Thursday, April 23, 2009



"Jackson we have to put blood on our door because of the Epippans and if we don't then you're going to get killed because you're first."
(This is what happens when I, the Gentile, attempt to do the story telling of their Jewish Faith. The very moment Jack woke up and came downstairs, that's what Sully welcomed him with.)
"Jackson, the Easter bunny will only come if you're sleeping but he's not a lamb because there was blood on the door so you wouldn't get done and so we had to eat that stuff that makes me get a fever."
(Sully chatting with Jackson Easter Eve)
"Mom, I'm going to believe in Jesus because I want to go to heaven and have all my toys." "But Ben has to go first because he is a freak." "Or, anyone that I don't like because if I go first then I can't play storm troopers with you or Jack."
(This was during dinner two nights ago.)
"Mom, when we were at that community for our cousin for his first time, I saw Him up on the cross and He was hanging down looking at me. How come they get to have Him in their church?"
(Sullivan discussing my nephew's first communion during a service in their Catholic Church.)
"Mom, I'm going to like Jesus so that I don't get nailed hard by girls that are mean to me."
(Sullivan again trying to understand the story of Jesus and his mother Mary and Easter--Now, there was no mention of girls being mean to Jesus in my story whatsoever. I said that people were mean to Him because they didn't understand Him nor did they Trust His stories.)

I can see it now, Sullivan chatting it up with his Rabbi when the time comes to start the process of being Bar Mitzvah'd.
Start saving now.



austere said...

Your son is very creative. Almost lol'ed at some. And at work too, but don't tell.

What happens when you try tell him about Hinduism and hundreds and hundreds of Gods?


Kathy said...