teaching!! :)


Brad said...

Baby Cakes - I've posted the first request for ?'s to Man-Stump - You are the co-authoring blogger on this. As stated on my blog.


Brad: I am blushing!! Thank you!! you are too sweet! :)
Thank you. :)

Cheryl said...

I'm busy with thoughts of that manstump. And you!

simonsays said...

I hope your day was special and fun!

Have a wonderful weekend Elizabeth!

Portia said...

I am the polar opposite of a morning person, but what a difference it makes to be up before the kids! I do the same thing at the grocery store, and I can't even say how disastrous I would be shopping at 6am. You are certainly not losing anything at all, I think any morning after spring break AND a restless night would call for some...patience:)