Monday, May 12, 2008

Sauce or Dressing

Mothers Day was beyond beautiful for me.
Sullivan brought home a ceramic pot that he painted and with the assistance of his preschool teachers, stuck three homemade suckers in the center of the little pot with tiny blades of "pretend grass," according to him.

Jackson made me a beautiful picture frame out of Popsicle sticks and tiny puzzle pieces.
In the center of the magnetic picture frame was a picture of him dressed up in his dad's suit for their tea party that his Kindergarten class hosted a few weeks ago. On the back of the picture frame was the date along with a darling phrase: "I love you to pieces."

Benjamin slept in-perfect gift if you ask me.

BDD saving my best forever last, even with his gank foot in that over sized boot, he prepared with the help of his little chefs, breakfast in bed for me-------------------and lunch too-----------with a beautiful card that I graciously thanked him for, and handheld weights, because that's what I asked for. Along with the card and in bed specials, a gift certificate came with it for a manicure and spa pedicure at a local salon, whenever I'd like to go. In addition, I was given the option to stay in bed the entire day if I wanted....

.....and so I did, until 2 in the afternoon. In my peaceful zen bedroom with no noise but the background of the wind blowing through our open bedroom windows. It was a rather blustery day due to nasty rain and wind, but to me it felt as though I were laying near the coast of a gulf somewhere, and the waves were crashing into the sand-that's how it sounded and that's how I pictured it. So I laid in bed with a book that I've been reading on occasion, and managed to finish it, with my darling quiet time that my husband gave to me-the best gift of all.

We finished the day at my parents with all my siblings but one-due to football-and included in the fun mixture were my little niece and nephews. We had a delicious meal that my mom wanted to prepare for everyone, and there was fun chatter moving throughout the rooms in my parents home, I was sad to see it end. But it didn't end there, because even after the ice cream cake that we delved into at my parents home, after we said our goodbyes to my family, we took the boys to Cold Stone Creamery for more ice cream, because it was what I had promised them earlier in the day. Plus, Bdd was interested in a mixture of some cold stone high qualities.

The only question???? that came out of our mothers day venture is this; 'does it really matter if you call something you'd pour on top of a potato salad mixture sauce or dressing?
I felt bad for my mom because of that. Here she prepares this lovely meal because that's what she wanted to do on mothers day, make a meal for everyone else, and then a female family member has to get a bit, well, saucy with her.
No worries though as every family has their dysfunction. The trick is to recognize it and treat it like you would a boil-well, I'll stop while I'm ahead.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I hope all of you had a marvelous Mothers day


Cheryl said...

Sauce or dressing, huh? Too bad it became an issue. Miracle Whip is a dressing, right? What's Hellman's?

It sounds like it was a wonderful day at home, and an almost perfect day later on. Talking about Coldstone....Emily and her friends were at the mall the other day and asked to be picked up by Coldstone, where they went for ice cream. When I got them and asked what kind of treat they had, they said they changed their minds because it was so expensive. I told them I was stopping by McDonald's for their $1 caramel sundae and everyone said, yeah! we want one too. Have you signed up for the Coldstone birthday club? Free ice cream coupon for your birthday.


Cheryl: It was a sweet and sour vinegarette type dressing that was part of my paternal side of the family, but I guess they called it mom referred to it as sauce...silly. Here she is making a meal for everyone-granted it's what she wanted to do, but still- and then someone has to give her a hard time over a word..silly.

YEah, cold stone is terribly expensive..the last time I dined on ice cream there was just after Ben was born..July 17th and he'll be two. I LOVE the caramel sundaes at mcdonalds..and I always ask for extra caramel..yum!!

I didn't sign up for a membership since we're not there enough, and I prefer the old ice cream stops versus the trendy new expensive ones, matter how good their ice cream is (Cold stone) and it is just delicious, I like old school versions much better. Funny though, Ithought of you because just next door to cold stone, is Panera's. I wish I had had my camera..don't know why, but, brought a smile to my face seeing that!

Happy Movie day Monday! Bdd took Jack to see speedracer on saturday..not my in movie theater type movie, but apparently it was very colorful. :)


Cheryl said...

I rarely get ice cream out, except for McD's or the vanilla frosty at Wendy's. I can't help but thinking how much more I could get for my money at the grocery store. I do love Rita's gelati's, though. With Mango ice. Yum! It's definitely a treat.

Portia said...

Ah, silly semantics, those games drive me nuts.
I'm so glad you had such a perfect Mother's Day, you certainly deserved it! The time to yourself sounds just divine:)
I hope this week is fabulous for all of you!


cHERYL: i Know exactly what you mean!!

Portia: I love how you put it, silly are so accurate there!! It was a nice day. YOU??? Besides the tornado's!! Yikes.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I think your boys are getting a great example of what a husband should be from BDD! Lucky you!

Kelly Jene said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day... a well deserved one, too.

Sorry your relative had to be a pain... but hey, just bring her to a head and lance her!!


Love you crusty angel..


Diane: I have a remarkable husband, and we are without a doubt (I HOPE) preparing them as to the right ways as to be a husband and dad, all the while staying in tuned to their man self. :)



Kelly: There's always someone that has to be that "someone" so it's not that big of a deal considering it being an elder, and I was raised to respect elders even if I don't always like em. :) it was a great day that's for sure!


jAMiE said...

i am glad you had such a lovely day...topped off by some more yummy ice cream!

austere said...

What a lovely day.

bonnie said...

Dressing. as in salad dressing. it sounds like the perfect mother's day.

Gypsy said...

What a perfectly lovely Kother's Day. Glad you got to enjoy it doing exactly what you wanted to do.

Gypsy said...

Kother's Day????? Preview gypsy, preview.....