Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Been quiet the past few days--well more so like a week now!!-yikes!! So unlike me! Even my closest friends are inquiring as to where I have disappeared to and as to why I haven't had online email time with them. I think they think I found a new email friend. :)

Actually I've just been quite tired. The waking early at quarter or ten to 5:00am is a bit rough as by this time I'm ready to go to sleep for the night.
Plus, I'm adjusting myself to the boys and summer vacation. You'd think because it's only one child and the fact that that one child was in kindergarten would mean that there really isn't that much adjusting to do. Perhaps, I guess.

But not for me.
The first two days of summer vacation were spent having "jammie days" and "Brinner" (Breakfast for dinner).
Both Jackson and Sullivan started swim classes this week -every day in the morning- and then there's the reading hour in the afternoon, so I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with the newness to my old routine. Because naturally right now, it's not my old routine. Again you may think, "whats the big deal? It's Summer break after all? And your kid was only in school for part of the afternoon?" Yes, true, but for me it's an adjustment having grown into this anal schedule bound momma that used to despise hearing about moms and their routines. Funny how things change as your children change.

Naturally right?

Is that hypocritical that I used to complain about those "types?" And now here I am as one of them? Or is it okay as long as I acknowledge the fact that I once grew annoyed by those mommakinds and now I appreciate them because I understand where they're coming from. I guess that's the point of growth. Keeping your mouth shut about things you just don't know about until you go through it. Because there I was 5 years ago pushing a under age 1 son around in his stroller, stopping at a park even though there was nothing he could do but coodle and oodle over the swaying palm fronds, walking in children filled play parks in the sunny place of Miami beach and all that's nice. That when I'd observe the random stranger mom with her children and we'd pick up small talk as my one and only Jackson and her whatevers or however many children she may have had launches into this story book of schedules and times, classes and extras, of how parenting is, how it should be navigated and what's the best plan of attack as being a new mommakin. I always complained about them and gnashed my teeth and growled at the end of the day when Brian would return from a day out in the office because how could those moms be so clueless? They have bright cheery children that are running around begging mom to hear them, talking nonstop, jumping, and running, and I honestly felt that that's some crazy way to parent. Because naturally I knew it all as a brand new parent and the best plan of attack was to just live more by the seat of my pants.

For me.
But not necessarily wrong, it's more so just adjusting. For those that might have had braces as youths it's quite similar to that. The braces remain bracketed on your teeth, or at least they did "back in the day" when old silver brackets accented the lovely gross mouth smelling rubber bands, even though the braces remain the same your teeth are shifting with time because of those very beautifying braces, so there you'd be laying in the ortho's chair having him re-adjust those bad boys..but never removing them until life was perfect and your teeth were straight.
So instead of me saying I was wrong to think that way, I think it's more so that I have just adjusted as time as gone on, as life has shifted.

I Guess I've changed. I used to complain and turn my nose at overly anal mommas, but now I've become one of them and I am quite comfortable in my new anal shoes. (Okay for some of you, you need to re-adjust that thoughtful road you're headed on and come back to us and think poop and boys and trucks and baseballs)
ANYHOO,...I've been busy. I'm getting used to summer vacation because I am changing, and I really really like the change that I've witnessed in little areas of my mental life. It's refreshing and calming.

So even though I may be hiding behind the curtains of the world wide web for just a few more days, I will return just as soon as I give my children, as well as myself, a chance to get used to our 75days of summer vacation.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
When will the braces of parenting be removed you ask?
They never do no matter how straight your parent styles have shifted, no matter how comfortable your glowing guides of examples become because parental braces stay on forever, or at least until you're called home.


austere said...

Take your time, Crusty.

We're right here, and though its raining cats and a complete zoo in da Mumbai, am not going to be washed away anyplace, not any time soon.

Wishin you much happiz.

Cheryl said...

I can't imagine a summer home with three active boys. Yes, you need to keep them occupied and happy and that's a big, big job. Plus, you're taking time for yourself these days with your early morning routine. It's no wonder you've been away from the web. In my mind, you're still close by.

JLee said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm so thankful I had a woman who had a home daycare that helped me so much with my daughter when she was a baby/toddler(I had 3 or 4 quit) and she showed me the importance of a routine for children. I'm still working on it,

Brad said...

It sounds like naybe as adults we kind of level off a bit after growing up and then when kids come along you start up the next journey of growth.

Wonder where that leaves non parents? Is this why I still act like a kid?

Have a good day my crustylove!

Strong's said...

So true!

Mary said...

Routine is good. I didn't like it very much myself but I did it for the boys. Just remember there's no harm is saying "rest time." When my boys would complain about rest time and ask why I always told them "Because I need a rest." And believe me, some days really, really required a rest.

creative-type dad said...

3 boys?
Of course you're busy...!

Gypsy said...

Hey you're a busy mum with three little boys. ANY break from the routine is a massive adjustment and don't worry, those of us that are parents know exactly what you mean.

Enjoy the summer vacation with your little mean and just come back when you feel like it's what you want to do. Take care.

Gypsy said...

Oooops I should go to bed. I meant "little men".

Foster Communications said...

I used to apologize for my anal ways, now I celebrate my incredible efficiency and commitment to doing things the way I want! :)

I wish you and your boys a wonderful summer. I'm sure you'll rock it out with the best of them!

Portia said...

I certainly understand how one gets behind in the blogworld:} And I'm sorry that I do it too, but whatever it takes to keep things rolling along at home is what's most important. I hope you are well on your way to feeling settled into your new routine. Jammie days and brinner sounds GREAT! I'm thinking of moving in..;p