Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girls Night Out

BACKWARDS: * names have been changed to protect my nonfictional friends. too tired to place this at the bottom. so read from the beginning below and then smile.

I had our first neighborhood girls night out last night. Only it ended up being Kina* and I. But it was fun and we enjoyed ourselves and shared an appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip with crustybutter bread-along with a snakebite and some Budweiser's.

Her husband and kids came over to our home so that they'd have something to do while we were out on the town in our town: watching ESPN and CUBS Game while the kids ran around. Kina* and I laughed because a few weeks ago the guys had a guys night out, and granted there was one more guy, and it was on a Thursday, but all the ladies remained in their own homes managing like we always do every night. So when it came time for a Girls night our home became the hosting spot. Cleaning was involved in this outing as well as a trip to the grocery store. As BDD exclaimed to me last night, "this girls night is costing us more money then when the guys went out and you and her haven't even gone out yet."

True, but they're the ones (the guys that is) that decided to hang out over here. What, am I going to have them arrive in a dusty home? Regardless if they just planted their tushies on the couches in the TV room, still,..there needed to be things for the kids, things for the guys, and of course, pizza.

Kina and I enjoyed ourselves as I said a few paragraphs ago, they arrived at our house about 6:30 and her and I shared a drink with our husbands before we left them in charge and walked downtown to a spot that hosts sports, live bands and good appetizers. We sat and swapped stories of our past, dysfunctions of family, and I don't believe we chatted about our kids--oh wait we did but that's okay--, we shared our own "issues within" and it was nice to have a friendly face that parallels my life in quite a few ways.

We were home by 11:30 and we shared one more beverage before I walked her halfway home. Her husband and their children had since left about 20minutes ago when he got the text message from us that the band was singing JUMPING JACK FLASH..He turns to my bdd and says, "uh-oh, there's a live band..."

I woke up early because I'm a freak and I don't sleep and although I had crevice alert from Friday nights one girl night out I had a wax apt at 8:15 on a dare that I lost. Ladies yes, it DOES HURT! But the pain subsides in about an hour. That's all I'll say and I'll stop. But it's not as bad as a back wax that's for sure. Plus I had things to do for Jackson. He had two birthday parties to attend today with about an hour window in between them. We then took all the boys to open swim this evening at our park district pool and met up with our friends from last night. We had high hopes that the swimming outing would wear out our children so that they would be so tired that their faces would be sleeping in their dinner plates. But no!!it's quarter to 9 on Saturday night-and they're all up.

Tomorrow is Fathers day and BDD may do whatever he wishes. Lay in bed until whenever, what whatever on TV, with the kids or stay clear of the kids, he's off completely, his feet will be up and he shall be relaxing, because that's what we do in this house, we balance each other like that. Kina and I were talking about that last night about how we have husbands that view marriages chores in a balanced scale, we're lucky. It's only right to offer them a day of rest, as they gave to us on Mothers day.
We're blessed.
He doesn't want much he said at this point, breakfast: fried egg with an X mark of cheese with a slice of ham (yes he is Jewish, and yes he LOVES BACON too!) on a toasted cream cheese covered bagel with a side of bacon. Plus he drinks the real type of coffee- so it's his day to get to use the coffee pot that' remains under the coffee pot, whereas I will make my decaf and pour it into an empty glass coffee pot that will sit on an non heated gas stove, I think it's silly to be a double coffee maker, life can be managed..we have a microwave after all. But some would think this is a big chore, such as life, right?

Again we balance each other!
He is a wonderful father and deserves every light of Fathers day with every glowing sunset and a side of helmets.

I will see my gentle giant as well, the one that I secretly still yearn for his approval although I need to get over that, and I'm learning to except the fact that the expectations I have of them are mine, and they aren't capable of certain things, dad and I are a lot alike I think. But there is this gentleness about him, the person that you can't help but feel safe in times of sorrow, pain, any drama, he just makes you feel safe. He just has this energy about him, and yes there are faults, but I have faults too. He is a remarkable soul very gentle, very giving, and very forgiving-in time- I respect him even though I would never want to be in his shoes..So I'll give my dad a gift tomorrow, an engraved poem, a wooden engraved poem on a nice piece of finished wood with "LOVE YOUR SUNSHINE, ELIZABETH." He always called me his sunshine when I was a little girl. I still wish he did, secretly..That gentle giant thing, I don't know, feel free to silently analyze me but shsh, I am who I am.

The smell of the engraved wooden poem plaque has that camping type, bonfire smell, and it makes me think of the Indian Princesses that he was in with us, his daughters. We went camping and stayed with our daddy daughters tribe in tents and cabins in "the woods of Wisconsin in little girls an ants home sheltered, I loved every moment of those days.
So it's kind of unique the smell of a loving memory on a gift from his sunshine to him, his first born daughter, the one that was always looking to help, although the one that would make my own rules and learn my own way...
I secretly wish we'd all be able to go on a camping outing with him now, my husband, kids mom and dad and I.

So happy Fathers Day to everyone..
I'd continue but I have kids to put to bed.
Wherever you are sitting at home reading a book, knitting, watching a baseball game live, planning a date night to Jilly's to see Tony Ocean sing Frank Sinatra and to put on a marvelous Lounge act, petting your animals, kissing your kids, blogging, billing, texting,..have a great fathers day if you're able and more so then anything have a great day yourselves.

Sweet Dreams


Cheryl said...

Girls night out are fun. I don't get 'out' out, but love the every 6 week get-togethers with my book club. We talk non-stop. Can you really walk to the downtown? Wow.

Enjoy your day tomorrow. Pamper your man.

Kelly Jene said...

Happy Father's Day to BDD!!!

I'm glad you had a girl's night out, what fun!!

abbagirl74 said...

Hope you had a lovely day!

bonnie said...

My husband is Jewish too and we balance each other well. We both have fairly strong personalities, but in different ways. My dad was also incredibly gentle, an asset and a detriment. Girls nights out are a necessary indulgence when you have a family to care for. Enjoy!

Gypsy said...

Men are funny aren't they? they can't do anything on their own without bringing in reinforcements. My BIL has to get a mate around to help him if my sister asks him to hang a picture. It's hilarious.

Glad you enjoyed your girls night out even though it meant you had to clean house for the menfolk first.

Portia said...

Sounds like great timing for a girls' night, right before you dedicate a whole day to your BDD. I hope it turned out to be a great weekend for all of you!