Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Beginning and True Beginning

His Kindergarten Graduation June 3rd.

My baby is going to be in first grade in 75 days.

The beginning of Kindergarten August 20th 2007

His cool Karate move.

I mean look at the changes!!!! It's remarkable!!
For one, Ben didn't have hair, granted neither did Sullivan.
Sorry that's all I've got to say, I'm walking around with my MOM lump.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
The beginning back then and the true beginning~ Which is why I shouldn't really refer to Jackson's last day as his Kindergarten graduation. A graduation is when you celebrate something that you've finished, or that you're ending. This for him, is just the beginning....


Brad said...

Those angels are now my wallpaper good job Crusty and Big Dog - well done you !

Gypsy said...

Oh Elizabeth they are soooo beautiful. Just look at their sweet little faces.

My daughters started High School this year and it was quite a wrench. Where does the time go?

Gypsy said...
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Anonymous said...


My daughter finished kindergarden today.

It's going by soooo quickly!

Strong's said...

They grow up so fast :) They are all such a great mix of you and BDD. So cute!!! You look really good too! I haven't highlighted my hair in like 5 months. AHHH!

Cheryl said...

The boys are so handsome! And getting so big.

I asked Emily if she would wear the same outfit tomorrow that she wore on her first day of school this year. Unfortunately she said she threw the shirt away? Not gave away? Oh well. I'll try to post a picture too.

So, so hot here today! I should have walked in the morning!

Susan said...

My baby boy turned 20 this past February; and my baby girl's last day as a junior in high school is words of wisdom - just love them, kiss them and hold them near.

they are dear

Mary said...

My how they have grown, these handsome boys. I can certainly understand the lump.

How do you keep their hair so neat?


What up Bradley: Bear makes for a fabulous wallpaper too! Granted I prefer Manstump! Lol.. I gotta say you're doing a fine job with your new's about time.. did they ever catch those tards btw?

Gypsy: It scares me to see the time pass by..and their growth is remarkable...but I do have to say on certain "not so nice days" I'm ready to pull out my hair and run and hide getting lost in either music or a book, or both.. But being that it's day 2 of summer vaca--I've given them the opp to remain in jammies all day-they love jammie days. :0) So with your darling twins that's twice as nice but twice as bittersweet I can imagine..just wait doors will be knock knocked upon and suitors will be calling-and you get to navigate that--how awesome!! Give me tips as I'll be on the receiving end having boys.

Fireflies: awwwww, how was she on her last day? Was she excited or sad? The reason I ask as there was this little dumpling of a girl in tears throughout the entire celebration gathering in the classroom because she was sad that it was she has the lump and she's only 6. :) Congratulations to you having a little on advancing to first grade too!

STRONG AND CUTE: Call James!!! His wife had her baby back in mid'll be your treat prior to bootcamp!! I wish I could go. :( I still can't get over Jacobs picture, it freaked me out how much he resembled UJ and your sis! WOW!!

Cheryl: It is very muggy and hot here as well, this morning as I was walking along I kicked myself for wearing my sweatshirt..granted it helped me work up a sweat but ouch! So she's already done with her first year in HS...does it seem as fast as it did when she was in middle school/jr high? I look forward to seeing her pics....I have a coupon for a free kids meal at Paneras...know anyone that would like it? :)

Susan: I will try my best although the kissing will be tough as they already wipe them your daughter is going to be a senior..sigh..where does the time go, right? Congratulations to you too! Did you do anything special for her?

Mary: HA, actually the hair is kept semi neat for special occasions only--ask anyone and they'll tell you that usually it's just quickly combed and out the door...I will bring my comb with as Ting 3 will sweep it away-his hair that is..and it was intentional to leave out the H. :)
I'm considering growing Ting 3's hair long-not tacky long, but something different then the other two..might as well have some enjoyment with their hair..I mean it's not like they're going to ask me to french braid it-course, you never know what will be trendy when they're at that "Stage."

I'm off to prepare dinner and shower and then off to Jack's baseball game in nasty muggy heat..we went from 40's to 85's with humid hard to breathe I feel like I'm living in Florida weather..At least I'll be ready for Florida then in a few weeks, right?

Talk with you all later! :)

Kelly Jene said...

They all have the sweetest, most engaging smiles. Handsome little men!! May your lump ease in knowing you have done a wonderful job in bringing him this far.

Big hugs.

abbagirl74 said...

Congratulations sweetheart! It truly is just the beginning.

SOUL: said...

i remember that KG pic with the plane-- time does fly--- :)) (fly)

anyhow-- yep-- my girl starts high school after the summer break.

good lookin boys there crusty-

happy weekend-

fiwa said...

Congratulations Jackson! And congratulations Mom - those are some beautiful boys. Look at those smiles!

Happy summer -

Palm Springs Savant said...

what wonderful kids you have! They are so sweet. Amazing how fast they grow isn't it?

Anonymous said...

We make great looking kids!!!!

love you.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Elizabeth - you okay? miss your posts. (June 10) Diane

Andrew said...

These kids are beautiful, Crusty. Sorry I am so late with this post, but better late than never. I've been saying I was going to comment for the longest time. Take care dear friend and congrats on a wonderful looking bunch.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I hope all has been in your world!

As a mother boys, you can probably appreciate a post I just put up tonight. I don't know if anyone will be brave enough to comment, but it's pretty funny.

Take Care!

JLee said...

They are so cute! Such shiny smiles :)

Portia said...

Look at them! The pictures alone got me all sentimental, I can just imagine how you must have felt. Congratulations to you both:)