Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Stones Throw From the Hospital

While in the ER, before I was admitted, on May 24TH, they put me through a series of tests to determine what was causing the pain. One being a cat scan. That's how they discovered that my colon was swollen. Colitis.

They also found, incidentally, a 4mm "spot" on my left kidney. Nothing to jump around and scream and cry about at the time. Possibly just scar tissue, or perhaps a stone, or who knows.

I vote for the stone.

This morning I woke up, pee'd, or is it, peeduh, or just peed, and suddenly had this crazy ass pain in my lower back. On my left side. Did I mention this 4mm spot is on my left kidney?

So as of right now, after drinking lots of water, not having any pain with peeing, and some (2 darvocets) pain medicine, it's not improving. I feel sick to my stomach, weak, and I've got the usual suspects of diarrhea (diahaahaa). So now, I am waiting for the on call doctor that I just paged, to call me back to tell me what to do.

Never ends.

Did I mention that I have a B.I.G. Interview with the hospital tomorrow morning, for a position in the ICU department? Go figure.

The good news is that my very close friend that lost her baby at 22 weeks, last year on June 26TH (you may remember I wrote about it around that time), is being induced tonight (well, her water will be broken tonight, the pitocen will begin tomorrow)!!! At the same hospital that I will be interviewing at, tomorrow. She'll be pushing for a baby, and I'll be pushing for a job.

At the same hospital where my brother and I were, four weeks ago.

Hopefully I won't be joining her in delivering something at the same hospital where my 10am three person interview is, tomorrow. I don't want to be a stones throw away from 4cms in size, no offense.

never fails.


austere said...

You probably need some propantheline. to settle the spasms.that cause the pain.

Best with your interview. You'd be a terrific asset to the team- you're all sunshine.

happyone said...

Hope the interview goes well and you get the job! :-)

Cheryl said...

Go away bad medical stuff. Crusty needs this job and they need her.

... Paige said...

Get better and ya better get that way soon