Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Did You Know?..."

"Mommy. ...... mawwwwmeeEE!"
"Yes Jackson?" (as I put down the book that I was very engrossed in during the afternoon yesterday)

"Did you know that Tommy told me he ate a worm one time?"
"Did you know that he said it tastes like French fries?"

"Did you know that if you eat lots and lots of cake really fast with lots of frosting and then you go jumping up and down on the trampoline that you'll PUKKKEEEEEEEEEE!!! it all up?"
"Did you know that it happened to Tommy one time?"

"Did you know how I know that it happened to Tommy?"
"Did you know that he told me contrary to what Conner said, I believe him."

He's definitely getting older, my Jackson, when he starts to pick up on the influences of his peers and naturally their achievements. But who uses the word contrary at the age of 6.5?
It's precious and adorable but in the same breath it's sad because all of this, this growing up stuff, is. for my liking!! Believe me I'm not one to boast about things, but it cracks me up how he uses vocabulary, he's far more "advanced" then I was at his age-just give me some barbies and books and a tree to read it in and I'm golden.
He grasps everything and engages himself at it 100%.

Onto other things, nothing much new here still very busy but all in good ways.-I guess. Don't give up on me my friends, I'm around even if it's every couple of days. I'm still walking bright and early on the weekdays and have even picked up a few stragglers that wanted to join in with me. So my two neighbor friends and I head out about 5:ooam every morning to gab and walk gab walk yakkity yak yakking away about our husbands, and our children, and our families and our dysfunctions and well, the sort of stuff you'd talk about with your friends I would guess-but in mom form.

I have to tell you that I'd never have guessed that I'd be one of those moms that walks and chats. But it's very refreshing and surprisingly I don't miss the quiet walks what so ever. Besides if I feel like I didn't get as adequate of a walk in the morning, then what I'll do is go to the track nearby and jog that for a mile or so with my music and quiet at the end of the day---usually though I am wiped out by 8:00am and ready to turn in to dreamland.

So how are you doing? Any plans in the next few weeks? I'll be by to visit hopefully within the next few days.

Aside from the crazy schedules of June life, I'm leaving with my boys to Florida June 30Th so I have that to prepare for as well as Sullivan's birthday-He'll be four July 1st.

Here's to a great Hump day and may all of you find something to make you smile today.

Welcome To Crustybeef~


abbagirl74 said...

Just trying to get this custody case going so we can move. It's tough on the kid right now. Too hard to talk about on my blog. Ya know?

fiwa said...

That's a pretty complex sentence for such a little guy! How do you not bust out laughing when he says something like that? :)

I hope you have a good time in Florida!


Golden To Silver Val said...

First of all, let me say how HAPPY I am that you have WALKING partners. I didn't want to say anything, but Elizabeth I honestly was worrying about you out there alone and it not even full daylight. Whew! I'm so relieved. I know...I know...I'm just a big ole mother hen...but I can't help it. Secondly, I got such a kick out of you talking about your boy growing so fast. Want to see fast? My granddaughter will be SIX in August and you should see her. Flipping her hair back and strutting herself when she's walking. A Barbie in miniature. (less the cleavage of course, LOL) Worrying over her nails one minute and playing baseball the next. OMG, they grow sooooo fast, indeed! Bless you and all you do, sweetie. Stay safe.

Susan said...

Elizabeth - I have learned after walking all these years...always have an even number of walkers - my last attempt I was odd-woman-out, after initiating the walking, the other two were good friends and I basically walked ahead by myself.

Enjoy your boys and life.

even the strife.

Kelly Jene said...

You know, my little man (7.5) is coming up with these grown up words too. Isn't it fun? I love it.

I wish I had some women to walk with around here, that would be so much fun.

The lapbooks are going out tomorrow as it is Roggie's day off and without a van, I haven't been able to get to the post office. Love ya!!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Your posts always make me smile, Elizabeth!

Cheryl said...

Lucky you to have walking companions. I'm sure that makes all the difference. For safety reasons too. I have to load up Em's iPod so I can have some company. Sometimes I talk to my sister on my cell, but that seems not quite right, although it does help pass the time.

Em's favorite big word was 'actually'. I loved that.

SOUL: said...

that's kinda weird-- we're planning a trip to florida too-- and july 1st is our anniversary--


anyhow-- happy humpday to you

Brad said...

It's funny how life sneaks up on us and changes us, then it takes a bit for us to realize it's happened - Love to you Sister !

austere said...


Contrary is a BIG word!
Congratulations. You son may be quite a linguist. :)

Not much of a talker before eleven in the morning, but I'm glad you have company.

Think of you often.

captain corky said...

We're leaving for Florida tomorrow to spend a week with my Mother and Sister. We're going to stay in Key West one night. I can't wait!

simonsays said...

Oh your little ones are so awesome...CONTRARY... I love it.

It sounds like you are busy, busy, busy, but the GOOD kind of busy.

Walking at five am is something I did for years, it really helps keep it all under control, you know?

Happy weekend. :)

Gypsy said...

I do really admire you getting up at that indecent hour to go walking. I have nothing against walking, in fact I love it, but I'm afraid I love my bed more.

One of my daughters has always been going on 30 years old and talking with big words. My mum always says she mimics me...probably...haha.

JLee said...

Well, be thankful you don't have the "time of the month" at 11 years old to deal with! lol
I was not prepared for that yet...or the boy craziness. Where is my baby?? *sigh*

ummmhello said...

Know what I love? The first time you hear your child incorporate a new term into their vocabulary, and use it correctly :)

Palm Springs Savant said...

you've raised a smart one, I'd say!

Portia said...

I find that hour of the morning extremely difficult, even if all I have to do is sit up and open my eyes. But I'm glad you can take advantage of that most perfect time to get out and have your time to yourself - or with the mom friends in your hood. Sounds like a refreshing change! (You know, for a morning person;)

Jackson is a riot! And quite brilliant. Of course:)