Thursday, September 24, 2009


(picture from the New York Daily News)
I'm sorry, but a three year old in heels walking around New York City? Can we be more posh?
It's one thing if they're hanging around the house, having a tea party, wearing those plastic dress up heels with the uncomfortable strap and glitter falling everywhere crown, but seriously? Heels?

MommyCruise, what's going on? You're encouraging your daughter to grow up entirely way to fast. You better watch out, this week it's heels, next week she'll be begging for someone to knock out her tooth so she, like Shiloh, can get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. PEOPLE, these are three year old girls.
No, it's not because I'm jealous that I have three little men running around, it's just ridiculous to allow your little daughter to be parading around town in heels that were clearly designed personally for her feet. A child hasn't even grown kneecaps yet at the age of three, and you're allowing this?

I'm sorry, but this crusty mommy has an issue with this. I'd rather see a 3year old boy sporting long locks, or a little man sporting a Mohawk then a little three year old girl wearing heels.
Too Much. Too Soon. Too silly.
After all, in heels, little Suri can't jump up and down off the couch.