Friday, September 25, 2009


Jack's a CubScout this year! YEP! We took the leap, and learned how to sew on patches on a scratchy vest, and he's a CubScout. Anyone interested in purchasing some popcorn from him? I'm serious. Or, you could donate popcorn to the troops in increments of $25 or $40.

He has his first camp out next Saturday night. Guess who's going with him? You got it!

Should be fun, and interesting, although I don't own a tent, or any such camping gear. Suggestions on what I should purchase, bring, buy, need? Not to mention where I could buy these items, for a less then 24hour camp out with the little cubbies. In our den it's the moms that are going this time, and for the next campout, it will be the Dad's turn.

Except we can't have liquor.
WHAT? Yes, although I don't like it, or understand why, I will follow the rules. So, no drinking for the mommies.

Bummer, I was really looking forward to sporting my old Bears Games Flasks.

No matter, I'll still be able to crap in a hole out in the forest-

It will be a good experience, CUB SCOUT HONOR!

Let me know if you're interested in some trails-end popcorn, and I'll provide you with his website link. 70% goes to the Tribe! It's the biggest fundraiser for them, apparently to help fund the pinewood derby (?HUH?)