Friday, June 27, 2008


The Light tries to crest herself against the glaze of the post night darkness
Sounds of awakenings from natures graces are opening up their eyes to start another morning
The morning mist floats and glides throughout the dawn as Life is Happening
As first time dreamers are slowly having their hopes shatter
into shards of what should be their growing canvas of the future
Of what should be the beginning for this part of life that was created
Now is tearing at their hearts into sharp pieces of broken glass.
For it's just too early
although more then halfway there
until what should be the time that their hearts
will forever roam outside of their physical bodies
when they should be witnessing Life beginning
through the first cries of their creation.

Instead the morning mist will carry those tears
of what should have been birthed innocence
and save them until the approach of our unknown clouds
at the opening gates of Heaven
And from there the floodgates will open
among those that wanted their hearts to roam
and those that are embracing them from near or far
-with prayers and hopes and thoughts of "maybes"-
all of their pain being twisted up into hearts sobbing and broken.

The morning mist will shift into rain droplets
slowly beginning their descent from the deepest of clouds
The Tiny Waters that will fall through the mists and awakenings of the morning
with attempts to shield all those hearts
from the pain that is waiting for them around the corner
Trying to shield them from decisions that nobody ever should have to make
Of knowing life is there as Life continues to Happen
But there's nothing that they can do to Help it breath and carry on
outside of it's first created home.

So until then they've been told to just wait
Until the delivery of what should be their first Hopeful
Is taken from them.

Then Time will slow herself down for these hopeful hearts
with a memory that will now always be there
Eventually some day not as painful
but forever being in their own horizon.

The ones that care for them and love them
will try so hard to carry the pain
to help with the burden of tragedy
arriving into the hearts of the two that have had to experience Life happening
Life happening in a shift that was once unknown to them.

Trying so very hard to grasp at something that can be so very hard to understand
When the unconditional hearts that are supposed to be roaming outside of themselves
have to experience Life happening in such a tragic way.

Those that embrace them can only do just that
For no one knows what it's like
we can't understand
Even if we've been there ourselves.

For now all that can be done is to wait
and hope that maybe just maybe the Life happening with those that are loved
Will somehow be graced with a miracle of powers that only He can provide
To fulfill dreams and provide full capacity of Life
For the ounces of this tiny loved innocence that is just barely beyond halfway there.

When Life happens we can only wait
And that's What We're doing
We're waiting for when we need to embrace
To embrace the two that have had to experience Life Happening
In a way that none of us ever imagined.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Thank you For your time.


austere said...

Yes, I wait.

Thank you for this.


My Austere: thank you! :)
I continue to wait and pray and believe after all, no news is good news...

Kelly Jene said...

Truly beautiful, my friend. Truly.

Prayers are approaching heavens door.


Kelly: Thank you! I keep reading that email btw..
Keep them praying and keep them sending.

The Window Watcher said...

Powerful........Made my mind race the whole time I read it.

fiwa said...

What can I say other than that I'm sending my thoughts skyward for whoever they are.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Just beautiful, Elizabeth and so true.

bonnie said...

Thank you so much. That was beautiful. I hope you don't mind if I take it personally. I am sorry that I am not still in Chicago. I so wanted to have lunch with you. We left before light this morning and drove straight through. Yawn. Next time.


Tex: painful it cuts straight thru my heart I can't imagine how broken theirs are right now. :(


FIWA: My Celtic Friend, they will appreciate the prayers as it provides unknown strength to manage this time thru the MAIN MAN himself. :)

Happy Sunday!!
:) Elizabeth


Diane; It's just ashame that something beautiful has to be related to something tragic..I'm having some "words" with "you know who" and even though we'll never know why, I can still express myself to him that even though I can't understand, I can still be mad...time time time time..

BONNIE: Trust me I won't take it personally. So, next time you're here (considering the sad circumstances of why you were here this time..that's just so sad too, and I hope for that encounter that you had with that young chap that he will grow wise sooner then later) so, we'll get together next time. :) L'Chayim, right!


Portia said...

How very hard, I'm sorry. Your words are beautiful.