Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Kvetching And Looking To Huck

Random Kvetching Warning Ahead:

Ah Never Mind, I'm too damn tired.
Ben's surgery is tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Yup!
The party people on the dance floor will be Ben. I'll be his bouncer on the side.
Everyone outside of the club begging to get let in, to help out, his favorite fans. My amazing family that always keeps my family in their prayers. I think that's important. Besides, it'll be him and I and our guardian angels and as my sister said, God and his Son.
I'm a moron that's in the PTA and am in charge of doing the yearbook pages deadline due on the 24th. I am a freak and have to make sure I get every child in the scrapbook page so no little one is left out. Especially as far as talking with the social worker, and make sure I include the ones that are generally left out, by having more appearances in pictures..I'm a freak.


My mother in law isn't flying in to help out as Grandma in law is very ill. I'm still sick but not contagious.

I'm nervous about Ben although I know he'll be okay.

I'm tired.

It's Halloween.

Stress but "okay."

I have someone to come home to after Ben's surgery.

Many people have their own surgeries and have no significant other to come home to. After years of marriage and love.

I'm not a single parent coming home with a sick child. Being alone with my son fur surgery.

I re-arranged the boys bedrooms yesterday and had the carpets specially sanitized with safe scents to rid the realtor biege of my boys cooties.

Windows have been open with airs breezing past us up even into the 60's.

But that's over now, and it's okay.
Right now the snow is gone.

I wear a coalminer's light on my forehead because I have noticed since sans snow, I step in poop.

But I don't care taking her out in my front yard, wearing my pink robe, my duck boots, a coat, a scarf and yesterday's comfy wear.

My doctor's guy told me that my nodule looks like it's grown, when I was seen in the office.

But it's okay because shortly I will be waking up Ben to drink some juice and have something light and liquidy to drink/eat due to the nothing after midnight rule for tomorrow.

All of us have things to Kvetch about.
It's okay to Kvetch.
You Kvetch.
I Listen.

I huck
You listen.

Some people experience pregnancy trauma's and fears.

Other's are having their hearts broken.

Some have addictions.

There are so many types of addictions.

Some are saying goodbye to their closest ever Family member, their Grandma.

Others need employment.

We can all be allowed to Kvetch.
We are all suppose to also listen.

Sullivan wins because he gets alone time with Daddy. Something that isn't easy to do, alone time with each child that is, because of the activities of life in our home.

And the lack of no sleep.

Poor Ben nothing to drink after midnight.
That little guy wakes up all the time in the night to drink his glass of water. Then when he's up for the day, generally 5am, it's "juice, juice, juice." It doesn't sound like he's saying the word "juooooiczzzzzzzz."

He and I will leave around 6amish. I love their furniture and creative minds.
But in the end all that kvetching is worth bubkes.

I'm anxious about it.
It's a seesaw of feelings.
It's another part of my little guys story, like the story about "Nana's Street," and "My Poppy's Hands," life is exciting.
Sure feels good though.

It's time for my reading.
The Twilight Series

I'm off to say hi on my craczebook page.


Susan's Snippets said...

CB - Prayers, Prayers, Prayers being lifted for you all!

without stall

austere said...


Palm Springs Savant said...

hang in there...pulling for ben here

Palm Springs Savant said...

hang in there...pulling for ben here

Kathy said...

Am waiting to hear that his ordeal is over. You're all in my prayers.

Cheryl said...

Kvetch away. We can handle it.

I'll be waiting to hear about Ben. How smoothly it went, etc... What's the recoup like?

happyone said...

Hope all goes well for Ben - I'll add some prayers of my own.

Portia said...

I'm thinking of you and Ben today! If you feel funny don't worry it's just all the vibes you're receiving from blogspot:) I hope all is well.

You're not a freak, either! I think it's awesome and entirely appropriate to include every kid in the class. And it is always the extroverts that get in more pics, so it's completely sweet to think of those shy guys that might not have been included otherwise. So sweet Crusty! I bet you make all kinds of kids' days!

Kvetch on girl, we are listening:)

Anonymous said...

Well Ben's op must be over by now. I'm sure right now he is stting up in bed eating ice cream and jelly. Well there has to be some pay off for the poor child.

Mine had theirs done at 3 and I remember that feeling of fear well.


I wrote, It's halloween??? WTH?

:) no more Nyquil for me!