Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today I stuck my hand in the toilet to rescue Sullivan's droid (STAR WARS) after it took a suicidal plunge into the deepest depths of the boys toilet bowl.

Only the damn Droid determined that the best time to off himself, you know, to to drown his sorrows, (because he wasn't chosen first to man the death star by his boss Darth THE MAIN MAN Vader) was immediately after Sullivan had his first early morning urine release.

I didn't overreact at all as Sullivan stood there crying out in despair while wearing his pants down around his ankles over his now urine soaked headless* droid. (due to a prior mishap last week.)
I did the best thing I thought I could do,... I stuck my hand into that toilet and pulled out the droid.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
After all, whats the difference between sticking my hand into a urinated toilet versus being peed on by the same child back when he was a young tot? I don't see any difference.
And that my friends is one of the perks of being a mom, carrying underlying dedication for your childrens flavor of the month toys and not being afraid to pull them from the yellow waters.

Have a great day!
My Friend Kelly is the best!!


Mary said...

Been there, done that. Ain't it fun? It is comforting to know that such acts of bravery can still the flow of tears from our little one's eyes.

fiwa said...

LOL!!! The things a mama will do for love. :)

Happy day, your Crustiness!

Kelly Jene said...

The force is strong in you Crusty!! At least it wasn't a toilet from the Dark Side. Ugh!

I'm so glad you like them!! Yea!!

Brad said...

Hey urine's sterile ? right. Um, please go wash your hands.

Kelly Jean is a peach isn't she? I wanna know what you got !

Strong's said...

HILARIOUS! I loved the part about him crying with his pants around his ankles :)

austere said...

Crustymom, you're terrific.

I guess I'd have cried too.

Portia said...

That's why there's nothing in this world like a mom's love. And nothing quite like getting to be that mom, huh?

JLee said...

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! lol

Susan said...

This is not a fishing out of a pee enriched toliet kind of story - but reading your blog today and having a son myself (now 20) reminded me that - Phillip was a pee-er...when he was in his formative years - he gave our male dog a run for his money on who could pee on things faster.

After several years of having a plastic Lego canister sitting in his closet - I opened it to see how many Lego's were inside..only to be met with a stench that was, at its best, UNGODLY. Phillip had peed in his Lego's YEARS prior, closed them up tight and put them in the back of his closet.

Last I checked he had gotten over that habit....but, with boys, I guess, nothing is for sure.

no cure

Cheryl said...

Do our kids realize we'd climb a mountain for them? Throw ourselves in front of a speeding train to save their life? Reach into a toilet to retrieve a toy? We're their heros, at least while they're young. You're such a good mom!

Hey Kelly, I want what she got!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for times like these! My son is just about there but he's still a little young. I hope and pray I can handle such situations with as much unabashed bravery, unconditional love, and light-hearted humor.

simonsays said...

This post made me laugh, who among us mothers even think twice about such a thing? I would say on a scale of one to ten...sticking our "mothers hands" into a bowl of pee would only rate about a two, when you consider all the things we have to do..

Happy weekend Elizabeth.

Hugs. :)